Sunday, 11 July 2021

Another restricted Sunday with No Mass for Many - Worry not, it is ending this week, or is it?

The good citizens of Ontario have lined up like good comrades and have followed the diktats of Premier Ford. Cardinal Collins has convinced enough Catholics that it is "common sense" to take an experimental genetic "therapy" for a virus that the typical person has only a 4%  chance of getting and a 98% chance of not dying. Ontario is proud to have the longest and most severe lockdowns in the world. 

Since so many have had the "jab" all number or percentage restrictions will be lifted by next Sunday on church attendance. For today, it is still 25% of capacity. As with anything, the "devil is in the details." The capacity limit on a religious service is not limited by numbers but by "social distancing" of 2 metres or 6 feet. which for some churches, depending on the width of aisles and so on, it won't be much more than the 30%, maybe 40%. It certainly won't be more than that.

That, my friends, is where the future lay. Social distancing or not, I predict that is about all that will be interested in coming back.

Good luck Tom Collins with your legacy. Your successor will need to wield the parish closure axe. Just as your predecessors took taxpayer funds to do the government bidding in an effort to wipe out our native Canadian culture and language, you've done the same to fund your Chancery and pay priests' salaries. 

How much money are the faithful fronting to design his retirement home at the Newman Centre on the campus of the University of  Toronto? 


Everyday For Life Canada said...

The moral damage that has been directly done to the Church by the bishops because of the “pandemic” with parish closures will take decades to undo. The abandonment of the faithful is similar to what the Vatican has done to Catholics in China. And what a scandal that very loyal priests like Fr. Altman who speak the truth about the issue are canceled from within the Church, while James Martin carries on with business as usual, and with the personal support of the Pope. May God helps us.

M. Prodigal said...

These draconian and unjust measures are totally unnecessary! My church has been open these past 15 months. No limits. No masks. No one ever turned away. Also no outbreaks. No sickness.

Evangeline said...

We've tried. Over years we have tried to let them know even the patience of Catholics has a limit. For years we wondered what was going on, then waited as horror after horror came out of our church, the nefarious political goings on, good priests sidelined, bad ones elevated, the faithful ignored and even insulted, including by our own supposed pope! All the outrages and sacrileges, ugh. Many Catholics are sick of it all. Many won't return after being told that God, the Holy Mass, the sacraments, are worth nothing and are non-essential, while abortion clinics and liquor stores remain open. Now this Covid-thing, with the faithful acting just like sheep, obediently doing what they should not be doing, acting like they have no minds and no spirit at all. Maybe they don't. But many do, and many are fed up with all of it. We've taken it. And taken it. But at some point, you don't want to take it anymore. Let them have their Novus Ordo comedy routines. Find the Traditional Latin Rite, which they will NOT deprive the people of, even if they think they will. Tinker with that, and you will find your churches very empty, indeed. Give us a reason, Bishops, we're halfway out the door now.
To the people, my God in heaven, what is wrong with you. Find your spirit man. Demand your freedom, TODAY!! Do you realize there are many places all around with where mask mandates have ended and people are shopping, going to restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, parks, and living life while you are locked up like caged zoo animals?? Stop! Get out there and demand your freedom! Freedom that must be begged for isn't really freedom, you must demand it and live it. It is given to you by God, these tyrants have no right to deprive you of it. For your children's sake, start today!

Aqua said...

An Italian named Aldo Valli, linked on Frank Walker’s Canon 212 described the situation better than anyone I’ve yet seen. What do we do when the Bishops call the cops on their parishioners for worshipping Jesus? What do we do when the Pope betrays the Faithful to their communist torturers? What do we do when the Priestly caste insists we must end the Latin Mass, stop obsessing about sin and conversion, and please do not try to attend Mass! It’s a puzzle which Aldo Valli solves. Central excerpt below; link to this wonderful article st the end.

“I came to understand that the Church has ended one Sunday a few months ago, when I heard a parish priest, terrified of Covid, say during his homily: “Thank goodness we have sanitizing gel and distancing. However, the less in number we are, the better we are.” I would say that this is a certification. If a priest, a parish pastor, one who, we may assume, attended seminary for a number of years and perhaps even a pontifical theological school, expresses such a thought, it means that the Church is over. Period ... the essence of what they think is this: they believe more in sanitizing gel than in holy water (which in fact has been eliminated), more in social distancing than in the miraculous power of the Holy Eucharist, and more in the directives of the technical-scientific Committee than in the Word of God. What is there to add? End of story.

Of course, the Church, which belongs to Christ, cannot end, and she is already being reborn: smaller, more hidden, more persecuted, freer, and truer. But the Church as we have understood her and lived her up to now is over. The Church that is being reborn has nothing to do with the hierarchy and bishops’ conferences and congregations of the Roman Curia. That boat has been shipwrecked and has sunk. The Church which is being reborn, sustained by the Spirit, is a miracle of faith: spes contra spem, a sign of total contradiction in relationship to the world. A Church that is – I apologize for using this term – a bit guerilla, because she is not organized and often is not visible. She is there, but there is little to see, or even nothing at all to see, and she doesn’t even want to be seen. She keeps the flame burning in ways that are both ancient and new. She combines Tradition with the inventiveness that comes from love. She looks with dejection at the official documents, at the policies and pastoral plans. Indeed, she ignores all this because she knows that the only thing that can come from there now is an attack on the faith. Since she thirsts for the Truth, she goes directly to the source of the water that gives life, and she gathers around the very few remaining shepherds, who are themselves hidden and persecuted.

The conversion that is required of us today – beyond the daily one of saying no to sin and choosing God – concerns the very way in which we think of the Church: leaving behind all that we have known and entering into a new dimension, under the banner of smallness, hiddenness, and persecution.

I read that someone called Francis a “happy hour pope” [papa da aperitivo]. It might seem like a nice definition, but it’s actually terrible. If the pope’s voice may be compared to what we can gather from people who are sitting at the bar, it means that papal authority is dead and buried. And who will be able to restore it? And how?”

Anonymous said...

“ The road to Hell is paved with the bones of priests and monks, and the skulls of bishops are the lamp posts that light the path.” -St. John Chrystosom

I never understood that. I do now. Lord, have mercy!

Johnno said...

Get a load of the moron in charge of Tokyo.

Anonymous said...