Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Toronto's University of St. Michael's College - a Basilian establisment with Cardinal Collins as Chancellor goes full Marxist!

The University of St. Michael's College was founded in Toronto by Basilians with the typical motto, "Teach me goodness, discipline and knowledge." It seems now that they teach none of that and now teach wokeism, division and Marxism.

Thomas Cardinal Collins is the Chancellor of this school. 

USMC Governance: Collegium - University of St. Michael's College (


Anonymous said...

What do they need "protection" from? The whole premise is based on a lie that they are persecuted.

M. Prodigal said...

The Archangel would not approve of this promotion of mortal sin.

Irenaeus said...

If only one could go back to the days when St. Michael's College at U of T was primarily known for their Celtic Studies programmes.

As to protection, well, it has been demonstrated LGBT+ youth are more prone to anxiety, depression, and suicide ideation. Some of it is due to bullying, violence (such as abuse), and harassment. The article notes that. (Admittedly, a case may be made for sample size, since the relatively small cohort of those with SSA makes the prevalence of such issues seem bigger.) There is a time and place to remind them that God loves them despite their disordered passions, but one can take it too far by fostering a culture where such disordered passions and acts are encouraged and practiced. Sadly, this article seems to foster that sort of encouragement.

It is not wrong to have same-sex attractions. For some reason, God permits some souls to have that particular cross. However, it is wrong to encourage such souls to act on these attractions, for one's cross is not meant to be cast aside. Rather, it is to be labored under for their greater sanctification - and those of others.

Barona said...

Actually, going full "LGBT", or as they like to call it "pink capitalism", reflected in homosexuality being embraced and supported, and very aggressively promoted by a never ending lineup of international banks, corporations, and capitalist controlled mass media, etc. using billions at their disposal to "build back better" and to prepare the world for the entrance of the Man of Sin.

This year, especially saw an explosion of capitalist money pushing sodomy, and even pedophila. For example, the very capitalist "Blues Clues" was very openly pushing pedophilia and transsexual ideology on children. The program is owned by ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks, logically, very much a multinational capitalist outfit.

Needless to say, the churchmen have been silent.

Christina ofs said...

It is a lie this whole premise, more Marxist bishops of the USCCB, DEEP STATE DEEP CHURH, spreading this, so as to confuse people, even the Canadian Cardinal and Bishops to accept the sin of Sodomy, rather than to counsel on morality. Notice, again, there is NOT one word about morality, which Jesus teaches God's Moral Laws. Same-sex attracted people are no different than anyone else in the human race. They sin, as we do, they must be pure and chaste, live with virtues as Christ himself; and, we sin, and must be pure and chaste, live with virtues of Christ himself. Cardinal Collins better be an Apostle and clarify what this protection and help means because in Christ's teachings of the Moral Law of God, we better protect the same-sex-attracted souls. Get this right Cardinal Collins and Bishops, please, or there's no turning back. It is morally wrong and grave sin to be complicit!

Christina ofs said...

I encourage many Catholics to write to Cardinal Collins and Bishops on these issues, every time, or our Bishops most likely go with the flow of leftists Cardinals. They seem to just believe in these Marxist ways, blinded for some reason, or afraid of the big bad wolves!

For example, I wrote to the Cardinal on this letter from the US Bishops, pointing out it doesnt even mention anything on morality of same-sex minded people. James Martin style. Instead, they create a Marxist plot of lies how these special people are being bullied. I mentioned tht GOOD Catholics know Jesus' teachings and all people are to be respected and live in purity, virtuously.

I took this opportunity to write to Cardinl Collins and point out to him of this lack of counselling for their souls, and not give into the fabrication of the Marxist gender agenda, and that Catholics expect him to respond as Jesus would - correct them and sin no more, as Priests are suppose to do same for any soul.

Jonah said...

The University of Toronto, the Basilians, and all Canadian-educated clergy are captive to a campaign of epistemological warfare waged on humanity. I personally confronted this reality during my years on and near the campus of that institution. They are all deeply psychologically damaged and incapable of freeing themselves from their mental chains. An account of how this condition arose can be found here:

Implore the intercession of the patron of the priesthood, St. Jean Vianney.

Father John Matthew Duffy said...

As queer as it sounds, believing priests are de facto barred from teaching in Catholic schools, universities and seminaries in Canada.