Saturday, 31 July 2021

Living rent free in the mind of "Reverend" Michael Coren. Still!

Michael, I know you'll read this. I might live rent-free in your mind but if you are going to quote me, be sure to use attribution, that is the cost of it and your rent payment is months behind. This is not the first time you've done this, old buddy, old Knight of Columbus brother. However, given that you misattributed a quote from me before on CBC News to a journalist they fired, and which you and all at The National were forced to retract, I can see your concern.  

Vox Cantoris: Living rent-free in "Reverend" Michael Coren's brain.

Vox Cantoris: Michael Coren declares that Vox Cantoris makes a "heavy mark!"

I seem to recall you were a great "fan" of the Traditional Latin Mass when you were a regular and "loyal" member of the Oratory parishes of St. Vincent de Paul and Holy Family.

Opinion: The Pope’s reversal on Latin Mass shows the angry split inside the Catholic Church - The Globe and Mail

Thomas J. Rosica

Michael Coren



Anonymous said...

He’s stuck with the Anglicans longer than I thought, but that isn’t saying much, because the Anglicans don’t require much of those who commit to their sect.

Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm. said...

Apostates gonna apostate.

Jonah said...

Mikey studied journalism at a spook factory:

He much admired Malcolm Muggeridge, an infamous MI6 stenographer.

How many in our circles are not what they claim to be?

Phineas said...

We all know how much Pastor Cohen craves media attention, and probably jumped at the chance to provide his "opinion" when the Globe offered him a little column space and some chump change. It should be remembered that all "legacy print media" remain on life support, and it's only because of the Trudeau Liberals' media slush fund that they're alive at all. The Globe is doing their master's bidding by continuing to promote anti-Catholic hate.

And Cohen, of course, is just a useful idiot for their purposes. His writings have a slight air of erudition about them, but they quickly grate. He left the Catholic Church and is sorely lacking in Charity, the grace for which is channeled by the Sacraments, Confession in particular. We pray for his repentance and eventual return to the OHCA church.

Anonymous said...

What Jonah said is very interesting.

And I agree with Phineas: Coren can be erudite, but he also grates. I suspect Coren's books are much more erudite than his columns, which treat religious matters fairly simply (to my mind).

Coren vacillated between Roman Catholicism and Evangelicalism. He did that "hit piece" on Archbishop Ambrozic where some "choice words" by Ambroziç were quoted. Ambrozic may have felt comfortable speaking frankly with Coren -- that may have been a mistake.

In 2004, Coren returned to Roman Catholicism and became a darling of conservative Knights of Columbus types. Personally, I was a little askance. Even when I agreed with him, I objected how Coren has a way of usually being right.

A few years ago, Coren began attending Anglican liturgies regularly and was formally received. A couple of years ago, he was ordained a transitional deacon -- unless I am mistaken, he was has not yet been ordained to the priesthood. (I am not commenting on Anglican orders, just using the terminology.) It is interesting how he was received in the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, but now ministers in the Anglican Diocese of Niagara. Was this because he moved? Or was another bishop more likely to ordain him?

This is the thing about Coren's quest. To go from one tradition to another involves some humility. Or should. Coren has journeyed more than once and I won't begrudge him that. But, then, after publishing the book "Why Catholics Are Right," he might consider retiring somewhat from the public eye. Do his clerical duties (his "church stuff") but maybe refrain from writing columns on Roman Catholicism. At this point, it's just awkward.

Equally awkward is the newly-found liberal love for Coren. Coren who was right ten years ago is still right today. Coren is still right -- other people are still wrong. So, if liberals didn't like his manner years ago, they should hesitate today.

I would be interested in looking at Coren's biographies of Chesteron, Wells, and Doyle. Anything else, though, I try to ignore.