Tuesday, 18 December 2018

World Over - 2018-12-13 – EXCLUSIVE Raymond Cardinal Burke with Raymond ...

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Anonymous said...

Thoughts while listening to this video
Wake up Cardinal Burke.
What universal ( catholic) UNITY is functioning well in the RC Church at present?
The Mass..clown, charismatic and other various nervous orders?
Opus Dei Arroyo from the Opus Dei owned Communication Network interviewing pro opus dei Cardinal Burke. Opus Dei which older Traditional Catholics always called and knew as "the parallel church".
Please Cardinal explain that the "norms of the church"includes Ordaining homosexuals then covering up for their crimes.
while Card Burke speaks rightly about seminarian candidate screening, how does he propose the Pope will clean out the stables of those prancing around the altar and gay bars?
Yes what about the Dubia? "NO RESPONSE".....with, "no clear procedure how to correct" a Pope.
Put your Canon Law hat on Cardinal Burke and tell us how sodomite males are valid priests having no Proper Intention
for the Sacramental Reception of Holy Orders.
Yes Cardinal Burke how is it we have welcomed COMMUNISTS?
Thank you for informing us on what we already know minus any solutions.
Raymond , where is your co host of the past? 'Fr" Robert Sirico? .......and this is why I pass by EWTN for anything solidly Catholic now.