Monday, 24 July 2017

God bless you little Charlie

The British press complain about the media circus. Perhaps, had they done their jobs earlier, this little baby would have had a chance.

Image result for queen elizabethDamn the Queen!

Where was Elizabeth Regina in all of this? Where was she in this crime? Sitting by whilst the State allowed her subject suffer to the point of no return. A disgraceful Queen, a failed Monarch. Shame on her.

England is a criminal state. A nation that has lost its soul. A land that has lost its faith and deserves what it is going to get. Oh yes, it is going to get just what it deserves.

The little boy was baptized. When he dies, he will be a saint in heaven.

May he intercede then for England's conversion and that of its monarch before she dies and is judged. May Charlie delight for eternity before the very Throne of God.


Anonymous said...

May those who are keeping the child hostage, and who desire to deprive his parents of their beloved son, repent of their heinous crimes, lest Charlie Gard be their judge on the Day of Wrath; for it is written that the saints will judge the reprobates with the Supreme Judge.

"Beloved child; what, you think, is the just punishment for these who have deprived you from the loving care of your parents to let you perish?"

"Sire God, methinks the punishment is death."

*The Supreme Judge now directs His divinely stern and piercing gaze towards the accused.*

"Go then, you, into the everlasting fires of hell, where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth; for I was ill, and you did not care for Me, nor did you permit others to do so. What you have done unto this, My little servant, you have done unto Me."

Benjamin Van Dyck.

Irenaeus said...

I feel so bad for Charlie's parents ... they just realized there was nothing more they could do...

Anonymous said...

And England was once called the Dowry of Mary. Sigh...

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy

A terrible situation, caused by ineptitude, inaction and dare I say it protestantism.

Vox is correct, this young soul has been baptised and he will be with God. Out of the misery of this earthly life, hopefully this eternal outcome with bring Charlie's parent some peace.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Just wondering: Are you related to the artist Van Dyck?


JayJay said...

Good for you VOX! Indeed a failed monarch. I've not seen this from any other quarter, but such is the case. The mozlems will soon have her kingdom. "Let them eat Halal".

TLM said...

If you read the open letter of these poor distraught parents, 'there was nothing more they could do' because he didn't get treatment on time, according to 'outside' Dr.s.

Anonymous said...


Not for as far as I know. I am from the same country as he was, but the name is more or less widespread here, and it is not certain how or whether the various families bearing it are related.

The case of Charlie Gard is a cruel example of the barbarism into which the West has fallen. Indeed, the departing from Christendom is the return to barbarism, and if God would not intervene at some point, the degradation of society would progress to the point where the public worship of idol statues and the openly, explicit ritual slaughter of human beings would again be 'legalised' as in the days of old, and Christians would again be openly tortured under the gaze of temporal judges for refusing to offer incense to demons. Should anyone laugh reading this, let him realise that idolatrous human sacrifice already exists among the circles of the powerful. There is copious documented proof of this by now, and more than one person has died in exposing those unspeakable evils.

The rabid and cruel fury with which Charlie Gard's enemies have been determined to shed his blood is very telling of the spirit that animates the depraved modern man, and very telling of where this situation is heading. The oracles of the saints demonstrate that God will yet intervene, but I wonder whether a most terrible divine chastisement can still be avoided to precede a spiritual regeneration.

It makes one tremble to reflect on how fierce the wrath of God must be against this earthly hellhole.

Benjamin Van Dyck.

CJ said...

Yes, where was the queen (lowercase q)? Despicable to do nothing when just a word from her would save the child. Maybe she never read Matthew 25.

Anonymous said...

Spotted this about gender-neutral uniform in UK Catholic Primary School, lots angry Catholics with Cardinal Nichols and all involved in these charade. Scroll all way down to bottom of blog!
Love your web-site

Kathleen1031 said...

I have a tiny hope of something, but will say no more.
God bless this sweet child and his parents and family. It is heartbreaking, but worse, it is completely chilling to see the state usurp the right of good parents over their own offspring. The all-powerful state has claimed the right over a child's life and death. The people of Great Britain, should rightfully be filling the streets, but then, they should be filling the streets because their Masters are making it possible for them to be mercilessly killed and their culture to be taken over by Islam. But, if they don't care enough about their own survival, why should they care about this little child or his parents?
Great Britain, take that lion off your flag and replace it with a serpent.

John the Mad said...

What has happened to baby Charlie and his parents is an atrocity, but I beg to differ with you on your comments about Queen Elizabeth. She is a constitutional, not an absolute, monarch and may by constitutional convention not contravene the public position of the government of the day, or the courts. The UK (like Canada) is a land where the monarch governed by the rule of law - a principle established since Magna Carta.

While I very much respect you Vox, I consider your attack on her to be ill founded and unfair.

Linda said...

What. Benjamin Van Dyck said. ^^^
This is public human sacrifice to the demonic.
If full view of everyone.

Vox Cantoris said...

Mad John,

She has, at least, moral suasion. She also has no Driver's License but drives. Why? Because the Drivers License is issued in Her name, therefore, the Law rests in her.

She is as guilty as the judge.

Where the hell was the Prime Minister?

Anonymous said...

After I wrote my first comment in this thread, I read the statement of Charlie's parents on their website, and learned that they are giving up.

They must not give up, but continue to fight. No one has the right to let the child die, but care and treatment must be given to it unto the end, even if there is less hope for recovery.

The Natural Law does not permit anyone to dispose of the lives of defenseless children like this. The parents must not allow themselves to be influenced by modern day pseudo-morality.

Besides, there is much that doctors do not want to know about the regenerative qualities of the correct kinds and amounts of nutrients. The regenerative effect of selenium + vitamin E on people with muscular dystrophy is an example. There is no reason why the use of nutrients could not perhaps help improve Charlie's damaged muscles in combination with the treatment that his parents wanted to try on him in America.

His parents must not abandon their son to the freaks of the Great Ormond Street Hospital. They must fight for the life of their son.

Benjamin Van Dyck.

John the Mad said...

"Where the hell was the Prime Minister?"
You've spotted the target now. There is your target. Launch your blogging missiles. I'm with you on that one." The entire affair stinks of utter moral decay.

jim.carroll said...

I am an American, and can't help but view this situation with some horror. We are currently debating in our Congress how we shall establish some kind of national health policy, and I hear more and more cries for the establishment of a single-payer system, such as the NHS in the UK. I see Charlie's case as a natural outgrowth of the single-payer system, in that "he who pays the piper calls the tune." The State is paying the piper and so declares what tune shall be played. Several years ago, when Sarah Palin was running as the Vice Presidential candidate, she was mocked thoroughly for her comments on "death panels" that Obamacare would bring. I can see no better example of a "death panel" in action than what is happening to Charlie right now.

I can appreciate the vigor of your emotion against HRH, if not its expression. I've been an avid watcher of the HBO series, "The Queen", and I was moved by the attention to the religious elements in her coronation, from being anointed with holy oil to her Coronation Oath to uphold the Christian faith. In the past few decades, I have seen HRH abandon and abdicate that oath, or at least its religious element. The most blatant example was her granting her royal assent to the laws regarding homosexual "marriage" in the UK. The case of Charlie is just another example of HRH abandoning her promise to protect all of her subjects.

John the Mad said...

I believe when you refer to HRH (Her Royal Highness) you mean HMQ (Her Majesty the Queen). She ceased to be HRH once crowned queen. Again, I point out to Vox above, the rule of law in the UK (and the British Commonwealth generally) does not allow HMQ to do what you require of her. She is a constitutional monarch who is not free to refuse to sign into law a bill duly passed by parliament. The actual problem, in the UK, Canada, USA and elsewhere is that the people and our secular political leaders have largely abandoned the faith.