Wednesday, 21 July 2021

If only that papal monster, Bergoglio had a heart or cared about yours and mine - or our souls!

A Cry From the Heart About ‘Traditionis Custodes’ and the Latin Mass| National Catholic Register (


C. P. Benischek said...

Antipapal Heart, Mr. Domet. If Bergoglio still has one at all.

Holy Mother Church is on Her Via Dolorosa to Calvary, if she is not there yet, and only Pope Benedict remains to stand by Her Cross. The katechon. That is why Pope Benedict said he remains within the enclosure of St Peter, to suffer and pray by the Cross. He is surrounded now only by the Caiaphas’s and Annas’s of the temple–the Vatican prelates who fill the halls of the secretariats–and by Pilate (J. A. “What Is Truth” DiNoia?), the Roman soldiers who spy, prod and poke both him (Gänswein) and Holy Mother Church, and last of all Judas in the person of Antipope Francis himself.

And of course SAP* Francis’s master, the lord of darkness, is also there….

*satanic antipope.

Aqua said...

I agree with Fr. Nix, Padre Peregrino blog. Time to stop living in the dark corner of the basement, satisfied with crumbs. Move upstairs, into the main dining room, take our place at the table and give God the glory he deserves.

God is on our side and we can have it all. The New Mass™️ is invalid. Assert our rights to the Mass of St. Pius V, wherever it may be found. He not only approved it, he mandated it for all time in all places forever. Laws against it are invalid and illegal on their face. Never attend the New Mass™️ again. Let it die a deserved death. This is our Lord on Calvary, up there in the Altar. Only the Mass of Ages will do for our God.

We don’t need to have the sads. Time to go on offense and reclaim the Kingdom of God from the modernist usurpers.

Anonymous said...

Are there plans to protest in front of the nuncio's office in Ottawa? The French are doing it. You can bring an effigy of Pope Francis along and spank it real hard, but just don't burn it!

Anonymous said...

July 22, 2021


Pope Francis interprets Vatican Council II with a fake premise so Traditionis Custode cannot be Magisterial. He needs to publicly correct the error.
Pope Francis interprets Vatican Council II with the red column. Traditionis Custode permits the Latin Mass for communities which interpret the Council with the fake premise.It has banned the Latin Mass because communities in general do not interpret Vatican Council II with the fake premise and then accept the false conclusion, as he does according to the blog Eucharist and Mission, the blog of Lionel Andrades a lay man in Rome.
This an objective and factual error of his. It is not the action of the Holy Spirit. There is no denial from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith(CDF) ecclesiastics. They agree with me.
The pope and the CDF contradict the past Magisterium. This is schism.Since they interpret Vatican Council II with the red column,the fake premise, their understanding of the Creeds and Catechisms would be a break with Tradition.It would be schismatic and heretical.
This is a public scandal, not only for the pope and the CDF but also the cardinals, bishops and priests who accept Traditionis Custode and its false reasoning.
Pope Francis and the CDF need to correct their error and announce that they interpet Vatican Council II with the left hand column ( without the false premise) and so the pope had made an error in Traditionis Custode, which cannot be Magisterial, in its present form.
With the red column the pope has rejected the Athanasius Creed which says all need the Catholic faith for salvation.It does not mention any exceptions and this was how the past Magisterium accepted, it over the centuries.So this is a mortal sin of faith.He is officialy putting aside a Creed. Those who cooperate with the pope on this error are cooperating with the sin.
In a statement on Traditionis Custode, the FSSP, Institude of Christ the King, Una Voce International etc, have all extended their cooperation and obedience, to the pope, in the interpretation of Vatican Council II with the error.
John Henry Weston at Life Site News and Michael Voris at Church Militant TV are not reporting on this issue and neither are they interpreting Vatican Council II with the blue column ( without the false premise).
I interpret Vatican Council II with the rational premise ( blue column ) so Vatican Council II (AG 7) supports the strict interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS), for me.It is in harmony with the Syllabus of Errors of Pope Pius IX (without exceptions) and the Athanasius Creed (without known exceptions).
Archbishop Thomas E. Gullickson,Fr. Stefano Visintin osb, Fr. Nevus Macello op, the apologist John Martignoni and diocesan priests in Rome also choose the blue column, like me.
If the FSSP priests in France accept and interpret Vatican Council II with the blue column the bishops and the CDF may still not allow them to offer the Latin Mass.They have to accept and interpret Vatican Council II and the Creeds and Catechisms, with the red column to be approved by Pope Francis.
Will not their Mass be a sacrilege unless they officially correct the scandal ? Will not those who attend their Mass and receive the Eucharist be cooperating in the sacrilege? Would it be the same for Pope Francis and Pope Benedict ?
Would their Mass be a sacrilege since they have changed the meaning of the Creeds and Catechisms, have interpreted Vatican Council II irrationally instead of rationally,rejected the dogma EENS, the Syllabus of Errors and the Athanasius Creed, in public.-Lionel Andrades

Aqua said...

@ anonymous: Please explain where the two columns and the two colors are found and who produced them? I am not familiar with them.

Anonymous said...

Haha, the comments, lol.
We have no reason to be sad, rightly said, tired yes, sad no. We will not be deprived of the Mass of the Ages, because Bergoglio is railing against God. He should look up Gameliel and see some wisdom.
We always have the SSPX. If the churchmen are foolish enough to try to remove the TLM or give a litmus test of how Catholics feel about VII, they are not as smart as they think. If only Francis defended Christ as much as he defends VII.