Friday, 30 November 2018

Threat from someone in Buffalo in the combox

I've been threatened in the combox.
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Father Bryan Zielenieski of Buffalo - Diabolical n...":"Be very careful when you put (baseless) accusations in print. You can be held legally liable for defamation. Hiding behind some fake name doesn't mean you are hidden from view. There are ways to find out who you really are and hold you responsible."
According to Statcounter, the I.P. Address is, the ISP is Spectrum.

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Using the map in Statcounter, we find this.

Using Google Earth, we find that one block away from the ping point is the Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church.

Exploring the web page ones find this.

A Catholic priest, presumably, dressed as a Rabbi with tassels and blowing a shofar.

And of course, bongos!

Catholics in Buffalo need to worry about their local Church and the perverts that raped and sodomized so many boys. They need to worry about a Bishop who has moved around a priest with known accusations of sexual crimes. They need to worry about the loss of faith that would produce this abomination and sacrilege and a priest who dresses as a Rabbi and mocks his own priestly vocation.

As for threatening me? 

It's been done.


Stephen Lowe said...

We are in strange times when right is wrong and wrong is right. Thanks for sharing the info from that parish that I will avoid. Although there are similar ones in NC unfortunately.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I am glad you are not doubting your impression of that... priest roller blading to the Holy Mass. He is roller blading to Calvary, where our Lord Jesus Christ is crucified for being perfect (how offensive to satan lovers) and showing us the Way, the Truth and the Life. Clowns and idiots without faith. Catholics offend their vulgar tastes and shed a light on their blasphemy.

They want to demolish the Church from within, so that Sodom becomes salvation and heaven. I-d-i-o-t-s.

Anonymous said...

Strange times indeed !
We saw a lot of crazy things going on in NJ parishes in several Diocese.
Now threats on the Internet aimed at Catholics who dare to point out the quackery.
This is NOT the Church or the Faith of our youth.
No wonder Jesus wondered if He would find Faith on earth upon His Return.
I wonder what He would say about all the poor entertainment "shows" that have replaced the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

Anonymous said...

Be careful Anonymous says to Vox, Hiding behind some fake name doesn't mean you are hidden from view. There are ways to find out who you really are and hold you responsible."Hahahaha, look who needs to be careful. ANONYMOUS

Anonymous said...

Hold your head high Vox because just like Frank Walker states here ,they are afraid of REAL Catholics.

Peter Lamb said...

Wow! Rabbi "priest." It can't get worse. Don't these minions of satan realize they are roller blading to hell? Obviously not. :(

Dan said...

"No wonder Jesus wondered if He would find Faith on earth upon His Return."

I am beginning to wonder if Jesus knew the answer would be NO, and that the REASON faith was lost, was BECAUSE of the faithless shepherds!

Unknown said...

Funny how anononymous is ....well, anonymous...and also funny how the Holy Cross website is now inaccessible. Guess someone is still following the blog!

Aqua said...

Awesome post, Vox.

The best way to respond to any threat Is to face it, straight up. Calmly. Take all their tools and redirect, straight back at them. Truth is on your side. Truth always prevails, in the end. Cool how you did that.

Well played. Ice to know you’re on our side.

Kathleen1031 said...

Great detective work there! You must be annoying the right people.
Priests in rabbi gear. It's a mad world.

TLM said...

No Peter Lamb, it's not that they don't REALIZE they are rollerblading to hell, they don't BELIEVE in hell. These are bonafied 'Atheist Catholics'. They will eventually believe in hell....when they arrive in hell.

Anonymous said...

Dressed as rabbi? Maybe he's a marrano.


Anonymous said...

JayJay said...

Careful VOX, he may come over to ssspank you!

AMalek said...


Tony V said...

Funny, he don't look Jewish...