A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Sunday 2 July 2017

Say hello to Boy-Toy Capozzi

Well, well, well.

Happy Sunday boys and girls.

And what do we have here?

If it isn't Msgr. Luigi Felching Capozzi, drunken, drugged up sodomite disturbing the otherwise serene and quiet Vatican owned apartment and former headquarters of the CDF.



This cockroach, Capozzi, infiltrated the holy priesthood of Our Lord Jesus Christ and should never have been ordained.  


Who was his superior? Whom was he secretary to?

Why only the effervescent Cardinal Coco-Puffs - Coccopalmerio.



Oh, he was putting forward the Felching Priest as bishop material. (look up that word at your own risk, you have been warned)

Image result for cardinal palmerio

Inquiring minds want to know.

Was Mons. Battista Mario Salvatore, Not to be Judged Ricca, caught with his own boy-toy in Uruguay and now head of the so-called Pope's No-Tell, Hoe-Tell and the Vatican Bank, there for the big party?

Take your pick:


So where is the Bergomeister in all of this?

Image result for bergoglio

Who are you to judge?

The "Sweet Christ on Earth," according to St. Catherine of Sienna.

That's who!


Anonymous said...

I still think COCO is his first name ;) ;)

Ana Milan said...

I hope the Catholic media will keep on top of this as the secular media is hell bent on crucifying Cardinal Pell before he even gets to appear in court. These deviants have been caught red-handed & we must demand they are publicly & fully dealt with - defrocked at the very least. They should receive the same treatment that the secular liberal press is getting ready for Cardinal Pell in Australia. Such depravity from prelates & their enablers will never be acceptable no matter how many of these sodomites are involved. They are Satan's men & their lifestyle is being financially supported by pew-sitters who either don't believe (or want to believe) that this is now systemic behaviour (Apostasy)that has infiltrated the CC via the very top & spread throughout the whole church. We simply must make sufficient noise to warrant PF's resignation. The four Cardinals should make their promised informal correction immediately & publicly before they also are substituted. Their names are certainly on PF's 'to do' list & they too have witnessed the recent examples of PF's tyrannical rule (not of the Holy Ghost but of Satan) & put their skates on. They have the backing of all right-minded catholics as well as their prayers, so what are they waiting for? Cardinal Müller has been dismissed so now is the time to act before Cardinal Ladaria becomes yet another of PF's puppets. He is now on trial as his boss is certainly at the centre of this mess. It now behoves him to make a public statement on the matter. Is he or isn't he going to stand by the Ten Commandments of God, or is he yet another dummy willing to say that AL & PF are perfectly in tune with them, nothing has changed & tell us to shut up? I'm sure Cardinal Müller is relieved he is not the man to confront this torrid affair, but then his false obedience to PF when the CC is being crucified showed his weakness, as did PB taking flight just when he was most needed.

This papacy must get the clear & determined message from faithful Catholics that they are no longer going to wait around while they have 'gay' orgies & freedom to promulgate & exemplify such wickedness with impunity. The sooner this sinks in the quicker the clean-up & exorcism of this sordid mess can begin. We must act in this centenary year of Fatima or forever be held accountable for not doing so.

Anonymous said...


Sandpiper said...

There was probably a lot of rimming and golden showers going on as well. You know, Vox, all that gay stuff 68% of Catholics support via their enshrinement of "gay marriage".

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

The Catholic faith is not about "this or that". It is not Catholic. A Catholic says "this AND that". Taking chastity vows AND felching is the way of a sophisticated theologian and practitioner of Bergoglianism, the allegedly Holy Spirit inspired and the only valid in our fast-changing world form of Catholicism (not without an impetus from disgusting perverts who have taken over the Vatican).

We must not be rigid! That is Pharisaic.
Following commandments?! ALL OF THEM!??? - But one gets nothing done this way!

Look, you have got to get down to earth from the plane of ideals. Here everything is grey, not black and white.

And be humane! These sodomy lovers work so hard on dismantling the Christian civilization, sodomizing our children in all our schools with their sodomy education, why shouldn't they have a little fun?

Dan said...

"Infiltrated the priesthood?" Ha! He was welcomed in by the open 'arms?' of all the other sodomites in the priesthood.

Anonymous said...

So instead of using funds to help the "poor" their funding drug fueled orgies,time to lock your wallets and purses,give directly to the poor ,cut the middle men.Donate to groups promoting Fatima and the Rosary and Traditional Catholicism.

Anonymous said...


Here in the U.S., I heard on the local & national news re Cardinal Pell. Not a peep about this monsignor. I think that speaks volumes about the priorities of the mainstream media.

Imho, if he was pro-life and/or defending Baby Charlie Gard, he would have received the same treatment as Cardinal Pell.


JayJay said...

Capozzi's mommy and daddy must be sooo proud.

Kathleen1031 said...

At LEAST these sodomites can be outed publicly. Let them own it, and they can take the good with the bad, parents with any sense will not allow their little boys or young men around them, but think of all the new dating possibilities as word gets out!
We have all become corrupted with things we'd rather not know, and our Purgatory is going to be longer thanks to these perverts. Thanks Guys, I already knew I was in for awhile and didn't need this.
I do believe for many of these men you can look at their mincing lips and identify which one is a sodomite. My gaydar is getting honed so that I believe I can visually detect them in many cases now! Not a reliable methodology, I know, but I'm just sayin.

Oh, whether or not a formal correction comes, does it matter anymore? Those of us who see it don't need a formal correction, those who approve of sodomy and a Muslim invasion and Liberation Theology are going to love them some PF no matter what!

Edison Frisbee said...

Rectum? Damn near killed him!!

Anonymous said...

This is the reason I did not and will not give to Peter's Pence. Give money to these sodomites to use for drugs and prostitutes. Look at the disgusting look on his filthy mug. Someone should slap this homosexual right across his face.

Anonymous said...

Did I miss something? Cardinal Pell is vilified for ages old phony accusations and when they're caught red-handed, these Vatican perverts are completely ignored by the secular media. At least I haven't seen it covered anywhere. Hmm, isn't this even more proof that they're in cahoots with Bergoglio? Better stated, he's I cahoots with them. And don't I recall him recently encouraging the use of media for the forwarding of his ungodly reformation? Another hmm, this is exactly what he's doing with Cdl. Pell. If Benedict XVI were still seated on HIS throne, they'd be all over the faggot orgie and skewering him for it! My mind boggles at the evil behaviors in the very heart and highest level of the Church.

Anonymous said...

Recently was discussing the vow of celibacy with someone ,and they they made a very valid point ,the vow refers to sexual relations with women ,and their way around that, if they are that way inclined is to indulge with men.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Is Capozzi Coccopalmerio's catamite?

Irenaeus said...

Even when I shared this story on social media, along with the other breaking news this week, the comments were directed towards Ladaria and the commission on women deacons. No attention was directed towards this orgy party ... I thought that'd be more concerning. Guess not. Priorities of most Catholics, much?

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy

Pope Francis has the authority to take action. The course of natural justice says that a person remains innocent until proven guilty. Fine. Let natural justice take it's course, but in the meantime the Pope can put these members of the clergy on paid leave while investigations continue.

The inactions of this Pope speak louder than his words.

Unknown said...

Remember that the car of notorious pervert Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mejia RIP was detained when transporting a shitload of cocaine while he was passing in the hospital. I think that his "secretary" lent thebcar to some "friends" wink, wink. Jorge Mejia was a close friend of homogoglio, by the way. This seems to be the Vatican's modus operandi nowadays under Bergoglio, drugs and sodomy.

French Police Find 9 Pounds Of Cocaine In A Vatican Car

Anonymous said...

I believe Pope Benedict XVI once spoke of the Church becoming small again, losing much of its property, and basically starting over. We are in those days. The signs of the times speak volumes. Traditional minded Catholics will be the minority, in number but still the greatest force left on this earth for a true restoration of God's commandments. Times are coming which will be much harder than we can comprehend now,but it will be through prayer and sacrifice that the One Holy Catholic Apostolic church will be pulled from the current state of disgrace and dishonor. Please remain firm in the true faith. Continue to pray for vocations to the holy priesthood, pray for our clergy now that they may not fall into the traps laid by Satan, and for those in religious orders that they may not be discouraged in the daily life of prayer. May the Blessed Virgin Mary guide us by Her example of perfect virtue to lead lives dedicated to Her Son. And lastly, please pray for an end to this madness we have in the world today. Vox, keep up the good work! Thank you for allowing to to speak my mind.