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A corporal work of mercy.
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Monday 3 July 2017

BREAKING: Vatican officials covered up "bag" of cocaine induced homosexual orgy!

Image result for monsignor luigi capozziFrom Pudelek.pl

The cesspool of sodomy in the Vatican continues. Pudelek.pl is reporting that the news breaking last week of the Vatican Monsignor caught in a drug-laced, booze-saturated, homosexual orgy in the Vatican actually occurred two months ago!


Someone in the Vatican has been engaged in a cover-up.

Has the removal of Mueller been engineered as a distraction?

Has Cardinal Pell (to possible spurious accusations, but if true, throw the book at him) been sacrificed to cause a diversion from the real, current actives sinful cesspool of filth, evil, corruption and sleaze that is the Vatican?

Parents, would you let your sons and daughters travel to Rome to in any way participate in the Youth Synod with these filthy monsters around? Do you think World Youth Day is any safer?

(With sincere apologies to my priest friends, but I would not advise anyone to leave any child alone with any priest, to protect them from the perverts and good priests from false accusations!)

Francis owes our Lord Jesus Christ and His suffering faithful a complete clean-out of the sodomite mafia from the Church and accountability from these thieves and perverts who have stolen from the faithful for their drugs and orgies.

Enough of this cover-up!

Vatican Gendarmerie dealings discovered two months ago, when the search was made in the building of the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. In the apartment of one of the secretary Very Important Monsignorów found a bag of cocaine. Arrested priest admitted that he was taking the drug during a homosexual orgy, which he organized in the premises curial. Since then they attempted to place the matter under the carpet in many ways. Initially a secretary, instead of in prison, placed in rehab in one of Rome's clinics, where with the help of prayer had to leave the addiction. Soon, however, through the intercession of Cardinal he moved to the Order of Monte Cassino - the same in which several months ago was arrested the abbot Pietro Vitorelli'egowho embezzled half a million euros from the proceeds to charity. The abbot seemed no abandon the so-called fortune. sex tourism, mainly seeking gay brothel in South America.
Because the health secretary-drug addict in the law significantly deteriorated again placed him in the hospital. Then the matter leaked to the media. The most frequently asked question is, how is it possible that until two months managed to hide everything even before the Pope.


Osusanna said...

No surprises from Babylon anymore for me. I can't help thinking the jihadis are watching and planning.

Kathleen1031 said...

Answer to last question...because they're ALLLLllll doing it.

Anonymous said...

Where's Father Tom Rosica when Rome needs him?

Why preparing for Theology on Tap in Chicago according to Joseph Sciambra who reports "On July 10, 2017, the Archdiocese of Chicago will launch “a revitalized Theology on Tap for Summer 2017.” According to an announcement from St. Clement Parish in Chicago:

Cardinal Blase J. Cupich will be hosting the evening, which will feature Father Tom Roscia [sic], media attaché of the Holy See, organizer of World Youth Day, and CEO of Salt and Light TV; and Michael O’Loughlin, author of Tweetable Pope and National Correspondent for America Magazine, as they lead an interactive discussion on what young people have in common with Pope Francis (hint: it’s more than you think!)Michael O’Loughlin is a Catholic journalist who reports primarily on issues concerning homosexuality and the LGBT community.... and supports the outreach of James Martin, S.J.

Rome stinks with sodomy and Chicago, of all cities that needs spiritual rescue, gets a Vatican roadshow promoting faggotry. And they don't want to be call "disordered"?


Anonymous said...

Please, I know Cardinal Pell and I know this is a massive witch hunt against this Holy Man. The good Cardinal is hated by the wicked both inside and outside the Church . I would lay my life down for this Holy man for he has done so much for the church and certainly the victims. It was Cardinal Pell that cleaned up the mess left behind by the then mod squad of Arch Little. It is sickening to see the lies and hatred being spewed out for this Cardinal, surely our days are numbered, surely our most holy mother is unable to hold back her sons hand..

Irenaeus said...

... What!? This makes the story even worse! Where's St. Irenaeus when you need him to denounce the heretics? (To answer your questions, Vox: yes, yes, no, no.) Pope Francis owes our Lord an apology and reparation for allowing these horrid things to go on.

Dan said...

It's not a cover-up, they were just trying to figure out what happened to the rest of the cocaine.

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy

Perhaps now we're beginning to get some idea of the dark forces that are ensconced in the Vatican itself? I've no doubt that these same forces are responsible the resignation of Pope Benedict.

I got married in Rome because I did so we were invited to meet with Pope John Paul II. We went to the Vatican.
My wife said "this place has a very bad aura about it, holy it is most certainly not"

Female intuition.

Ana Milan said...

@ Paul Morphy

Strange your wife picked-up on the same vibes I did upon meeting Pope Paul VI. It wasn't good then either. VII needs to be rescinded & will be some day when we are blessed with a traditional pope.

James said...

The picture of John XXIII in the background cracks me up.

Michael Sean Sumers said...


Osusanna said...

Cocaine is about $91.60 per gram in Italy according to my internet search.
Father says "thanks a lot suckers."