Saturday, 8 July 2017

Say hello to the new Bergoglian Bishop of Milan

Courtesy of Hilary White, say hello to the new Archbishop of Milan.

The Novus Ordo is an irredeemable abomination.

Get out of it. Get away from priests and bishops that promote this kind of blasphemy.

The Church of Man is in free-fall and the rot of Vatican II has infected the whole tree. The filth of priests and bishops is now reaching its zenith.

They will fall, they will be struck down and they will burn in Hell, if they do not repent and do public penance and reparation.

May it be soon.


Anonymous said...

They've completely lost the plot,and the Faith.

Ana Milan said...

When there is no choice but NO given the amount of Bishops who block TLM & close down outlets for it, then all one can do is offer this cross up to the Sacred Heart & Immaculate Heart of Mary in atonement for the countless blasphemies & indifferences shown to them both. May Our Lady's promised Triumph come soonest.

Osusanna said...

What's going on in the pics?

Like in Byzantine rite we get cubes of bread from a basket and anointed with oil on our foreheads on special days? (Only people dress better and don't go into the sanctuary, glory to Jesus Christ, glory forever.)

Irenaeus said...

Oh, hey, your Grace, good to see you again. You're looking great. How are you?


*bishop responds with some generic comment*

*nodding, smiling* Good, good! Glad to hear that.

*smile drops* Now clean this mess up. Or move out.

Irenaeus said...

On a more serious note, I'm so glad I don't have to see this mess played out week after week anymore. I weep for those who do, even when they don't know it's a mess.

It's fitting the initials for the Novus Ordo signal our appropriate response to it. Still valid, though.

God preserve us.

Anonymous said...

Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory forever!


You described myrovania (anointing) in your post. In our parish, the altar *boys* hold the cross and the basket with blessed bread.

In the picture, it looks like laypeople giving and receiving Communion in the hand. (That's one thing I really detest in the NO.)

Btw, what eparchy are you in? I'm in the Archeparchy of Philadelphia.

In Christ the King,


Osusanna said...

Hi Margaret - I'm a Latin rite attending Divine Liturgy in Pittsburgh. I love myrovania. Glory to Jesus Christ, glory forever.