Sunday, 14 February 2021

Your Eminence, Excellency Mister Neil MacCarthy - who writes this trash?



Barona said...

I guess this is the "influencer" that Tam spoke about at her press conference. I noticed she also mentioned the need for "faith communities" to provide pressure for psychological-behavioural conformity to the State regarding lining up the faithful to receive their abortion-linked and dangerous experimental mRNA injection.

Indeed, how many in the decadent West are aware that Pfizer (one of the "anti-sacraments" of the "New religion" offer to this blasphemous Covid idol, this demonic "god of love") will not be distributing its drug in India, after the Indians requested further information? This should ring every alarm bell. But no, the Church in Canada is now one of the biggest big-pharma pushers.

peasant said...

The new prayer from the Archdiocese of Toronto, all about this life, none about the next. This is the new, pagan, soon to be one world church.
to put this in common English:
Help us to ignore the murder of the innocents, that which calls for vengeance from God Almighty.
For we know him that hath said: Vengeance belongeth to me, and I will repay. And again: The Lord shall judge his people.
Let also that writer know:
It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. both verses from Hebrews 10

Anonymous said...

The pungent response of a learned and witty professor:I see that we are now back to the old ICEL-ese, where we typically:

1) first tell "God" something that He did or does, as though it is news to Him; then
2) we ask Him, as the Cheerleader-in-the-Sky to "help" Us [The Real Center of the Universe and Chief Protagonist in the Myth of Progress] to do something really really really big and important; and, finally,
3) we make a wish! [Let's hope it's all for the best. By the way, who is supposed to grant "the wish"? Fate? Destiny? The Tooth Fairy? Pokahontas? Ouija? Other?]

A question arises about the initial Addressee of this "prayer."
Presumably it is God the Son, since it states that "you gave your life to free us from sin."
Yet there is no reference to Christ as Healer or Divine Physician.

Just cheap secular propaganda and pseudo-pious mumbo jumbo.
It really serves as a cutting caricature of a prayer.
The Bolshie network in the CCCB is becoming ever more brazen.
The final line should read: "And let us conform more perfectly each day to Big Brother."

And, taking a leaf from the Agit-proppers south of the border, it ought to conclude with "A-men and A-Women."

Again, in the immortal words of Anne Roche Muggeridge: "With shepherds like these, wolves become superfluous."

Anonymous said...

Get vaccinated with a vaccine constructed by the cells of a healthy baby torn apart in it’s mother’s womb.. how God is it possible You will answer this prayer?

M. Prodigal said...

That is one sick excuse for a prayer. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Very sad.
It has been said in previous comment but worth repeating.

Paisley Gal said...

And yet, and yet... 95% or more of the 'nice churchgoers' in my parish at least, will judge this prayer to be EXACTLY how we need to be praying and acting right now. I'm truly sick at heart about everything... I can't see myself going back to my local 'Novus dis-Ordo' parish, to have ashes 'sprinkled' over top of my head! What next Lord? what next?...

Nac said...

In my country, there is a Motu Propio currently said after each Mass that is horrendous. It never asks God for healing, instead it asks God to make Scientists develop a cure (ignoring the fact that there are already several means of treatment for it but willfully ignored by the government and media). Two weeks ago, it added an even more horrendous line, it thanks God for the vaccines available, vaccines that are potentially dangerous and possibly made from aborted children.

Our government is still operating on data about Covid that has not been updated since the beginning of 2020.

Evangeline said...

And here I am, south of your border, and I kept my bulletin from this week because I thought the content was nauseating: Here's a snippet:

Under the heading "A Place at the Table" we get inclusion clap-trap, "everybody has a place at the table...whether we like it or not (implying we don't)...we run into trouble when we fall into the trap of privilege and power (implying whiteys are all endowed with privilege and power), when the powerful begin to control who is entitled to wholeness and inclusion and greed becomes a driving force. Prejudice and entitlement have no place in the kingdom of God."
Talk about judgmental, these bishops have us all categorized and labeled as judgmental, "powerful" people just itching to exclude others. I am indignant over this bulletin. My father was disabled, he had a sixth grade education, and was a construction worker who could often not find work. We received state assistance. I am really annoyed my church thinks because of my skin color, that I was "privileged". The church has become judgmental!

Here's another juicy bit. "The cries of the little one in his or her mother's womb are just as sacred as the cries of one who is homeless and hungry". But I would argue, at least the one who is homeless and hungry was born! But our bishops like to equivocate and minimize abortion, lest we do as the pope said and "obsess too much". Sickening.

If you can stand it, one last lecture before you go.

"There is no doubt that it is incredibly challenging to find a place for everyone at the table. This challenge is compounded when the systems of operation and structure that are so ingrained in us affirm power and privilege rather than inclusivity and justice."

Is this a church bulletin, or an article in the Daily Worker? This is class warfare, and our church has mastered the lingo and is full-tilt promoting the movement of Communism with this blather.
I won't give a dime to this church, if this is what they're pushing, and they're pushing it! I guess Catholicism doesn't pay.

Our church has been hijacked by Reds. These bishops are all in. I don't know about you, but I am not supporting this and I want no part of it. I am going to respond to this bulletin, and let my pastor know how I feel about it. I can't stop the church from going off the cliff into Communism, Neo-paganism, and whatever else they want to do, but I don't have to go. I'll stay Catholic, thanks. I should add, I do not attend Novus Ordo, we ended that 6 years ago. My pastor offers the Latin Rite which we attend, and we generally give gift cards to our pastor, but no matter how you think you're detached from this Commie madness, you're not.
Lord, help us, please. I love the quote above, shepherds like these make the wolves superfluous. Indeed.

Evangeline said...

One more thing. There is more than enough anecdotal events and expert opinion that people have every reason to be concerned about taking the Covid "vaccine", which is 100% experimental at this point. This is a never-before delivered type of biologic for this purpose, a virus. It is more properly called gene-therapy than a vaccine. The jury is most decidedly out on the short and long-term effects of this jab, to say nothing of the abortion link. Nobody knows how it will be tolerated, because it's never been used successfully. Animal studies failed. Yet here it is for human beings.

It is an absolute abuse of power, for bishops, the pope, our priests to be pushing this vaccine on anybody. If they want it, get it, but they are not medical experts and they have, like the doctors and researchers in fact, NO certainty at all (because this is all new) of how this vaccine is going to be tolerated. This is all, ALL...experimental.
They have no business making medical recommendations. At all. That they would do so, especially in light of the abortion link, is truly shocking.

Vox Cantoris said...

Thank you, Evangeline. Terrific commentary.

Not one penny to the plate. Here in Toronto, we used to be able to give it to the "building fund." Now, even that has the cathedraticum because some were figuring it out. Gift cards for the pastor's gas or food are a great idea.

That's quite the bulletin!

Anonymous said...

What a load of crock!

So, we don't ask God for healing anymore! We are cured by our own efforts?

How long! How much more of this abuse are we going to endure!