Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Bishop Paprocki uses Canon Law to set aside Bergoglio's demonic action against the Holy Mass, But what about Wagga Wagga?

The Most Reverend Bishop Thomas John Paprocki of the American Diocese of Springfield in Illinois has used Canon Law to literally set aside Bergoglio's demonic attack on the Holy Mass according to its ancient use. At the same time other bishops are being punitive and acting to or more than to this wretched document such as the Bishop of Wagga Wagga in Australia, Mark Edwards, "'The Extraordinary Form of our Mass, also called the Traditional Latin Mass, is to be phased out in the Catholic Church. Pope Francis asks each bishop to decide how the Missale Romanum of 1962 is to be used for celebration of Mass in the diocese for which he has care. However, the Holy Father instructs that it must be in such a way as to lead us all to celebrate Holy Mass as revised by St Paul VI." 

Is this the unity that Bergoglio sought? "Bishop against bishop, cardinal against cardinal," the words of Our Most Blessed Mother Mary to Sister Agnes Sasagawa at Akita, Japan.

Bishop Paprocki is a Shepherd, Edwards is a hireling. Bergoglio is a demon.

Prove me wrong.

Decree_Implementing_the_Motu_Proprio_Traditionis_Custodes_7-19-2021.pdf (


P. O'Brien said...

Wagga Wagga is a fitting name for a diocese to be headed by a knuckleheaded bishop.

Daddy said...

Perfect summation, David:

"Bishop Paprocki is a Shepherd, Edwards is a hireling. Bergoglio is a demon."

I'm in No. Illinois, about 150 mi from the Springfield Diocese (Decatur is closest city to me). If the FSSP & ICKSP are being squeezed out here (Chicago & Joliet Dioceses), I may need seek refuge there. But, for the moment, the SSPX is still in Oak Park, IL. [Chicago has its own demon, Soup Itch]