Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Tommy Reese, S.J. and Jimmy Martin, S.J. - Condemn exposure of priest found on Grinder! No word from Bergoglio, S.J. Hmmm, S.J. Is that the problem?

Hey Tommy, Jimmy, are you afraid you're next?

Pillar Investigates: USCCB gen sec Burrill resigns after sexual misconduct allegations - by The Pillar - The Pillar (

"Unethical, homophobic innuendo." Idiot, he was on Grindr!

But let's all just cancel the Latin Mass.

The highest-ranking priest in the United States.

How many more of these perverts are hiding undermining our faith? 


Out. Them. All.


Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

One wonders if the wonders in Rome know the word laicize?

All sodomites are subversive and will use their positions of authority to weaken and/or remove all negative moral sanctions, canons, and prudent praxis that condemns their evil actions and any institution that allows them to rise to positions of authority are suspect of knowingly rejecting the Gospel Truth that the sin of sodomy is a sin crying to Heaven for vengeance.

Thank you Hierarchy for cooperating in the mephitic machination known as "normalising sodomy." One guesses that the normalising of feminism was not enough.

Feminism and sodomy are the twin lashes Satan is using to flay the Body of Christ on earth and during the 60s Synod, the Church opened herself to the world and the Prince of the world happily walked through the front door.

Try and tell the faithful that the powers that be did not know what this person was.

The Hierarchy set fetid wolves free in the sheep gate to attack the innocent while they rail at the use of Air Conditioners and plastic. They talk about Climate Change completely ignoring their duty to laicize all clerical queers.

A queer cleric, even if celibate, is not a worthy Alter Christus and every real normal Catholic man knows that.

Lord have mercy.

M. Prodigal said...

Does not look like innuendo to me. This man is an addicted sodomite engaging in this mortally sinful perverted act continually, even when on business for the bishops.

Anonymous said...

The discrimination begins.

Ana Milan said...

It sure looks as if these sodomites come from the same womb as the Antichrist, making way for his eventual takeover of the PO, either from JB or his successor.

Everyday For Life Canada said...

What is so sad is that the Pope sees putting restrictions or ending the celebration of the Latin Mass a church priority. Really? What about the shutdown of church services because of this "pandemic," the abandoned Catholics in China, the no response to the dubia, the unaddressed sexual abuse by priests, Martin celebrating the "lgtbq Mass," pagan idols at the Vatican, the increase in persecuted Christians around the world, and the list goes on and on? And the Pope decides go after the Latin Mass. This is the real scandal.

JKE said...

Romans 1:32 should be immediately applied to these filthy sodomites and their supporters.

Robin'so Donuts said...

I do think he had to resign and all that, and I do stick with the Church on gay marriage, but reading the article I was hoping that they were going to explain why they were tracking his cell phone in the first place. It seems odd to me. Not that it reduces the culpability of this particular priest, but are they just tracking random priests to find dirt on them? Or was it triggered by some event or suspicion?

Anonymous said...

What a sad state this once great order has descended to. These fiends might as well change their initials to B.J. (the few remaining good holy men notwithstanding)

Anonymous said...

Where's their pride?

Anonymous said...

Catholics have silly ideas about realities. Joseph Sciambra is a faithful Catholic who left the homosexual life upon his conversion. For an eye-opening experience, go to his blog and read his anecdotal experiences as part of the San Francisco gay circuit. It's a very tough read and I couldn't even finish it.