Sunday, 9 July 2017

"Pope" Bergoglio confirms himself as a globalist, one world government proponent! Not a word of Christ!

How long have evangelicals and others spoken of the formation of a "United States of Europe," as the Beast of the Apocalypse controlled by the Antichrist. How often did they call Rome, meaning the Catholic Church, the Whore of Babylon?

It's too bad that this Bishop of Rome, this "Pope" won't dialogue and encounter with his Cardinals on the doctrine of the faith at least as often as he meets with the atheist Eugenio Scalfari and the Masonic mouthpiece known as La Repubblica

He is promoting the antithesis of subsidiarity. It is evil. 

Not a word of Christ. 

Read it. You decide what we are dealing with.

Francesco Scalfari interview: "My plea to the G20 on migrants'
Last Thursday I received a phone call from Pope Francis. It was about noon and I was at the paper with my phone rang and a voice greeted me: it was His Holiness. I recognized him immediately. “Could you come over today? At 4?” I’ll be there for sure.
I dashed home and at 3:44 I was in the little sitting room at Santa Marta. The Pope came in a minute later. We embraced and then, seated facing each other, we started to swap idea, feelings, analyses of what is going on in the Church and then in the world.
Pope Francis told me that he was very worried about the summit meeting of the G20. “I’m afraid that there will be very dangerous alliances between Powers that have distorted visions of the world: America and Russia, China and North Korea, Russia and Assad in the war in Syria.” What is the danger of these alliances, Holiness? “The danger regarding immigration. We, you know this well, have as the principle problem and, unfortunately growing in the today’s world, that of poverty, of the weak, of the excluded, of whom emigrants are members. On the other hand there are countries where the majority of the poor don’t come from migratory streams but from social calamities of that country; others, instead, have little local poverty but they fear the invasion of migrants. That’s why the G20 worries me.”
Do you think, Holiness, that in global society as that in which we live the mobility of peoples is on the upswing, poor or not poor as they may be? “Let’s not fool ourselves: poor peoples have an attraction the continents and countries of old wealth. Above all Europe. I, too, have often thought about this problem and I have arrived at the conclusion that, not only for but also for this reason, Europe must assume as soon as possible a federal government and a federal parliament, not from individual confederated countries. You yourself have raised this topic many times, and have even spoken of it in the European parliament. It’s true, I’ve raised this many times.” And you received great applause and even standing ovations. “Yes, that’s so, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean much. They will do that if they figure out the truth: either Europe becomes a federal community or it won’t count for anything in the world.”
I have often written that Francis is a revolutionary. Think of beatifying Pascal, thinks the poor and immigrants, it calls for a federated Europe, and - last but not least - puts me in the car with his arms.
A pope like this we never had.


Barona said...

Via Scalfari he communicates his political ideology. Just reading the transcript tells us more than enough. A side issue is, his state of mind . The man is obviously sick and suffering from personality disorder. We need a pope who puts Christ first and is not psychologically disturbed.

Ana Milan said...

Not only PF but almost the entire Hierarchy has been showing signs of aggressive demonic influence during this Papacy which came about by a deserting pope. PF was elected by an unholy Sankt Gallen homosexual mafia group of influential Cardinals who knew very well his character & behaviour which they closely watched for many years & only narrowly missed having him elected pope in front of PB. It was no coincidence or bad luck - it was thoroughly planned & initiated by Satan's army which were allowed to dominate the CC after VII. Sodomite priests popping up everywhere with their LGBTQ supporting agenda, drug-fueled orgies, the Head of the Jesuits questioning Scripture (there were no recorders in those days), PF trying his best to re-write the Ten Commandments to make them more compatible with the present time, no evangelising allowed that would go against the false ecumenism & one world godless religion that is his priority. He is a Peronist politician who won't let anyone stand in the way of his despotic regime. He is not fit to be a priest & certainly should never, ever, have been nominated & elected pope.

His election also had to have been supported by effeminate & feeble men who were put in place by popes who were more concerned with pc correctness towards schismatics & infidels than in upholding the Deposit of Faith, Magisterium & Tradition of the CC & administering to God's faithful followers. It was his predecessors who trashed the Liturgy of Ages, got rid of communion rails, placed the tabernacle in an unseen corner, replaced our altars & put them facing the people instead of ad orientem, starting giving Holy Communion in the hand, accepted homosexual men into our seminaries & appointed them to high positions. What we are living through is being permitted by God Himself & we do not have the power to stop it. There is no doubt anymore that our leadership & most of our priests & religious are working for Satan, but God wins in the end.

"To test this faith and confidence of the just, there will be occasions when all will seem to be lost and paralyzed. This, then, will be the happy beginning of the complete restoration." Our Lady of Good Success. Matthew 24:13 The one who endures to the end will be saved.

Leaving is not an option - there is nowhere else to go. False prophets we have been warned against, people performing 'miracles' ignore. There is only One True Faith & therefore One Church instituted by Christ on the First Apostles. It stinks at present but everything & will be rectified by God when He deems we can take no more. All will be fully restored, but not by us. Our duty lies in prayer, patience & caring for those souls who have been severely harmed by these worldly & dastardly men who have claimed the Seat of Peter & try to force us into submission. We shall not bend to them.

Kathleen1031 said...

Complete and utter apostasy, with a hard twist of Communism.
The man is literally destroying the Church with both hands. As he pipes his Globalist tune, we see millions of Catholics frolicking down the road to perdition behind him. All those souls. Those of us left here will experience the chastisement, the rise of Islam as our masters.

God, send us the remedy soon. Amen.

Michael Dowd said...

One would think that even the Cardinals who support Bergoglio would want him gone as his bizarre behavior could very well set back their cause of a one world religion.

Dan said...

I think the immigrants should take over the Vatican and put all the clerics on the street.

There's nothing, and no one, holy there any more.

Anonymous said...

Two insane old Ba-t-rds

peasant said...

For the poor you have always with you: and whensoever you will, you may do them good: but me you have not always. Mark 14:7

We, you know this well, have as the principle problem and, unfortunately growing in the today’s world, that of poverty, of the weak, of the excluded, of whom emigrants are members. Bergoglio whenever

We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, of the Gospel versus the anti-Gospel, between Christ and Antichrist. Saint Pope John Paul II

It is also important to note that the first part of Mark 14:7 is valid from His own speaking of the words to the end times. "For the poor you have always with you:" The last part of Mark 14:7 "but me you have not always." is also valid from His speaking of the words to the end times and speaks of the abomination of desolation which is when the bread and wine is no longer transubstantiated into the body and blood of Christ. An abomination to God and desolation for the Church Militant.

Michael Dowd said...

Ann Milan-- Very well said. We must development a strong personal relationship with Christ and His mother to withstand the attacks of the devil which are even coming through the ministers of the Church. All of this can help us become stronger in own spiritual lives so we can help others in theirs. Pray and do penance.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Has he "beatified" Pascal, as per Jesuit hating Pascal, Pascal of Pascal's wager, Pascal the Jansenist, rascal and re-near-Jansenist?

He sure values wheelbarrows!

Or pretends to be "loving his enemies".

Irenaeus said...

Agreed, Ana Milan. We need those relationships more than ever if we faithful are to survive this no worse for the wear.

I am leaning more and more to the conviction something insidious is at work here ... what that's called, I am hesitant to name.

peasant said...

We, you know this well, have as the principle problem and, unfortunately growing in the today’s world, that of poverty, of the weak, of the excluded, of whom emigrants are members. Bergoglio whenever

Our Blessed Lord was born into poverty and by this act alone He gave His blessing upon this lowly state.

According to Bergoglio, Our Blessed Lord is part of the principle problem or in other words a principle part of the problem and one he seeking to remove. As we read in Mark 14:7 it won't be the poor that are removed but the presence of Our Eucharistic Lord.

Boomer56!! said...

I remember stating when our previous pope was replaced by PF that he was not really ill. He was replaced by a liberal pope who will help move the "Shadow Government's" agenda forward. Many people denied this and refused to believe it. Well looky now... so unbelievable... the Shadow Government bought off the Catholic Church!!

Boomer56!! said...


Boomer56!! said...

Shadow Government bought off the Catholic Church!!