Wednesday, 19 December 2018

"The faithful are at risk when they are offered confusion and superficiality in place of systematic thought. In short, the Vatican has become a theological Chernobyl. We are in dangerous territory.”

Pope Francis’ new comments on the death penalty are incoherent and dangerous

Pope Francis says that his innovative teaching “does not imply any contradiction” of the Church’s tradition but, one has to say reluctantly, it indeed does.

By Father George Rutter
Debate has always been an invigorating and constructive way of defining and refining views, assuming that the debaters have minds of probity and reason. This is increasingly absent in our culture, where subjectivism rules, and where there is only one debater, and his opponent is a straw man of his own construction.
Yet when one reads the “spontaneous remarks” of Pope Francis on various subjects of the day, the quality of reasoning and information of facts is so fugitive, that frustration yields to sheer embarrassment. There is, for example, the Holy Father’s remarks to youth in Turin on a hot June day in 2015: even a Reuters press release said that his smorgasbord of concerns, from bankers to the weapons industry to Nazi concentration camps, was “rambling.” While constrained by respect for the Petrine office, and aware of the strains that imposes, it is distressing to look for a train of thought and find only a train wreck.
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Brian said...

Hey Vox, let's do some math
Modernist Lex Orandi + Modernist Lex Credendi + Modernist Lex Vivendi = Conciliar Catholicism. This is the Modernist Industrial Complex with Begoglio in charge. Imagine that, a bishop of Rome oozing of the "Odium Fidei". Every time he opens his mouth his "animus delendi", that desire to destroy is loud and clear. Lots more to come from this destroyer. And our bishops remain silent.

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy

I've reached the point where I ignore completely every exhortation, every statement uttered by the Hireling.

I am far more interested in reading what we, as individuals, can do to help remove the Hireling from the papacy.

The Hireling needs to be removed. This anti papacy has been indulged for far too long.
What can I do as an individual to help remove the Hireling?