Monday, 17 December 2018

Francis Bergoglio condemns all his predecessors over capital punishment

Bishop of Rome Bergoglio today condemned all of his predecessors for ignoring the "primacy of mercy over justice," and has doubled-down on his previous comments stating that capital punishment is "always inadmissible," emphasis added. Bergoglio was speaking before a delegation of the International Commission Against the Death Penalty, the full report can be read at LifeSiteNews.

It is heretical and it is unprecedented. Never before has a Pope contradicted his predecessors -- all of them. He even contradicts the LORD himself who ordered capital punishment many times in Holy Scripture. It is certainly fine for an individual to hold a position in opposition to capital punishment. However, the Church does not have the right to state that is "always inadmissible." 

Well friends, this is where we are today. It is all new and as that Masonic head of the Grand Orient Lodge of Italy said, "With Francis, nothing will be the same again." For surely we have all been taught recently by the great and powerful Rosica that Francis ''breaks Catholic traditions whenever he wants” because he is “free from disordered attachments."

Bergoglio is a danger to the faith. If a Pope can contradict all of his predecessors on one matter than why not more? Berogoglio then can also be contradicted, a future Pope can and most certainly will declare this man a heretic and possibly an anti-pope. His work will be anathematized. Diana Montagna at LifeSiteNews has done interviews on how Bergoglio, has "sawed off the branch on which he sits" by his words. 

Bergoglio is a danger to the faith!

This won't end well for Bergoglio.

May he repent before his last breath.

And may St. Joseph open his eyes or close them, as heaven sees fit. 


Anonymous said...

Traditional Religious orders are shown no mercy ,their irradiated.

Tom A. said...

Bergolio is only interpreting Vatican 2 as he sees fit. And since many believe he has the authority to teach as Peter's successor, I would start getting on board. That's what Catholics do. Unless of course you think he is an imposter and there is no known sitting Pope.

Irenaeus said...

... What?

Roberto Hope Sánchez Mejorada said...

This is one more step in furthering a new religion which we may call Neo-Catholicism, started formally with Vatican II. As with the Protestants, the doctrine of this new religion is ever 'progressing' as 'more developed understanding´ is attained, and as 'instruments for the protection of society available to us today ´have ceased to be lacking'. This obviously means that Neo-Catholicism is not a religion established by the Son of God, but by man. Traditional Catholicism, on the contrary, believes that God cannot change His mind according to the circumstances of the moment, but has established moral laws that are eternal and immutable.

It is a pity that we cannot trust the Catechism of the Catholic Church anymore.

Anonymous said...

OnYa, Jorge, you are a real funny destructive bugga!

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Roberto,

Please don't call it neo-Catholicism. It has nothing whatever in common with Catholicism. There is only one kind of Catholicism and that is Catholicism. This new fake "religion" is properly called "new world orderism" because that is what it is - the new "religion" for the new world order.

Tom A. said...

Roberto, you should not trust anything after 1958.

Osusanna said...

Thumbs up Peter Lamb.

Dan said...

This guy's humility is astonishing....

Johnno said...


Bergolio is no longer part of the Church! You no longer need any council or trial for something this obvious and no longer requires any benefit of doubt. Jorge has erased all doubt and is codifying it in stone. He is openly waving his middle finger at Christ Whom he doesn't believe was divine and Whose Mercy, Bergolio imagines he outdoes.

All we need now is to settle the Benedict abdication issue to know whether Jorge was ever Pope or whether we are in a state of sedevacantism.

Anonymous said...

I agree Bergoglio is an heretic.

The Death Penalty is actually a mild punishment in a certain way.

If the person is put painlessly to death, the person avoids all human punishment and is sent immediately to God. In this way, perfect - absolutely perfect - justice and mercy are done.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

"Saint" John Paul II "The Great" (Fraud) began this heretical garbage. He turned his comments about capital punishment in "Evangelium vitae" -- with Ratzinger as an accomplice -- into this arbitrary, revisionist nonsense:

JPII is the biggest fraud perpetuated against Catholicism in modern times. He fooled far, far more people than Francis ever could.

Peter Lamb said...

Good progress Johnno. :)

TLM said...

Good job Johnno! Exactly where we are at. His heresy is now on public display and proclaimed in his unconventional and irregular way, 'from the chair'. But it's not our job to declare him an anti Pope, we are at the mercy of the Bishops. He is absolutely not in line with Church teaching, and is obviously 'making up his own rules as he goes along.' I see him as a combination of being stubbornly arrogant in his twisted beliefs along with not so very grounded in his mental stability. Hopefully, I'm not being slanderous or causing scandal by saying that, but to do otherwise is ignoring the elephant in the living room. At some point you gotta call a spade a spade. Regardless of how off the reservation Francis is, it's our duty to pray for him. He is a VERY misguided soul that needs our prayers desperately!

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing, Vox, that you brought up the Masonic Grand Lodge. The Masonic infiltration of the Church is sometimes forgotten. But it is real.

Yes, it's possible that Francis is an anti-pope, but we laymen cannot be the ultimate judge of this. And....if we strive to make the sedevacantist case, it WILL take us away, eventually, from what is truly important for Catholics. I've been debating with sedevacantists for MANY years. They have the tendency to be obsessive in their zeal to prove that the Pope is not the Pope.

If you choose to follow their lead, you will end up the same - you will lose part of your faith, because so much time and effort will go to proving that the Pope is not the Pope that you will lose sight of what's really important.

I beg you to please consider not going the sedevacantist route.


Peter Lamb said...

Dear M. Ray, The unity of the Church resides in the Pope who is the Vicar of Christ on Earth. The Chief Shepherd of the temporal flock. He is extremely important for the Teaching, the Governing and the Sanctification of Christ's temporal Church. He is the sovereign temporal Head of the Church. "Yes, it's possible that Francis is an anti-pope, BUT ..." would seem to indicate to me that you attach little significance to whether bergoglio is, or is not a true Pope? Is the answer to that question not of much significance to you?

But that's not what I would like to ask you about. You say: "... if we strive to make the sedevacantist case, it WILL take us away, eventually, from what is truly important for Catholics." Now please explain to me what is it which is "truly important for Catholics"?
Please explain that statement.

Secondly, please explain to me why so many semi-trads seem so afraid of sedevacantism. What is wrong with sedevacantism that you need to debate against it for so many years?
Semi-trads always attack us with their opinions. We always defend citing Catholic doctrine, Holy Scripture and Magisterium. So now lets put the shoe on the other foot. You tell me the errors of sedevacantism quoting Catholic doctrine to substantiate everything you say. I really would be grateful to be led along the correct path. The salvation of my soul might depend upon it. :)