Sunday, 7 February 2021

It's Sexagesima Sunday and there is still


The United States Supreme Court yesterday struck down the closing of churches in California as unconstitutional and restored their religious freedom capping occupancy at twenty-five percent. In Ontario, the current cap is ten people, even in a cathedral that seats over a thousand. Ludicrous. Rather than fight such a ridiculous act or even comply, Cardinal Collins finally relented and allowed a non-mandatory communion service on Sunday. It is a farce. There are many others, but two churches in very wealthy neighbourhoods, St. Margaret of Scotland and Our Lady of Perpetual Help, are completely shuttered. These two so-called pastors, who feed themselves and not the sheep (Ezekiel 34:2) have not gone un-noticed by the laity but have not been reprimanded by the Cardinal. He only shames the faithful.

The reason the number is set at ten is because of the Minyan - the Mosaic law requiring ten men for synagogal prayer. Congratulations to our Jewish brothers for having the moxy to pre-lobby Premier Ford to ensure that Jewish rites could continue at synagogue or home. Too bad we Catholics were not as smart.

It is now the second of the pre-Lent Sundays, Sexagesima. No public Mass in most of the Archdiocese of Toronto since Christ the King and much of Ontario since Christmas, except for those bishops who are working within the ten person limit.

Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness has an erudite observance of the Cardinal's homily yesterday in an empty cathedral. He speaks of being "cancelled" and talks of martyrdom. Yet, I know for a fact that he has recently "cancelled" a priest and given him a "white" martyrdom. Knowing what he did to this priest and others reveals a grave hypocrisy about being "cancelled."

This comment from the post at TCW is on point.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, this is too little too late. Perhaps in a moment of sobriety he realises that his silence and cowardice and complicity have rendered him completely ineffectual. He has consistently ignored and vilified his most faithful supporters among the clergy of his diocese. He has deliberately surrounded himself with dubious characters and weak, younger men. The clergy is woefully ignorant and weak. He has not remedied this grave problem. His failure to stand up to the overreach of the government has weakened him irreparably. Perhaps he is badly advised but at this point, as he approaches the end of his tenure, his outbursts in support of the covidiocy narrative can only lead us to conclude that he is ideologically wedded to a narrative that in time will unravel and expose him and his counselors to be woefully inept if not complicit in evil. His treatment of priests who speak the truth with clarity and charity--rare as hen's teeth, is abominable. The hierarchy of this nation on the whole, has prostituted itself to the godless elites at all levels of government. The remnant faithful are a despised lot and yet they would still support a faithful bishop if one were to be found. The cardinal cast his lot with those whom he deems moderate, the lukewarm. He is now drowning in a cesspool of lies, compromises and outright heresy. May God grant him the grace of repentance and a resolve to make reparation. St. Agatha, pray for him. 

6 February 2021 at 22:20


Brian said...

Does not martyrdom presuppose being a Confessor? Where are our Confessor Bishops? They vanished long ago. Just a handful that come to mind.

Father John Matthew Duffy said...

A Century Ago, Irish Missionaries Said Farewell To Their Wailing Families As They Boarded Ships To Take Them To Africa To Proclaim The Gospel Of Jesus Christ.That Is, They Suppressed Their Fear Of Disease In Order To Save Souls.Today ??? The Canadian Bishops Suppress The Gospel And The Sacraments To Fearfully Save Their Precious Hides - And To Save Their Trudeau-Liberal Funding...

If Only The Bishops Had Served Their God As Well As They Served Their Leftist Lesbian Child-Corrupting Premier...

Father John Matthew Duffy

Everyday For Life Canada said...

Are the churches staying closed because the government has made a deal with the bishops to pay them, the thirty pieces of silver, to keep them shut? Is there Church collusion with Caesar? These are the questions the bishops must answer. This would explain the total Church capitulation to the government, and to what amounts the abandonment of the faithful.