Wednesday, 12 December 2018

McCarrick's Victim Speaks Out on McCarrick and St Gallen Mafia

"What is the connection between the St Gallen Mafia meeting in Switzerland and the early studies of ex Cardinal Theodore McCarrick in Sankt Gallen Switzerland? Informed Catholics know that the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the election of Pope Francis were tied to the Saint Gallen Mafia, but McCarrick's victim James Grein breaks open the story. Dr. Taylor Marshall interviews "James" Grein from the New York Times story, and reveals how the young Theodore McCarrick made connections with his family in Sankt Gallen Switzerland and how this event shaped McCarrick's ecclesiastical career and the movement against Pope Benedict XVI with his eventual resignation. Archbishop Vigano's testimony and the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI make sense now in light of this discovery of McCarrick's historic connection with the city of Sankt Gallen Switzerland. James Grein also explains the importance of McCarrick as a fundraiser and the importance of the Vatican Bank in the pontificate of John Paul II. If you are interested in the resignation of Pope Benedict and the unusual election of Pope Francis, you must see this video to connect the dots." ... Dr. Taylor Marshall


Dan said...

Evil damned hierarchy!

Unknown said...

Given all the dot connections provided by James, does anyone really believe that McCarrick is off in Kansas on his knees praying? My hunch is that he is consulting and advising StGallenFrancis by phone from his friary beachhouse, er, cell. For all we know he may not even be in Kansas anymore.

Melanie said...

I’m not defending McCarrick here, I’m sure he’s a criminal. My point is really, that I trust very few people are telling the whole truth. I thought it was kind of weird that this gentleman claimed to be entirely confident that McCarrick changed following his first trip to St. Galen. It didn’t sound to me like he was alive at this time. This is when Dr. Marshall is asking him if he thinks something in McCarrick’s past made him a narcissist. I also, read some things that made it sound like McCarrick, himself, was chosen and groomed bc he was vulnerable to this. It also sounded to me like McCarrick was groomed by this gentleman’s bra inventing Grandfather but I know that I was supposed to get the impression that the Grandfather was manipulated and duped. Adopting a grown man is odd.

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy

I hope that if there is documentary and other kinds of proof showing McCarrick's presence in Saint Gallen on these holidays that that proof is carefully stored and is available for publication/delivery to trusted sources.

I am delighted that this accusation has come to light because it puts McCarrick right at the scene of where these traitors operated from.

These vermin, and their episcopal and college of cardinal ilk, will try to weasel their way out of these accusations.

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy.

Attn: Melanie.
McCarrick is a homosexual paedophile/pederast criminal. In a properly functioning church he would be brought to (clerical) trial, tried and then fired from the church.

The Church would then hand over all evidence gathered to the state civil/criminal justice investigative agencies

The Hireling occupying the Vatican won't bring his ally to trial.

The Hireling and his minions are as guilty therefore as McCarrick the homosexual paedophile/pederast criminal.

We, the Catholic faithful, need to remove these scum from within OUR church.

Melanie said...

Yes Paul Morphy, my concern is that this is a misdirect. Our attention is being drawn, by some real shady characters like McCarick himself to the St. Gallen Mafia. And this band of criminals evidently tried to elect a bad Pope in 2005 but were defeated by some guy carrying a picture of the Manoppello image. But then they succeeded in pushing this weakling Pope Benedict XVI out and are holding him hostage somehow. So now that we have this story, we can have Catholics following Jorge, Catholics following Benedict XVI, Catholics ignoring both but nobody getting us an actual man who is Catholic to be the Pope. A man who will immediately command that every Catholic has access to the Mass and will never be accosted by any New Order garbage again and a man who would never sit in front of “The Resurrection” but will have that monstrous sacrilege immediately melted down.

Peter Lamb said...

Guys, We all know who and what these judeo-masonic disciples of satan are and what they are doing. Too much attention to them is not really a good thing. Time is better spent practicing the Faith and trying to spread it.

TLM said...

IT'S. ALL. ABOUT. THE. MONEY. It has been all about the money for several Popes now. Bergoglio is just the wrecking ball in all of this that will (as they believe) finally bring the Church to Her knees. They have been chipping away at Her for a long long time now. Bergoglio is the final stick of dynamite.

And Melanie:

Yes, I agree with you about the 'innocence' of Grein's grandfather in this whole thing. The first thought that popped into my mind when he explained the 'closeness' of his grandfather to McCarrick: "This man (grandfather) was by no means innocent". Taking McCarrick to Sankt Gallen where he 'knew everyone'?...hmm....REALLY? To me, it was kind of like the man who turned his daughter over to Cdl. Bernadine & Co. to be raped at their Black Mass in 1960 something in the south. You KNOW that he was paid well for that. Grein said that McCarrick has ALWAYS been a predator. His grandfather didn't even suspect that he 'might' have had this 'tendency'? .....REALLY?? The whole thing smells to the high heavens!!!

Melanie said...

Correction: “The Resurrection” looks like it could be melted down into ooze but I’ve since read that it’s made of wood. So I amend my last post to, “burned down,” vs. “ melted down.” God bless you Vox Cantoris, you are a good man.

Mark said...

It was not McCarrick who insisted upon being called "Your Grace" that was Archbishop Myers. Also the fact he donated sums of money to NJ politicians had everything to do with the bills he didn't want to see become laws. Such as the reformation of the Statute of Limitations for child sexual abuse, he opposed that aggressively, among others.

Dymphna said...

I think the grandfather had an unhealthy attachment to young Mccarrick. McCarrick repaid him by preying on the grandson as soon as he got old enough to away from his mother's side.