Tuesday, 27 July 2021

While Bergoglio attacks the faithful and the Mass he ignores the Vatican perverts on hook-up app!

As if the putrid Vatican can get any more disgusting. From financial malfeasance to perversions and gay hook-up apps, Bergoglio ignores all these and distracts with attacks on the faithful and the Mass. Some days, or weeks for that matter, this blog writes itself. These are those days.

Location-based apps pose security risk for Holy See - by The Pillar - The Pillar (pillarcatholic.com)


Anonymous said...

We shouldn't be surprised. The rot goes deep. Maybe the Vatican will completely collapse and we can start off fresh. When the opulence and lavish lifestyles are gone, these fellas won't stick around for the poor and humble church. Let the light sanitize all the criminality and immorality.

Anonymous said...

Anne Barnhardt has been saying this for years about the hookups at St. Peter's. Looks like she called it.

Johnno said...

The app is apparently also Chinese owned up until last year when the U.S. Government forced them to sell it off last year citing it's Beijing ownership as a security risk.

The Vatican is very good friends with China lately.

A coincidence, I'm sure!