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A corporal work of mercy.
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Tuesday 19 January 2016

So who is this Jason Welle, EssJay and why is he being ordained to the priesthood?

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Jason Welle, S.J. Facebook photo
So just who is this Jason Welle, EssJay?  Well, he is not Father Jason Welle, OFM so let us be clear about that. Two different men, two different Orders, one name. Too bad for the Friar Welle.

According to his bio on The Jesuit Post, Jason Welle, S.J., was "born and raised in southern California, attended a high school seminary before going to University of California, Santa Cruz to complete a B.A. in Community Studies. He worked nine years in the travel industry, including seven as a flight attendant. In the midst of his high-in-the-sky career, he took a leave to do something more down-to-earth: serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Malawi. Jason is now studying theology in Berkeley, CA."

Jason "really was a Flight Attendant for a major airline
and makes a big deal about it in the linked video and other speeches. He decided that the Jesuits were a better choice for him to "give his life completely over to the service of the poor." As Jason was involved prior to that in the Peace Corps he is clearly motivated by some sort of a altruism. Yet, is the first reason to be priest not to be an Alter Christus and to give oneself over completely to the service of Christ and through Christ to help all people come to Him, be they poor or even the rich? One does not need to become a priest to help the poor. Atheists can do that. Jason was ordained to the diaconate in October in Oakland. He is a member of the Oregon Province of the Jesuits. 

Quite bold and careless with his social media, as can be seen in the photo above from his Facebook with the rainbow flag superimposed over his face. Our EssJay friend has some other interesting photos and Tweets that deserve a view. 

This one speaks for itself, of course. It was from the decision by the United States Supreme Court to strike down laws declaring that a man cannot marry a man and a woman cannot marry a woman. Well, they cannot no matter what SCOTUS or Welle think or say. #LoveHurts, eh? So will Hell! As for his thoughts on sodomite and lesbian so-called "marriage", our regular commenter DJR reminds of Welle's thoughts in this piece

Now look, I love Lucy as much as anyone; I was born in 1956 during the golden age of television; in fact, Fox and I had a laugh watching "Yours, Mine and Ours" the other night, (where was that chapel) and we were happy to see a "Catholic" wedding and merger of their 18. Who could forget as well, The Long, Long Trailer with Lucy and Desi and of course, the New York shenanigans with the Mertz's. But truly, what does it say about the maturity of one who would mock a Saint of God on her feast day with this?

What of this profanity then? Well, we've all used the "F" word from time to time, to be sure. However, one should be particularly careful on social media about using such a word, no? And what if the profanity was used in the sense of a "prayer" and you are a Deacon of the Catholic Church. Is this an acceptable behaviour of a cleric, a Jesuit?

Yet again, we find Deacon Welle, EssJay up to no good on social media. Clearly, he needs to spend more time with his Breviary. It seems that he thinks Mohammed was a prophet, Muslims certainly do, of course. However, for a Catholic, and in particular one who has presumably studied theology, philosophy, church history and is about to be ordained to the priesthood to call that desert devil a prophet, when in reality he was an antichrist or St. Paul is a liar, is something quite different. If Mohammed was a "prophet" then Jesus was a liar too as were all of His disciples. For Welle, it is not enough to blaspheme God by putting a man who was a murderer, thief, warlord and child molester on the same level as the God Himself come to earth as the WORD MADE FLESH, Our Lord Jesus Christ, but he then blasphemes Him by mocking his Last Supper making it akin to just your typical birthday party with party hats and favours.

Jason Welle, S.J. does not seem to have been fit to be ordained to the clerical state as a deacon. Those posts above were after his diaconal ordination. The "gaying" of his picture took place before. 

Did Jason Welle really have the intellectual and spiritual maturity to be ordained to the diaconate? 

Does he have the maturity and spiritual discipline to be ordained to the priesthood? I think not.

Deacon Welle, S.J. is a member of the Oregon Province of the Jesuits. A quick search reveals a few interesting facts about this Jesuit Province. Shall we take a look at a brief history from just a few years ago?

"Northwest Jesuits will pay $166,000,000.00 to sex abuse victims in bankruptcy settlement."

"Jesuit Province files for bankruptcy."

Do they every learn?

Please write your concerns to Bishop Barber at the following email: bishop@oakdiocese.org

Please contact the Oregon Provincial Superior at:

Fr. Scott Santarosa, Provincial
Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus
3215 SE 45th Ave.
Portland, OR 97206
Phone (503) 226-6977


s said...

An outright gay man who does not profess the Catholic faith! Why, he is the perfect candidate for holy orders, according to my father. -Screwtape

DJR said...

It is an abomination that this guy is being ordained. His article:


Nana & Dot were a couple for 50 years. And they had to pass as sisters for all of it.

Nana, my grandmother, met Dot at a time when same sex couples simply could not live openly. In many states they risked criminal prosecution. For many couples it meant being ostracized from their families and friends. This was true for Nana & Dot, who moved to California in the post-war years with my Nana’s two sons, my dad and uncle, in search of a life together as a family. They always faced the possibility that my dad and uncle could be removed from their home and my Nana’s parental rights removed, and that if one of them was in the hospital the other could be denied visitation rights, or worse if one died, the other’s family could claim all of their belongings, leaving the other nearly destitute.

Nana & Dot were also the strongest influences on my Catholic faith growing up. Their home was a place of prayer and pious devotion. They were Eucharistic Ministers at their parish, bringing communion to home-bound and hospitalized elderly. They taught me to pray the rosary. More than that, they showed me the values of love, fidelity, and mutual care. And, just as they adored that I was an altar boy in my youth, they would be deeply happy that I’m just months away from my own diaconate and priestly ordinations in the Jesuits.

This weekend, I’m thinking about Nana & Dot as the Supreme Court has ruled that marriage is to be considered a civil right for all couples, without exception. This week, thousands of couples in the United States will not have to endure a life of secrecy and legal uncertainty. This ruling means that their unions have the law behind them. Their families will be treated equally by the states, they will not risk losing their children and property because someone else disapproves of their union. As of today, as Justice Kennedy notes in his opinion, “This Court’s case and the Nation’s traditions make clear that marriage is a keystone of the Nation’s social order,” and gay and lesbian civil marriages will be respected, as far as the law is concerned, as part of the foundation that contributes to our civil and social order.

I know there will continue to be objections from those who believe that gay and lesbian relationships are immoral or that same sex marriages can simply not be recognized as proper marriages, fellow Catholics and other Americans of good will among them. While they may have run out of legal options to prevent civil recognition of same sex marriage, they will continue to press for the freedom of religious institutions and individuals to live out their lives of faith according to deeply held beliefs. The issue of civil marriage recognition may be settled, but debates about the morality and legality of how individuals and institutions interact in a pluralistic society will continue.

The trending hashtag on Twitter this weekend is #LoveWins. I hope that this will be true for everyone of goodwill in this nation, regardless of their view of this decision. While the legal case may be settled, it does not bring everyone into agreement. But I sincerely believe that when they’re at their best, the United States of America and the Catholic Church are about the same thing: enabling and inspiring people to greater love, fidelity, and mutual care. Nana and Dot were both American and Catholic and these are the things they taught me to value most. It is my prayer that this ruling, which brings gay and lesbian people more openly into the mainstream of American society than ever before, can be an opportunity for greater understanding and mutual love and concern for each other.

BillyHW said...

For every faggot they ordain to the priesthood, what would have been 10 holy priests are driven away, and 10,000 souls are lost to hell.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Shortage of priests? Married priests? Women priests? No celibacy for priests? Co-Lutheran priests? Crisis in the priesthood?

These ideas have been discussed for years. Here is an way to solve them all. It would have to happen at the Vatican level to achieve the goal of higher numbers of qualified priests coming in where needed.

Any priest or seminarian who is an OUT & ACTIVE homosexual will be laicized. In other words, instead of cowering in fear, the hierarchy decides to do the right thing.

No one would be excommunicated, that is foolish and punitive. The focus is on improving the PRIESTHOOD, not on homosexuality.

Short-term this leaves a gap. Then in 5 years we will have such an outpouring of high caliber vocations the shuttered seminaries will be reopened.

Of course, there are 2 real risks. Schism. Destruction by secular powers over this "violation of human rights" and "witch hunt."

It's dangerous, no question, the Church could be forced to extinction or underground. You see why they hesitate at such "draconian" and "crude" actions. If they don't do something along these lines, however, the Church will self-destruct.

When do we stop worrying about lawsuits, numbers, money, prestige, image, feelings, "attitudes of the times" and just do the right thing?

Some men in the hierarchy are not courageous or even sure what is right. Some are afraid, confused or feel it's charitable to "accept" gays. And some are gay themselves. Cardinals walk hand in hand down the streets of Rome; it's a perfectly acceptable sight.

In places like USA with a "puritanical" streak things are more cautious and discreet. But the Jesuits are lost. That's a certainty. Not just sexual perversion, they reject the faith, it's a joke to them. (Not all the older guys, but most.)

The order must be closed or this will only grow. Unlikely with a Jesuit on the papal throne. Unlikely too, with the incredible power they have. No money, but lots of influence and knowledge of skeletons. You can't beat them, they are smooth, self-serving and corrupt.

Nowadays a man almost must declare himself gay to get into the Jesuits. The fellow shown above is their IDEAL priestly candidate.

Sure, you know some Jesuits who are really nice, etc. They allow in some token normal guys. You see them on TV and heading institutes and charities so that the public is still deluded this is a "religious" order.

Notice these "famous" Jesuits are not often seen associating with their brothers except at conferences and such, if that? Those normal guys are doing God's work in society and have no time or desire to hang around with a bunch of gay activists.

Of course this homosexual problem is why the Jesuits were suspended. Brave and sincere intentions from Pope JP2, but even that saintly man could not get them to reform. Cancer grows and then is unstoppable.

Attempts were made prior as well. JPI had a Suspension Order waiting on his desk for his signature the night he... suddenly died.

Anonymous said...

No sense of the Sacred must be compulsory training in the New Church of Humanism .Notice he put birthday hats on the image of Christ and his Apostles ,he wouldn't dare put one on Mohammed ,ok to upset Catholics ,not ok to upset Muslims ,they train them well for the pc world .

Dorota said...

Thank you fir this article. Jesuits can no longer reason. They are driven by ideology, not by love for Truth.
Of course, there are many otherwise good people who engage in acts of sexual depravity (homosexual and others), just like there are abusive biological parents.
When we talk about truth and principles upon which to build family and society, we do not use our homo-bias to fish for extreme cases.

That fool should consider all those people, scientists and doctors, teachers and cake-makers, who are persecuted, deprived of ability to make a living, punished with fees and re-education camps, for presenting evidence or expressing a rational view on evils of gender ideology and normalization of unnatural sex. Truth can never be arrived at by suppression and punishment of rationality and logic. Even if his pretty little story is entirely true and unbiased, we just had a story of a lesbian "couple" who tortured their son (a biological son of one of the depraved creatures). The title of the article was not "Lesbian torturing their son", but instead "Two women abused a boy". Can you imagine what would happen, what media frenzy would be unleashed, if Catholic parents abused their son like this? Would the title of the article say: "A man and a woman abused a boy"?


We must fight. We haven't asked to live at this time, we have not asked for this idiocy to rule over us and destroy all that is good and rational, but we must not be indifferent, we must fight.

Anonymous said...

Modernism, the synthesis of all heresies, is embraced by the neo-caths.
The neo-caths idolize Modernism and live for Modernism. They hate the Holy Church and the real Christ. They hate the eternal Light and prefer the darkness of popular culture. We must pray for them, and show them all the Truth, Goodness and Beauty of the traditional Church.

Anonymous said...

The Jesuit Oregon Province seems to like their Homosexuality. To Catholic family's word of the wise. Keep your Catholic Boys far far away from them.

Anonymous said...

Society of Jesus is in full meltdown mode.

Father Malachi Martin wrote as much 30 years ago.

Anonymous said...

That article above (DJR) exemplifies the way all jebbies write and talk. It's clever, sappy and manipulative.

It leaves you feeling like you must be unreasonable to disagree, because they anticipate your objections and smooth over them in soothing, patronizing language.

They throw in a few "emotion jerking" ideas to win your heart. Like the references to the cutely named Nana & Dot and what great Catholics they were, and not only that, great Americans too! God and country, hit them both in one sentence.

Even the expression 'Love Wins' is a con, as it has nothing to do with love or winning. It has to do with sex. I won't elaborate, you got it.

Always they have an undercurrent to gently remind you you're not an intellectual, Phd, psuedo-theological world-traveled metrosexual who reads the New Yorker and drives a Prius.

And somehow you come away feeling certain you are a philistine of inferior mental capacity and probably moral too. With the jebs, you have a vague sense of missing integrity, a disjointed, slick quality, circular logic and fancy generalizations, but all packaged in sympathy and a gentle, encouraging smile.

Jesuits are smug, and they don't believe in the truth. They KNOW that everything is subjective. There are no certain moral or natural laws. That's out! The article above is nothing but a classy rendering of ambiguity, not of love or even brotherhood.

This is the new world religion of which they are the pioneers. They have substituted 'social justice' for religion, although time has shown it to be neither social nor just.

It's all about man advancing the interests of man. The "natural law" is replaced with the law of subjectivity, the "dictatorship of relativism."

Many sincere Catholics (rightly so) are appalled when they come up against the disgraceful and disrespectful images and words on this Deacon's page. But apply the Jesuit perspective and you can see the roots (which really began 200 years ago, not with V2).

It has permeated all of the first world, not only the universities and arts, into your very home, in ways and words you may not consciously realize. And finally, the last bastion, the Catholic Church - to the top, folks. A Jesuit on the throne of Peter!

The courageous and beautiful Church we knew as kids is gone. Sorry, it is. Yes, it does continue in chant, architecture, books, novels, ritual, poetry, prayers. Yes, we should try to preserve all we can, the TLM, etc.

But forget this sweet idea of working within the system. The other side has won. We are prisoners of war in an enemy camp. Our dream has been destroyed, with the Jebs leading the way.

Ana Ormonde said...

I will comment later on, right at this moment I'm APPALLED at what I just read and what/who this man is trying to become.
God of heaven and earth have mercy on us sinners. Something has to be done about this man. He cannot become a priest.
If they let him go on to become a priest, he will be mocking everything that Jesus did and said. Even His death and Resurrection.

Anonymous said...

and I'm supposed to pray for vocations? Why would I pray for any normal man to be inflicted with sick, twisted, tools-of-the-devil colleagues and superiors? They are everywhere.

Anonymous said...

DJR: I don't believe your Nana and Dot story. Cue the violins.

Anonymous said...

God must be shaking in wrath. Oh, if only the Pope would dedicate Russia to the Blessed Mother's Immaculate heart. I am not a theologian but I know enough to see that there are terrible things happening. Our Lady foretold this at Fatima and said, "Nations will annihilated," I used to think she meant this in the physical sense - now I wonder if she meant Spiritually!
All I can say is, "Jesus I trust in You" This has been declared the Year of Mercy, I feel if we do not avail ourselves of His mercy NOW (!) - we WILL see His justice and wrath.

Unknown said...

I absolutely am ashamed of the way our hierarchy is choosing clergy. This is so terribly shameful, and hurtful to Our Lord Jesus Christ! Do you prelates have no shame? Do you not think at all about the souls being DAMNED because of your conscious decision to abandon his teaching? Do you not even think of your own eternal soul? We all make mistakes. We all have very sinful tendencies. But how do you possibly think that by tricking, and convincing people that sin is not sin will keep you (and them) out of the eternal fires of hell? Please Lord Jesus, have mercy on your people! Send us good and holy priests and bishops!

DJR said...

Anonymous said...
DJR: I don't believe your Nana and Dot story. Cue the violins.

Um, it's not my story; it's Jason Welle's story, and it's found at the link I provided. Did you read the article?


Anonymous said...

Bishop Barber's office is passing the book on the Welle controversy

"On behalf of Bishop Barber I would like to thank you for your email and for sharing your concerns with him.

Although his Excellency is a Jesuit, he is not the Superior of the Jesuits, or the Rector of their Seminary. I would like to suggest you to please bring this to the attention of Fr. John McGarry, SJ, the Rector of the Jesuit Community in Berkeley.

I also want to let you know that I have forwarded your email to the Bishop.

Again, thank you and God bless.

Rev. Fr. Alexander Castillo
Secretary to the Bishop"

Anonymous said...

How scandalous.