Friday, 28 July 2017

Terrence Prendegast, S.J. Sells out the dignity of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame

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Are we to believe that the same Archbishop Terrence Prendergast, S.J. of Ottawa who lead the "consecration" of Canada to the Immaculate Heart of Mary actually believes it?

Feel free to Tweet this article to him:

Which idiot told him that this was a good idea?

What possessed this man, or the Rector to permit this?

What kind of Bishop would permit this kind of abomination to be done to the Cathedral, and one named after Notre Dame?

What a filthy disgrace!

Look, Prendergast can offer a Pontfical Mass at the FSSP one morning and that night go with a wooden crozier to a Jamboree Mass. To these modernists, it's all worship.

People think Prendergast is one the good ones.

Bovine excrement!


A friend has sent the Archdiocesan "communique." This abomination was in planning for over a year. Reports are that the Rector was opposed and the Bishop, Terrence Prendergast, S.J. gave personal approval. 

Further, he Tweeted it out. 

Archbishop Terrence Prendergast, you are a disgrace, a modernist scoundrel. At traitor to Our Lady. Another useless Bishop with no episcopal spine. 

How worse will your soon to be successor be? May he be appointed by a real Pope!

About “La Machine” event on the grounds of Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica
The company that was invited to our city by Ottawa 2017 is based in Nantes, France. It produces live theatre events using large machines that receive wide acclaim. This is their first appearance in North America and it is happening here, in our nation’s capital.
Msgr. Daniel Berniquez, Rector of the Cathedral, was approached last year to see if he would allow the cathedral parking lot and parish hall to be used to set up for this special event to help celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday.
Because of the cathedral’s location downtown opposite the National Art Gallery, the organizers thought it offered an ideal staging area for the set up.
With the large spider sculpture across the street in front of the National Gallery (“Mama”) the “La Machine” organizers thought it would be interesting to pretend that the mechanical spider was approaching “Mama” from the grounds of the cathedral.
This once in a lifetime event celebrates the 150th Anniversary celebration of Canada’s Confederation. It offers an opportunity for the archdiocese, the Catholic community and Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica to cooperate with the city and the organizers to foster a positive relationship with the community at large as well as with many tourists, especially with young families. It is also an opportunity for a positive civic relationship by joining in the Capital’s celebrations of our 150th, Ottawa 2017.
May the Lord bless you with a restful and relaxing rest of the summer.
Archdiocesan Communications Service
July 28, 2017


Irenaeus said...

The fact it's a spider on the Cathedral is, strangely, ironic on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

Tacky people do tacky things .To think this is the place where St Joan of Arc saw Charles V11 crowned King .What's the going rate these days for desecrating Holy Places,dinner parties in the Sistine Chapel ,is there anything these people won't do for money.

Anonymous said...

Have commented thinking it was Notre Dame Paris ,still a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I checked out the link provided and still am puzzled as I don't read French. What is going on? People hanging on lines and a big spider looking thing. Can someone explain the pics, please?

Anonymous said...

Given the sate of the Church and her leaders in Canada, that spider might as well spin a large cobweb.

S D said...

Osusanna said...

I believe many have lost the Faith. Just more proof.

Jim J. McCrea said...

At first I thought it was a crane demolishing the cathedral.

Anonymous said...

Kinda think Canada is worse than we are here down in the U.S.
well, maybe not. All the Bishops ( except for the handful here in the States ) are gone.
Gone to the devil... willingly .

Anonymous said...