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A corporal work of mercy.
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Thursday 20 December 2018

The Vortex—The Ever-Tightening Noose

The Church in America and around the world is going to be brought to its knees. 


The fact is, these priests, bishops, cardinals and even the current Pope are criminals. They have engaged in sodomitical rape or they have covered it up. They have stolen money from the people and have worked against true evangelisation.

Let it all fall to the ground. The Church is not found in buildings or a false hierarchy of frauds and satanists. They have betrayed Christ and you and me.

Damn them all, (if they do  it repent. Better?)


Anonymous said...

It took about ten years for Voris to come to this conclusion.
During the writing of the "Rite of Sodomy" many ONLY had Mrs Engel to commiserate with. I recall posting on CMtv and receiving the reply from the Moderator, "We are not interested with your experiences with the dark side of the Church."
Now it seems to be their major topic !
Sigh....better late than never I guess.It took him awhile to figure out KoC ( headed by Anderson of Opus Dei,if ONLY they would research Opus Dei too!
Blessed Katerina Emmerick said ,"Pray the 'church of darkness' leaves Rome." She also referred to ,"...the beast in the sanctuary."

Dymphna said...

I remember when Randi Engel published Rite of Sodomy and I found it very telling that most of the main line Catholic media ignored it.

Aqua said...

And we don't need wait for Solemn Council to declare: "Damn them all".

The Catholic Faith is above, much (infinitely) above, the Pope and all Bishops in Union with him. He is its servant, not its master.

M. Prodigal said...

Cannot say "damn them all". We can wish that on no one, no matter how deserving they might be. Rather may they come to realize the enormity of their crimes and be converted. Sometimes the greatest of sinners, once converted can bring many souls to Christ.

Anonymous said...

Matt said...

Sounds like the potential for justice for the Just Us. Bout time.

"Damn them all"?!?
Wow! That and other commentary in this post sounds like profane presumption and despondence. We really can't go there to any good end.

Anonymous said...

Recently a camera crew from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. The now adult victims and their mother were interviewed having testified about their experience with Fr Anthony Cipolla. The mother told the Reporter multiple times that Mrs Engel who once thought Cipolla was wrongly accused found them and set the record straight. Read "Setting the Record Straight on Fr Anthony Cipolla". I know the mother of these victims abused in 1972 and I met Cipolla and spoke to him about clerical pederasty. I also have known Randy for over thirty years. Once I found his victims she followed up and researched their case. That is the kind of Catholic she is.
The secular media NEVER give her credit and I believe it is because of the title of her book !!!
Sodomy was decriminalized in the US a few decades ago so they will NOT peep to publicly appear to tarnish the vice.
Sodomy is and has always been the elephant in the room.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 10:16 am, December 20, 2018:

Forgive my ignorance on the subject (google was of no help)...What are the problems with Opus Dei? Any links to info would be appreciated.


peasant said...

We can not "d**m" others. It is for us to pray for them (and for you), offer fasting, and masses, .
as previously stated
"a disgrace to the faith"

Anonymous said...

Anon 10 :16
Perhaps these links would help you

Peter Lamb said...

"The Church in America and around the world is going to be brought to its knees."

Correction: The false, satanic novus ordo "church" in America and around the world is going to be brought to its knees. Halleluja!!! Thanks be to God!!!

The Catholic Church will NEVER be brought to its knees. She will be restored to all her former glory.

Tom A. said...

Amen Peter. Why so many souls who love say they love Holy Mother Church think that She can behave like a whore is beyond belief. The Novus Ordo Man centered cult is nothing more than a whore who occupies the real estate once held by Holy Mother Church. Wake up Catholics! The Novus Ordo whore is NOT the Catholic Church.

Aqua said...

To those offended by the application of Vox's "Damn them all!", with which I heartily concur:

This is "the sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance". And not just buggering sin between consenting perverted adults. This is several levels lower, the Priestly theft of innocence and the destruction of the soul of a young child who trusted the abuser's Godly Office. This sin is the worst possible sin I can imagine.

"The sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance". What does that mean to you? To me, that specifically means "Damn them", by self-definition.

It does not mean they cannot repent; that God will not forgive them if they repent and do penance; that we should not wish conversion even for them. I do wish that. I truly do. Prostrate, tearful repentance, reparation, restoration of right order. Awsome!

What *does* the epithet mean then?

"Damn *them*" specifically refers to *unrepentant* Priests Of God who trade their High Office for a chance at perverse sexual assault of an innocent child in their trust. They *continue* to sexually abuse while they have freedom. Once incarcerated, they *would* continue, if prison did not hold them back. "Damn *those*".

But ... a Priest, and the Bishop who protects him, who *repents* on his knees and makes *amends* to God and the child victim .... is no longer "*them*" for the purpose of damnation, having forsaken the sin that cries to heaven for vengeance.

This crime is first and foremost an attack on the sanctity and holiness of Almighty God. We forget that. That alone should shake us to our core. But it is also murder of an innocent child's soul whom God loves very much. Sorry, but if you don't think that is damnable, then I just can't agree with that. I can think of nothing that more fits the definition of damnable.

Depredations and Damnation, like the death penalty, serve as cautionary warnings: *repent and convert*, your doom before the True Judge is imminent. The level in hell that awaits you, quite deep. Mitigating that warning in any way does not defend God's glory and honor, nor does it serve the cause of defending innocent children or promoting the conversion of truly evil men.

These damnable acts cry out to heaven for vengeance!

Michael Ortiz said...

Opus Dei is a devout middle of the road organization that encourages daily Mass, weekly confession, daily Rosary, and reaching out to others w the Gospel. They don’t officially do the old Rite, but many do have a devotion to it in the Work, and their priests have been overwhelmingly good, pious men. So I guess if you want to piss on that, well, remember, God is infinitely just.

Johnno said...

I'm sure there are many good and devout Legionaries and Jesuits and Knights of Columbus too, Michael Ortiz.

That don't mean there ain't any bullshit going on where you can't see it.

At this point people should hand-waving any accusations against any Church organization by appeals to some of the 'good members.'

Michael Ortiz said...

BS, unfortunately, is part of our fallen world.

Lynda said...

It is a grave sin to call for the damnation of another soul. We should condemn them for public unrepentant mortal sin and warn him that he is heading to eternal damnation so as to aid in the salvation of his soul, others affected, and our own. Lord, have mercy upon us. Eternal damnation is a most terrible thing (the most terrible thing for any soul) that one ought to shudder in contemplation thereof. If one dies not in the state of grace, one will be justly sent to Hell by God. There, but for the grace of Holy God, go I.

Aqua said...

Lynda: You and I agree.

- It is a grave sin to hope (call for) the damnation of another soul.

- I condemn them (as you do) for unrepentant mortal sin.

- They are indeed headed to eternal damnation.

- Damnation (the eternal never-ending kind) is a terrible thing. I also shudder in contemplation (on their behalf as well).

- Stating these things clearly is a warning that can aid in the salvation of their soul.

- Lord have mercy on us all, (especially those most in need of His mercy).

As I stated above, there is a clear distinction to be made between those who *persist*, and those who *repent*.

Those who persist, who love evil, hate good, and consume innocent children for breakfast, are damnable. It is to those that "The sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance" applies.