Monday, 4 January 2016

Archbishop Daniel Bohan of Regina: Just what kind of a Polka Mess of the Mass are you up to out there?

Bishop Bohan (right) praying with schismatic and heretic
A reader in Saskatchewan commented on a post asking that those of us where things are better in the Church, liturgically speaking at least, to keep the poor suffering Catholics of Saskatchewan and in particular, those of the Archdiocese of Regina headed by Daniel Bohan, in prayer. We've reported previously on Bish Bo as did LifeSiteNews. It seems he hosted some homosexualist activists at the Cathedral to help set a "student transgendered policy." So-called "transgenderism" has no basis in biology or science. It is a mental illness and deviant behaviour. To confirm people in this is a disgrace and crime against these persons. To do so as a Catholic prelate, is to commit a grave evil. Bishop Bo is also a great ecumenist signing covenants with Anglicans and other schismatics and heretics. It makes one wonder how the Catholic faith is growing through the "New Evangelisation" and if there are any Traditional Latin Masses in Regina and throughout Saskatchewan.

Fortunately, Toronto was able to ditch this liturgical heresiarch a few years ago as an Auxiliary. Sorry, Regina, if it were up to me, I would sent him to a monastery but you can go on blaming Toronto for this too. We deserve it, we truly do! The good news for the people of Regina is that this hireling will be 75 in November 2016. A priest of poor Moncton, he is. The other part of Canada suffering from these types. Let us hope that Cardinal Ouellet, can sneak a good one in under the nose of you know who.

It seems they suffer from Polka Masses. Yes, authorised and Archdiocesan website promoted, Polka Masses. It was last summer, but it is never too late to spread the news of the Polka Mess in Regina, courtesy of the Archbishop.

Tell me Bish Bo, if you were at Calvary at our Blessed Lord's crucifixion, would you be singing "He's too fat for me?

Bish Bo, where exactly in the GIRM of the Roman Missal or Sacrasanctam Concilium, the Second Vatican Council's Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, can I find the rubrics for a Polka Mass?

Anyone from Saskatchewan wishing to provide photos, recordings or comments about the mess there under Bishop Bo, please feel free to make use of the combox or send an email to

Oh, Bish Bo - you've been voxed again; we wouldn't want the new year to start off to peaceful for ya. Oh, and how ya doin' with that "Holy Yoga," eh?


Athelstane said...

There's one regular mass in Saskatoon - but that's it, at least in terms of licit EF Masses under the terms of Summorum Pontificum.

Kitchener Waterloo Traditional Catholic said...

It's always the 'progressive' types who want to get Catholics doing yoga. Obviously yoga is a gateway to New Age lunacy where there is no sin or judgement. They never want to form running clubs, water aerobics, or do weight lifting.

Leah said...

My comment yesterday came from central Saskatchewan, diocese of Saskatoon, Bishop Donald Bolen. This Polka Mass is held twice a year at the local dance hall as a Fundraising Event. All are invited via the local town bulletin boards, protestants, shacked up people, everybody. I have expressed myself bluntly by referring to the event as selling Christ for 30 pieces of silver. It made the local priest mad, but didnt change anything.

Unknown said...

Celebrating themselves - over and over again. That is what these "ethnic" Masses are all about. Does the Congregation for Divine Worship have any influence over this issue, or are they part of the problem?

hitherandfro said...

My husband and I have never been to a Polka mass (no thanks) but they have been around for years in the state of Wisconsin.

We did call the archdiocese of Green Bay to express our concerns which fell on deaf ears.

What's amazing is how some of the people we spoke with who have attended these masses, actually enjoy them. Pathetic!

To view a Polka mass on youtube just google:
Fr. George Balasko Catholic Polka Mass, or
Fr. Steve's last waltz

p.s. I wonder if they spew sawdust on the floor for better traction?

Anonymous said...

There is low mass in Regina on the 2nd and 4th Sunday's of the month at St. Mary's.

The ArchBishop has been fighting cancer, and though I am not sure of the current state of it, it would be well to pray for him.

Anonymous said...

False, St. Mary's in Regina has EF bimonthly.