Sunday, 16 July 2017

Well, Holy Father, do you have more to tell us?

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Pope Benedict XVI sent a message to be read at the Requiem of Cardinal Meisner.

What struck me particularly in the last conversations with the Cardinal, now gone home, was the natural cheerfulness, the inner peace and the assurance he had found. We know that it was hard for him, the passionate shepherd and pastor of souls, to leave his office, and this precisely at a time when the Church had a pressing need for shepherds who would oppose the dictatorship of the zeitgeist, fully resolved to act and think from a faith standpoint. Yet I have been all the more impressed that in this last period of his life he learned to let go, and live increasingly from the conviction that the Lord does not leave his Church, even if at times the ship is almost filled to the point of shipwreck.

Papa Joseph Ratzinger abandoned the ship. The rats on the ship will be running scared now that he has revealed his thoughts. Will his jailers let him get away with this statement, or will his, be the next, "Requiem."

There was a time in which I had great love and affection for this man. He was the grandfather I never knew, the father I missed, my favourite uncle now long gone.

It's time for the so-called, "Emeritus," to come clean with the rest of us about the reality in which we are now living.


Ana Milan said...

Perhaps ++ Meisner's passing will be the incentive to release his Memoirs which must already be in a secure place ready to be dispatched at the right moment. Let's hope this is it.

When abandoning us PB said he had a 'mystic experience'. I'm sure all Catholics would dearly love to know what this experience amounted to. Was he ordered directly by God to stand aside? Did God tell him to put Emeritus before BXVI thus creating a dual papacy & to keeping wearing the white cassock etc? As these innovations never occurred in the CC's history it would certainly be appropriate for us to know how they came about & why.

By any chance would ++ Burke have succeeded in getting the Pope Emeritus on side to carry out the consecration of Russia in this centenary year of Fatima?

Anonymous said...

He ended his statement by saying the Lord wins in the end.

Anonymous said...

Unlike so many others, I have always believed Pope Benedict XVI's actions to be designed by God. Even if his abdication was not exactly what God desired, He KNEW it would be. God can bring good out of any bad situation and I believe that's what He's using antipope Francis for.
He's preparing His Church to be cleansed by clearly separating the sheep from the goats, giving everyone a chance to choose sides.
None of us are perfect, including popes. But I personally believe Pope Benedict XVI is doing more for the Church in his prayerful monk-type vocation than he could ever do as Pope. I'm just amazed that his requiem message was allowed to be read/publicized.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Who knows what Bishop Emeritus Ratzinger is thinking but ABS would not be surprised to learn his emotions are not too distant from the longing expressed in this folk song

Praying for Canada said...

What am I missing? What great admission am I not seeing? I've read it through several times. I don't get it.

TLM said...

I think we'd all like to know what this 'mystical experience' was. So many questions.....yet, no answers. What have they done/or not done to this guy? Clearly he (at times) is not himself. Some of the 'praises' he has lavished on Francis in the past don't even sound like his way of expressing himself. I watched Benedict since he was elected, and I'm here to tell you, that was NOT HIS NORMAL WAY OF SPEAKING. It has crossed my mind that they have or had drugged him, but most people don't buy that. One day we may know, but you absolutely cannot look at this situation and say it's not the least bit 'bizarre'. It's 'bizarre' to the MAXIMUM!! If anyone thinks it's below the Vatican to keep him prisoner and maybe even at times drug him, just look at past Church history and Malachy Martin's 'Windswept House' which he claimed was a book of 'faction' (fact/fiction) All kinds of people dead at the hands of Vatican Officials. I don't put ANYTHING past them.....not ANYTHING AT ALL at this point. A question that keeps running through my mind: Why in the world would Benedict not want to go back to his home town to be near his only living relative.....his BROTHER??!! Of which he very seldom if ever sees!!! (at one point I read that they were limiting even phone calls from his brother to him)

I have reserved judgment on Benedict because we JUST DO NOT KNOW what's really going on inside the Vatican. People are spot on when they say 'You just cannot make this stuff up' about Vatican CANNOT. And about the 'mystical experience'? Again, we don't know, was it truly 'mystical' or was it 'drug induced'? Maybe some day we will know the answer.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Ana.

Imo, it seems that the various popes over the past 50 years have given clues about the content of the Third Secret. Yet none of them was/is willing to reveal the exact words of Our Lady which follow: "In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved..."

+Fr. Gruner (eternal memory!) often wrote that when the Pope reveals the Third Secret (the exact words of Our Lady which was to be revealed in 1960), *then* God will give the Holy Father and the bishops the graces necessary to perform the Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Until then, we have to pray that God will touch the heart of the Holy Father.

Most Holy Mother of Carmel, pray for us!


peasant said...

WHY MUST YOU KNOW MORE RIGHT NOW? DO YOU WANT TO HASTEN HIS MARTYRDOM FROM SOLDIERS WITH BULLETS AND ARROWS? His mission is not yet complete. He will soon flee and travel though the world before returning to Rome.

A couple of prophecies concerning the Church in the end times you probably did not know:

We have sinned in thy sight, and therefore thou hast delivered us into the hands of our enemies: For we have worshipped their gods. Thou art just, O Lord. And now they are not content to oppress us with most hard bondage, but attributing the strength of their hands to the power of their idols, They design to change thy promises, and destroy thy inheritance, and shut the mouths of them that praise thee, and extinguish the glory of thy temple and altar, That they may open the mouths of Gentiles, and praise the strength of idols, and magnify for ever a carnal king. Esther 14:6-10

For we have sinned, and committed iniquity, departing from thee: and we have trespassed in all things: And we have not hearkened to thy commandments, nor have we observed nor done as thou hadst commanded us, that it might go well with us.
Wherefore all that thou hast brought upon us, and every thing that thou hast done to us, thou hast done in true judgment: And thou hast delivered us into the hands of our enemies that are unjust, and most wicked, and prevaricators, and to a king unjust, and most wicked beyond all that are upon the earth. And now we cannot open our mouths: we are become a shame and reproach to thy servants, and to them that worship thee. Deliver us not up for ever, we beseech thee, for thy name's sake, and abolish not thy covenant. And take not away thy mercy from us for the sake of Abraham thy beloved, and Isaac thy servant, and Israel thy holy one: Daniel 3:29-35

Josh Hood said...

His resignation was disheartening, and subsequent events have been mystifying. That said, I have refrained from passing judgment on him. So many of us aren't always sure how to handle the situation in the Church — maybe good men in very high places (and in BXVI's case, the highest) sometimes don't either!

Kathleen1031 said...

It is hard to feel anything negative about a 90 year old man who has served Christ over the course of his entire life far better than we will probably ever do. And we feel kindly feelings toward him, just because. Weak as he was, despite his image in our minds, he tried. Now we see how ruthless and powerful these evil men are, we have a much better idea of what he was up against. What was hidden, is now in the light, and it is a multi-headed monster.
One thing seems likely, it can't go back to being hidden, it's out there. You can't put that genie back in the bottle, we know too much.
I certainly don't put PB in the category with these destroyers, so obviously bent on the destruction of the faith and the Church.
I cannot at all believe this man, so earnest about serving God, would in any way fabricate a story about a mystical experience. That just doesn't sound likely at all. This man is a student of history and a writer. I hope he has written his memoirs, perhaps to clear the record.
May God help us in our time of need. Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us.

lmpivon said...

I agree with so many of you. Indeed, it would not surprise me that the Vatican monitors all his phone calls, even his brother's! We need someone to sneak in to see him, someone who goes to see him under a guise that they wouldn't suspect, all to find out what His Truth is...perhaps in the garden..alone. Of course, I'm dreaming.

Gmail said...

We are now in 2017 , in a very critical times , and the Third Secret of Fatima , in its original form , may be published
by Pope Benedict who has read it as desired by Our Lady of Fatima so that the Priests and Bishops get alerted.
Those faithless Priests and who are more worldly repent and go after the souls rather than Money and worldly pleasures.

The Bishops and Priests have to be faithful to their call but if they ignore it their punishments and chastisement from
God will be more severe. Let them discover the value of the true Traditional Latin Mass , true worship of God . Let them
know that Holy Mass is the Sacrifice for forgiveness of sins not celebration of Last supper.

It is very sad to see those many priests ordained after II Vatican council are IGNORANT and it is also wonderful to see
that some very young priests are discovering the truth but their Bishops and senior priests are misleading and discouraging
O Immaculata, be our Salvation.

Michael Dowd said...

Yes, Pope Benedict should come clean, speak out and save his own soul in the process.

susan said...

My Lord in Heaven, does this woman ever tire of being right?.....

once again, she's dead-on in a pithy, bracing, pin-point accurate way. The modern day sibyl.

Anonymous said...

Interesting take on Pope Benedict's speech.

Catholic Mission said...

Do you have something to tell us?
"YES.I made a philosophical mistake in the interpretation of VC2"

JULY 18, 2017

Everyone agrees Vatican Council II has a major philosophical mistake

Michael Ortiz said...

While we clearly don't know the half of it re PB he did thru his secretary deny a mystical experience prior to leaving...

Kathleen1031 said...

You know, I thought about what I posted for a number of days.
I don't really feel so sentimental about PB anymore. He seems oblivious to what he unleashed with his abdication. I don't really want to hear interpretations of what he meant by this or that. Frankly, he is the reason we are where we are.

Dawn said...

Pope Benedict was a good Pope and is still as far as I'm concerned, a Saint walking. I believe he felt compelled to step down. I trust him.

peasant said...

I'm quite sure that you would know from your job that when the foundation of a house has cracked into two or more pieces it is no cause for celebration for the inhabitants therein, yet that is exactly what happened when Bergoglio was elected as the second. Stupid, ignorant and foolish Catholics rejoiced as the Church ( they were standing in ) cracked and began to crumble...
Recall that Our Blessed Lord called Peter the rock (one not more) on which he would build His Church and elsewhere He warned of the man who built his house on sand.

A slave to Jesus said...

"Because of forms of conditioning and mitigating factors, it is possible that in an objective situation of sin – which may not be subjectively culpable, or fully such – a person can be living in God’s grace, can love and can also grow in the life of grace and charity, while receiving the Church’s help to this end."

I say now that Francis is antipope, I say this because of my mitigating circumstances.

If Francis is pope, then he, in a great mercy, has given me this freedom to sin yet remain in God's grace.

If he is an antipope, then I am right.

We are in Schrodinger's Church