Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Five Questions for Cardinal Muller - and the rest of us!

Steve Skojec and Maike Hickson of OnePeterFive have the breaking news of information from Germany and the dismissal of Cardinal Muller as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Image result for muller francisThe story is based upon anonymous sources in Germany. Hickson, fluent in German, frequently writes on German matters and through German contacts. While this is not evidenciary and would in a court be considered, hearsay, and; one could say that it is in the realm of "fake news," given the pattern of this "papacy" and the continuing revelations of sodomy, drugs and orgies along with financial corruption in the Vatican, can it be discounted?

Muller was summoned to a meeting with Pope Bergoglio, expecting a normal business agenda. He was presented verbally with five questions, as follows:
According to this report, Cardinal Müller was called to the Apostolic Palace on 30 June, and he thus went there with his working files, assuming that this meeting would be a usual working session. The pope told him, however, that he only had five questions for him: 
  • Are you in favor of, or against, a female diaconate? “I am against it,” responded Cardinal Müller.
  • Are you in favor of, or against, the repeal of celibacy? “Of course I am against it,” the cardinal responded.
  • Are you in favor of, or against female priests? “I am very decisively against it,” replied Cardinal Müller.
  • Are you willing to defend Amoris Laetitia? “As far as it is possible for me,” the Prefect of the Congregation for the Faith replied: “there still exist ambiguities.”
  • Are you willing to retract your complaint concerning the dismissal of three of your own employees? Cardinal Müller responded: “Holy Father, these were good, unblemished men whom I now lack, and it was not correct to dismiss them over my head, shortly before Christmas, so that they had to clear their offices by 28 December. I am missing them now.”
Thereupon the pope answered: “Good. Cardinal Müller, I only wanted to let you know that I will not extend your mandate [i.e., beyond 2 July] as the Prefect of the Congregation for the Faith.” Without any farewell or explanation, the pope left the room. Cardinal Müller at first thought that the pope left in order to fetch a token of gratitude, and thus he waited patiently. But, there was no such gift, nor even an expression of gratitude for his service. The Prefect of the Papal Household, Archbishop Georg Gänswein, then had to explain to him that the meeting was over, and that it was time for him to leave.
At the time of this writing, we have not been able to obtain confirmation of these events from Cardinal Müller, nor from his secretary, to whom we reached out for comment. Similarly, we requested a comment from Greg Burke at the Vatican Press Office, but as of press time, we have received no response.
If this report is true – and, given the sources, we have little reason to doubt it – we can well imagine why Cardinal Meisner would have been distressed after hearing about this meeting in the hours before his death. Did these five questions with their yes or no answers, if indeed they were asked of Cardinal Müller, constitute a sort of reverse dubia? Were the Cardinal’s responses, insofar as they were in accordance with orthodox Catholic thought, the reason he was not asked to continue in his role as Prefect of the CDF? Of the five questions, three (female diaconate, priestly celibacy, and the promotion of Amoris Laetitia) have been widely discussed as part of the pope’s “reform” agenda. (It seems worthy of mention in this regard that Archbishop Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer, S.J., who has been tapped as Müller’s replacement as CDF Prefect, was appointed last year as President of the Commission for the Study of the Diaconate of Women.) But is the female priesthood really expected to be reviewed in relation to the female diaconate, even though Pope Francis has already personally affirmed the understanding that Pope John Paul II ruled definitively against the possibility? And what of the final alleged question — the one pertaining to the pope’s dismissal of three priests from the CDF last year without cause? If such a question were asked, was it merely a test of unquestioning obedience? Recall that the pope’s reported answer, when asked by Cardinal Müller about the dismissal of these three priests, was simply to say, “I am the pope, I do not need to give reasons for any of my decisions. I have decided that they have to leave and they have to leave.”
The whole article can be read at: 

Clearly, there is a massive fight in the curia. There are Catholics there who fear for what is happening under this Bishop of Rome, I will not state, this "Holy Father." It is time for them to come clean and state unequivocally the facts and to stand behind it with their identities.
It is time for Cardinal Muller to disclose all before Christ and the Catholic faithful. 

There is nothing more than the souls of millions of Catholics at stake, to say nothing of those Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Atheists and Protestants who will never now salvation because the Church of Man has taken over the Church of Christ and called him a liar.

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There is one liar, from the beginning and there are those in the Church who do his bidding.

Now, to those five questions.

How do you answer?


Eccles said...

Sorry, I don't give binary answers to abstract questions.

Dan said...

I cant, and don't, call this the Catholic church anymore. I can't, and won't, support it.

Anonymous said...

So it is very probable that Jorge Bergoglio is an antipope.

Anonymous said...

We are witnessing the counterfeit church coming into full bloom. Open your eyes! Turn up your lamps so you can see!

Ana Milan said...

Secrecy & blind obedience were always part of the infrastructure of the CC, but nowadays that is no longer the case. We have the internet & 24 hour news powered by Catholic investigative journalists who specialize in exposing the underlying rot that has been accumulating since its inception, the first apostate being Judas. Silent prelates will eventually be named & vilified in history for they are also apostates & careerists with skeletons in the cupboard being blackmailed & manipulated by this wretched minion of Satan. If PF attempts to abrogate Summorum Pontificum there will be a heavenly response that will have him & his Satanic Army removed & Tradition restored. This could well begin the Triumph of Our Lady, who forecast the suffering of faithful Catholics if her request for Russia to Her Immaculate Heart was ignored but also stated that it would be carried out, but late.

This is the centennial year of Fatima, the five hundredth commemorative year of Luther’s Revolt & the supposedly last year of the hundred given by Our Lord to Satan to destroy His Church. Sr.Lucia also said that Satan’s Last Stand would be against Marriage & the Family, which we have been witnessing/enduring for some time. It is also most likely the year when we will be given an answer to all this mess & Christ Our King will at last be crowned as Lord of all Creation & the NWO annihilated.

Leah said...

Am I correct that cardinals can be defrocked as cardinals? If so, that is probably the reason they are biding their time so that they will be around when (hopefully soon) a new election of a Pope takes place.

Barbara Jensen said...

Vox, I always appreciate your honest and direct reporting. I believe that now each of us will have to answer the question, "Who is the true Pope?". The situation is such that there is plentiful evident that Bergoglio is an antipope. He is moving fast to destroy the institutional Church and still those who should speak do not. If they do, it is too little and much too late. Dr. Kelly Bowring, an orthodox Catholic theologian who did his development as a theologian with a special emphasis on the authentic apparitions of Our Lady, has a new video out on his website, 'Two Hearts Press'. It is an hour and half long, but it is well worth watching as he assimilates and correlates the apparitions of Mary to the state of the Church now. It is an informative and well thought out assessment of these times through which we are living. Dr. Bowring has exhibited the moral courage that most Bishops and Cardinals have not and his words and thought process ring so true. Bergoglio does not believe in the Catholic Faith and this fact has to be faced. The denial among so many is understandable but denial will no longer work as the evidence of what is actually h happening in Rome is overwhelming. I encourage everyone to watch Dr. Bowring's video which can be found on his website 'Two Hearts Press'.

Anonymous said...

@Paul Moprhy,

I've been caught before taking reports at "face value". I'm not saying that the circumstances outlined in this report are inaccurate or wrong. The report could well be 100% accurate.

I'd just counsel about taking the report and it's contents as 100% accurate.

If the report is accurate then we're in an alternative/anti papacy.

TLM said...

Barbara......Yes, at this point in time, I do believe Dr. Bowring is on to something. When I first heard him speculate at the beginning of Bergoglio's Pontificate, I didn't buy it at all. Thought he was some sort of kooky over reactionary. That was then, this is now. After all we've seen in the four years that he's been sitting in the Chair of Peter, it's entirely possible IMHO, that this man could indeed be the False Prophet of the Bible that will usher in the Antichrist. It's not at all out of the realm of possibility that we are at that point in time. And Bergoglio fits the description to a T, according to prophecy and scripture. Yep, I've come 180 degrees in my opinion of Dr. Bowring, and all I had to do was watch the destruction in real time. I do believe there are many that have taken off their blinders and are seeing the light, my H. for one. He was even slower than I was in coming to the conclusion that this man cannot be the Pope and for many reasons. He said to me just the other day that "No longer can anyone that is a faithful Catholic honestly look at this man and call him a Catholic Pope. It's totally undeniable now."

Kathleen1031 said...

They are devouring each other. Why bother with kid gloves when you feel as confident in your apostasy as this demon does. Why bother at all.
Satan apes, he mocks, and Bergolio asking five pointed dubia is exactly the kind of thing Satan does, because creativity is not his thing, poor imitation is. This would be Bergolio's payback. I do believe this is a man sick with anger and vengeance. Cross him, and you will pay. All those smiles and that exaggerated false humility, it was a thin veneer on a really disturbed personality.
We are no longer supporting nor attending the Novus Ordo Church, the Church of Francis. I'm not saying we would never go, but we are attending the Latin Rite. This is not the year 1000, when nobody knew what these men do.

That souls are in peril, and Cardinals remain silent, is going to remain as one of the most scandalous realities of our lives. We have all been corrupted by the sight of so much silence in the face of this obvious apostasy. A rogue pope, we could handle that, but a rogue pope supported by heretics and aided by cowardly and weak Cardinals? Not so much. The USCCB as far as we are concerned, is comprised of Communists, we no longer listen to them or feel any kinship to them. Their Marxist/New Age blather rolls off us like water on a duck's back.
I feel badly about Cardinal Meisner, God have mercy on his soul, I feel as if he may have been upset enough about this cruel treatment toward Cardinal Mueller to have died over it.
May God help us, may He send the remedy soon, may Our Lady intercede for us, in these dark days of madness.

jim norwood said...

The false prophet?

Anonymous said...

A truly evil, evil man IMHO. Dare I say he's a diabolical narcissist? The questions to Muller show just how nasty and vindictive a person he is. When I read the article I said out loud "what an a......". It's a good thing he never married. We would have been compelled to ask how often he beats his wife.

Unknown said...

In cas you didn't know, this story has since been clarified, but not verified, by OnePeterFive. https://onepeterfive.com/getting-perspective-theres-nothing-new-in-the-five-questions-story/

Unknown said...

The unintelligent and painfully obvious exclamations of " Wake Up" and "Open Your Eyes" are obnoxious. Our eyes are open. We see what's happening. God will take care of this, He is our shield and our protection. Just pray and love, stop acting like you're the only one who sees this. Prayer and fasting, Holy Mass and confession, that is the refuge of Holy Mother Church. Pray the Leonine Prayers after every Holy Mass, not just Low Mass.

TLM said...

I'm not saying he 'absolutely is' the false prophet of the Bible, but man oh man........lots of evidence points to this being a fact. Time will tell. When I first read about this at the beginning of his 'Papacy', I dismissed the notion entirely.......now.......not so much.

Barbara Jensen said...

In my first post on this subject, I encouraged everyone to watch Dr. Kelly Bowring's latest video at Two Hearts Press regarding the state of the Church, Bergoglio et al. The reason I encourage it is that Bowring's assessment, given his background and training, gives a prayerful and knowledgable discernment of the state of things in the Church. So often these issues are discussed and pondered without any reference to the Divine intervention of the Mother of God. People are always indicating that 'one does not have to believe in private revelations' and that is true. However, when the Church affirms and validates certain private revelations, the invitation is there to expand one's understanding of what is happening. Given the critical reality of what Bergoglio is doing in the Church, reading the assessment and correlation of a prayerful and knowledgable person, and bringing those new understandings to one's personal prayer, can be very helpful in not losing one's spiritual grounding due to fear and confusion. In these times one must stay very close to God Who will give each of us the spiritual understanding and discernment, not to mention the supernatural strength, to weather these confusing and painful times where we are seeing what we never thought we would. It is so easy when oner is confused and frightened to discount and reject what would be most helpful if one would just slow down and receive what may seem preposterous. The video is good. By the way, Bowring does not assert that Bergoglio is 'the false prophet', rather he opens the possibility that he could be. Trusting God means allowing Him to unfold His Truth and not jump to conclusions that may. or may not be true. As humans we like clarity and resolution, but God often asks us to trust Him in the dark. Let us unite our prayer for Christ's Church and all who are called to stand up for Her.

Peter Lamb said...

Wow! I am amazed and flabbergasted at the above comments. It has been so long, but the blinders are flying off at a rate of knots! Thanks be to God and Blessed be the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Irenaeus said...

For some of us, Dr. Lamb, the blinders came off long ago. How are you doing? I read about your son's passing more than a few months ago. I hope you are doing OK.

Anonymous said...

Certainly, this man Jorge Bergoglio is aware of the discord he is sewing and the massive harm it is causing.

It is inconceivable to me to think otherwise. I do not think that any other conclusion than that he is fully aware of and consciously continuing on his course of intention discord and destruction, is rational.

That the same man does not address the countless issues causing so much harm, is clear evidence to me of his intentions.

I cannot conceive of this man authentically respecting Jesus Christ, of being a disciple of Jesus', nor being an historically Catholic man, much less a Catholic priest.

I could not magine, using criteria regarding consent/intent that have long, routinely been used to study nullity in marriages, that this man's vows regarding his priesthood are or were even valid.

This man is a deceiver to his very core.


Peter Lamb said...

Dear Barbara, Great post. Everything you say is true. Remember, however that the Lord helps those who helps themselves. The Catholic Faith is clearly and fully expounded in Holy Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the Magisterium. These are our true anchor. They enable us, by the grace of the Holy Ghost, to clearly understand, without any confusion, of fear, what is going on and how to deal with it. We are not sitting in the dark - the lights are on - we just have to see them.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't set much store by Dr Kelly Bowring of Two Hearts Press. At the very least I'd be very skeptical of his motives. He is a supporter and promoter of the Medjugorje deception.


Anonymous said...

PF is he not on record of stating at Fatima " I am the Bishop in white"

Peter Lamb said...

Doing fine thanks Irenaeus. Thanks for asking. :)

Mark Power said...

At least Dr Bowring is willing to put his own name to his criticisms of Bergoglio, he doesn't snipe anonymously.

Barbara Jensen said...

Dear Anonymous,
The Church has not spoken officially condemning Medjugorie, and the Catholic position is that one is free to believe or disbelieve in unapproved apparitions until and when the Church officially condemns them. You do not supersede the direction of the Church. You are , of course, free to disbelieve in Medjugorie, but to discredit someone who does choose to believe in these apparitions , is neither in keeping with the mind of the Church, nor is it wise. Please do not write back and tell why you disbelieve in Medjugordie. What I will learn about you if you do is that you feel superior to the mind of the Church and need to tell me your superior ideas. Leave the authenticity of Medjudgorie to the Church and give freedom to each person to discern whether or not these apparitions are authentic. As I said in my last post, something is very lacking in our approach to these confusing end times. It is the permeation of the spirit of prayerful Faith which God gives only when we detach from undo affection for our human and earthbound views. There are so many realities that we do not understand and glib rejection out of hand of what we do not understand is neither helpful nor the fruit of humble union with God.

Irenaeus said...

Oh, you're welcome, Dr. Lamb. Glad to hear that.

PS. I enjoy reading your commentary - I don't agree with the sede position, but your argumentation and willingness to engage commentators who don't agree with you makes you a commendable individual in my books (and I have many of those).

Anonymous said...

Goodness, make a brief comment unfavourable to Medjugorje and out come the 'big guns'.

Mark Power, you're nit-picking here. In case you didn't notice, I signed my name at the end of my post, so it is not anonymous. And talking about anonymous, what's your problem? I'm pretty sure that Vox Cantoris is not his real name. Does that bother you?

Barbara Jensen, I don't know you from a bar of soap, so - sorry - I see no reason to take orders from you - or to take what you think seriously. True, you seem to take yourself seriously, judging by the length of your flowery narrative, and the ease with which you assume the right to shut someone up. But that's neither here nor there to me.

Intelligent Catholics know that there is much that is wrong about Medjugorje. For example, it has been documented that some of the 'seers' told lies - and admitted to doing so later. The matter has been researched over a period of many years and the information is there for anyone who wishes to inform him/herself.

You speak casually about the mind of the Church, but omit to mention that the mind of the Church is that the Local Ordinary has the first say about what is going on. He is the one who is there on the spot and has first-hand knowledge about many aspects of the matter. Catholics - and not just those of his Diocese - are obliged to heed what he says.

Both the previous Bishop of Mostar, Pavao Zanic, and the present one, Ratko Peric, have said that there is nothing supernatural happening at Medjugorje. In fact, Bishop Peric has stated that the alleged apparitions are nothing more than a manipulation by the visionaries and priests.

As recently as February of this year Bishop Peric gave the following summary:

'The "apparitions" have been studied by several commissions: in 1982-1984 and 1984-1986 at a diocesan level, and in 1987-1990 by the Croatian bishops' conference. The Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith studied the phenomena from 2010-2014 and again from 2014-2016. The local and national commissions arrived to the conclusion that there's nothing supernatural to the apparitions.'

So, I'm going to take the Bishop's summary seriously. And after that I will take seriously what reliable, orthodox and well-recognised Catholics have said on the matter. One could list a number of them, but two spring to mind - Michael Davies, and Michael Jones. These are no 'light-weight' Catholics. they have runs on the board, and have proved themselves over a period of many years, fighting the good fight, often against many odds. They have helped many Catholics maintain their Faith in these troubled times.

Barbara Jensen? Not so much.