Tuesday, 4 December 2018

It's not Francis writes or says, it is what Francis does that counts

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Anonymous said...

Correct Vox!
Rotten and putrified fruits along with leftovers from previous Pontificates that long term memory deficient Catholics ( usually converts ,reverts and the minimally practicing) have forgotten.

Vito said...

Dear Anonymous, I chose to become part of the Catholic Church 16 years ago. I have educated myself about the past 50 years of the Church, and have no illusions left about things that have occurred, and the hierarchy's deficiencies. Along with all that, I am still looked down upon in this Church by people such as yourself, for the crime of being born to non-Catholic parents and choosing to embrace the One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church as a mature adult. Should I just slink back to the Mennonite world where I "belong?"

Anonymous said...


Hell No!! Stay the good course brother.


Anonymous said...

BTW, Vito,

Pray for your folks. They raised a good son!!

Keep the Faith!


Anonymous said...

Vito , my statement above was generalized because it is a fact that many of the converts ,reverts and minimally practicing Catholics have been brought in or back to the Faith through the Movements who mainly target converts simply because they do not know the past events those of us who lived through V2 witnessed. It was not directed at any one individual personally so please do not take it as such.
opus Dei in particular has worked behind the scenes to shape the neo conservative Catholic perceptions.
Just as an example.....I see many people laying the perv priest situation at the feet of the present occupant of the Chair of peter ,when in fact Cardinal Ratzinger under Pope JP2 was responsible himself for refusing Bishop's requests to defrock known pederast priests.
See the Fr Kiesel Case in California wherein the bishop presented three letters to Ratzinger as head of the CDF literally begging to defrock the
man for his actions along with Ratzinger's denials " because the priest was still young" all displayed in court by the bishop's defense team.
Still farther back , the Vatican was well aware that Maciel was a drug addict and a pederast way back in the fifties. YET many converts were lured into the church through the lay branch of the Legion of Christ called Regnum Christi whose own leadership consisted of many converts.
So many converted because of the huge public relations campaign that surrounded Pope John Paul Two who until his death defended Cardinal Hans Groer who was responsible for over 2000 victims of abuse himself.

And THEY canonized P JP2 while still promoting the same propaganda they used during his lifetime.

C. LaSalle said...

As was said when I was growing up, "talk is cheap." I don't believe anything that comes out of PF's mouth or his minions. He has done lasting damage yet again to our beloved Church.