Saturday, 8 July 2017

Bergoglio "didn't mind" stopping Cardinal Müller from Offering the Holy Mass to lobby him for one of "his friends"

In an absolutely scandalous display of sacrilege and hubris, Jorge Bergoglio, in the middle of 2013 demanded that Cardinal Muller cease the offering of Holy Mass, even if it be the Novus Ordo, to attend to him in the sacristy.

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Marco Tossati in First Things, reports: 
I suspect that Cardinal Müller is upset about his dismissal, but in a sense may see his own beheading as a liberation. To write this article, I peeped into the confidential notes I had made during the last four years regarding the German cardinal and his relations with the reigning pontiff. The notes are the result of many private conversations with high-ranking people in the Vatican who enjoyed the cardinal’s friendship. It appears that Müller experienced life under Bergoglio as a sort of Calvary. This, despite Müller’s statements—he has been a good soldier to the end, and even beyond.
The first step of Müller’s Calvary was a disconcerting episode in the middle of 2013. The cardinal was celebrating Mass in the church attached to the congregation palace, for a group of German students and scholars. His secretary joined him at the altar: “The pope wants to speak to you.” “Did you tell him I am celebrating Mass?” asked Müller. “Yes,” said the secretary, “but he says he does not mind—he wants to talk to you all the same.” The cardinal went to the sacristy. The pope, in a very bad mood, gave him some orders and a dossier concerning one of his friends, a cardinal. (This is a very delicate matter. I have sought an explanation of this incident from the official channels. Until the explanation comes, if it ever comes, I cannot give further details.) Obviously, Mūller was flabbergasted.

Muller should have been more than flabbergasted and his answer to send with this secretary back to this Bergoglio is clear, "when the Mass is ended!"

Cardinal Muller, it is time to man up.

What blasphemy.

What sacriledge.

Bishops, Cardinals, you will be held accountable for your silence.


Irenaeus said...

Well, I 'don't mind' calling a spade a spade. I'm sure 'my friends' (no sarcasm, fellow reader) will thank you, Vox, when it comes crashing down.

Seriously. Is there nothing our pontiff CAN'T do ... besides exercising his solemn office?

Our pontiff manages to insult me more than the pro-aborts on social media. At least there, there is some veneer of class, however minimal. Here, there is no attempt at that. You'd expect better from someone who's almost an octogenarian.

What a clericalist. Feel free to share in my anger, fellow Voxers.

Kathleen1031 said...

If true, this demonstrates how little regard he has for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, or Christ Himself. It is revealing enough that this sounds like him to us.
If only Cdl. Mueller had supported the Four Cardinals when he had the platform. Now his laments about this pope are too late, and will be seen as sour grapes. Lay down with dogs get up with fleas, it is too late to realize who you were dealing with.
And no, he's not nice to not give you notice, but that's the least of it. Outrage should have come before now.

Anonymous said...

More proof that Bergoglio has no faith.