Monday, 10 July 2017

New Bergoglian CDF Prefect Ferrer implicated in paedophile priest cover-up!

So, as long as he is not a priest, he is not the Church's responsibility?

Another scandal, this time, the new Jesuit Prefect Luis Laderia Ferrer who, together with Cardinal William Levada, laicised a child-molester priest and did not tell the police. That defrocked pervert priest later went on to rape 8 boys. 

The Church is in a crisis of filth and perversion. Where are the Cardinals and Bishops who will call this out and demand full disclosure and accountability?


Another sex scandal at the Vatican! This time it involved a confidante of Pope

Not a week passed, and the Vatican has already shaken the third turn-sex scandal. This time he is involved in a confidant of Pope Francis, Jesuit Luis Ladaria Ferrer, appointed Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in just last Sunday.

Recall - last Thursday treasurer of the Vatican, Australian Cardinal George Pell, has been formally accused of committing a sexual assault against dzieci.Kardynał Pell, who was prefect of the Secretariat. Economics, which is equivalent to the finance minister in the Vatican, the personality number three in the Catholic Church and the highest in the history of the Vatican dignitary, who has been accused in connection with the scandal concerning sexual abuse among the clergy.

Not yet faded echo of the scandal, and the Holy See rocked again. They tried to hide it for a few months, but the case is issued. It was important for the secretary of Cardinal, one of the closest collaborators of the Pope. Secretary of the organized gay party building above Sant'Uffizio (Holy Office), the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, where he is also taking cocaine. Moved "criminally" to the monastery at Monte Cassino he got there again in another sex scandal.

Read: Again unprecedented scandal at the Vatican! Cocaine and gay party in the Holy Office and the monastery at Monte Cassino. Is Pope Francis stand it?

The head of that secretary-homoseksulaisty and drug addict was Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Mueller z Niemiec, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which Pope Francis dismissed last Saturday. The new prefect was the Spanish Jesuit and Archbishop Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer. Now it turns out, however, that he may be involved in a pedophile scandal.

"There had been two days of the decision of Pope Francis to change the position of Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and already dark clouds hung over the head of his successor, Jesuit Luis Ferrer Ladarii" - writes on Facebook Jacek Pałasiński, long-press correspondent in Rome.

Newspaper, la Repubblica "L'Espresso article was published, the new prefect conceal one of the most notorious pedophile scandals in Italy. The authors describe a case of a pedophile priest Gianni Troty that, the decision was Archbishop Ferrer and his then-supervisor - b. Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Williama Levady, was sentenced in 2012. The maximum sentence provided for the code of canon, ie. The dismissal from the clerical state .

Unfortunately - adds a journalist - was accompanied by judgment note, according to which, information about the judgment and reasons for leaving Father. Troty of the priests and the Order of the Little Works of Divine Providence, had not spread. Unless b. Trota priest again commits lewd acts on children.

"I obediently silent church structures, the Italian investigative authorities have not been notified, precisely because of the decision of Archbishop. Ferrera. And, unfortunately, Father. Trota again committed. He remained in the same small town as a coach ... children's football teams, boyish and girlish. The parents knew nothing about his past. Approx. ten boys and ten girls again was molested by him. Only in 2015. As a result of accusations of one of the boys parents b. Fr.. Trota was arrested last year and sentenced to 8 years in prison for molesting one of the boys. Soon they have to start another process for another rape. "In practice - write Fittipaldi and Foschini - destroyed an entire generation inhabitants of this town" - writes Pałasiński.

How to react to this information now Pope Francis? And if the Pope Francis will cope with the task of cleaning the church?


Michael Dowd said...

Being part of the problem, Pope Francis would have to resign himself.

Unknown said...

Please do not add to the secular attack on our Australian Cardinal Pell. Leave the attacks to the secular media who are caught up in anti-Catholicism here in Australia. It does not speak well of you at Vox when you wrap our Cardinal in to the same paragraph as your reporting on some sex orgy at the Vatican. That is uncharitable and sinful to try and smear Cardinal Pell at the same time. We need prayers for our Cardinal, Prayers for an honest and truthful trial and a limit to the howling media dogs and those who wish to squeeze more money out of our Church while mocking the priesthood and destroying our Cardinal.
Thank you,
T. van Ommen.

Anonymous said...

Bergoglio will not "cope with the task of cleaning the church" because to do so he'd have to start with removing himself.

Dan said...

Quick! We need more scolding from the Pope concerning environmental sins and not being welcoming enough to immigrants....

Ana Milan said...

Everything is going to PF's plan for 'making a mess'. Now he has a gigantic one that has involved many VIPs in the Vatican which at first evaded publicity due to the criminal intelligencia that has taken occupancy of that place. Criminal charges should be brought but these people seem to believe they are above the law & therefore cannot be touched. They even used a building that was formerly part of the CDF - I wonder what, if anything, ++ Müller knew about these goings on?

Satan's 'last stand' comes to mind when reading of such depravity spread throughout our priesthood and the consequences of it. Despite all this knowledge & adverse publicity the silence from our Hierarchy is unbelievable. Only a very few seem to even consider the detriment to souls this Apostasy is causing. They ignore, at their peril & ours, Our Lady's request to have Russia consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart. What percentage of Cardinals would be required to initiate the necessary action on this, or is PF sole arbiter yet again?

Unknown said...

from MortimerZilch:

Seminaries are where the correction needs to take place. But there is no one to make the correction. The Laity need to take over everything that is not strictly clerical.

Peter Lamb said...

What's the point?

One could continue to highlight perversion, heresy, blasphemy and numerous assorted evils in the novus ordo church ad nauseam, but what is the point?

The judeo-masonic disciples of satan have invaded the properties and usurped the offices of the Catholic Church of Christ and set up a false church designed to eclipse the Catholic Church - just as Our Lady said they would. This we all already know. We know all about how they did it and what their futile goal is - to destroy the Church of Christ and to replace it with the church of man, to worship satan.

This epidemic of paedophilia, (actually pederasty) and sodomy is no mistake - it is calculated. The selection of sodomites for admission to seminaries has long been planned and executed as cold-blooded strategy, precisely to create the scandals we continuously bemoan. What a devilishly brilliant plan! How tremendously effective it has been in divorcing poor scandalized souls from Mother Church! How pleased must satan be! Read "Goodbye Good Men" and the book by Rose. See Bella Dodd's address to Congress.

Despite all we know, some poor naive souls plead with bergoglio to clean house. Bergoglio is the current general of the invading army!!! He is the Patriarch of the World - a member of the Third Luciferian Trinity! He has been much more aggressive and far more successful in promoting the cause than all his conciliar predecessors put together have been. If we won't see the facts; if we refuse to recognize them; we will go on bemoaning our situation ad infinitum - never doing, or achieving anything at all. Or, we could embrace the Faith of Our Fathers, let the judeo-masons be anathema and live and fight like Catholics again.

Tom A. said...

Where are the Cardinals and Bishops to call out the filth? Not in the conciliar false church obviously.

Vox Cantoris said...

T. van Ommen,

I did not make a comment in this post about Cardinal Pell, it is in the article translated from Polish.

I have not and will not pile on him, but if he is guilty, then throw the book at him.

Anonymous said...

@Paul Morphy

Are these the clergy who were being protected by those who moved against Pope Benedict?

The Laity need to start holding all of these people to account. Vote with your donations folks. Cease contributing to church collections until we get accountability.

Unknown said...

Re. smearing Cardinal Pell. Vox, you may claim you did not write that....but took it from some Polish site....
You know well, to repeat scandal, spread it, is just as bad as making such an accusation yourself. Please practice charity so we do not add to the destruction. We laity must support our faithful clergy, esp. those who are under secular attack.
God bless the good work at Vox and grant wisdom on selecting its contents.
T. van Ommen,

Vox Cantoris said...

I have read it again. It refers to the "facts" that Cardinal Pell has been charged, not that he is guilty. It is not a slanderous statement to state that reality.

It further goes on to refer to the new Prefect of the CDF being implicated in a cover-up, not Cardinal Pell.

It is a google translation of the Polish.

Ignotus said...

T. van Ommen:

The guilt of scandal belongs to the people who cause it, not the people who expose it *for just reasons*. The church is in a crisis the likes of which we have not seen since Arius walked the earth.

What you say about spreading scandal is ostensibly correct, but decidedly incorrectly applied to this situation. You would do well to study up on what the church actually teaches and has always taught about scandal. I'm not going to attempt to educate you in a combox. Go see a faithful and well educated priest.

I say this as a victim of FAR worse abuse by priests than that which Cardinal Pell is (and I have some proper knowledge of the case) unjustly accused of by shady people whose families have received significant amounts of money from even more shady German sources.