Thursday, 11 February 2021

Cardinal Collins issues letter regarding reopening of churches - Is the Cardinal really ready to finally fight?

On February 10, Cardinal Collins issued a letter to "All clergy and staff" of the Archdiocese of Toronto which I have in my possession. It is not yet posted on the web page, when it is, I will add it to this post.

In his letter, Cardinal Collins writes of the upcoming relaxation of the Ontario provincial lockdown diktats with regions of the province going into colour zones in the reverse from the lockdown. The Archdiocese of Toronto extends through multiple areas. The Cardinal expects that Toronto, Peel and York will move to "Grey" which still means the limit of religious services to ten (thanks to our Jewish brothers, or it would be "0" and areas of Durham and Simcoe to perhaps "Red" or "Orange" which would mean a return to 30% occupancy.

Interesting that His Eminence states that he states that notwithstanding provincial diktats, municipalities often, and I suggest illegally, move beyond these. In a not so obvious way, Collins confirms this writer's sources that the Ontario Government did not ban Holy Communion on the tongue and that Queen's Park was "shocked" that some municipalities and public health apparatchiks went that far. Collins, rather than protest these heinous actions, went along with the heinous interference in Catholic worship by uber scarf aficionado Dr, Eileen "Cruella" de Villa, Toronto's Chief Medical Officer of Health.

A more interesting point in the Cardinal's letter is what follows. In a classic case of clutching
ones pearls, His Eminence bemoans that retail will be allowed to open to a percentage of capacity but that no indication that this will be the case for churches has been given. He indicates that he, along with other faith leaders have been approaching Premier Ford on this but it seems the unchurched ignoramus at Queen's Park is not budging. Collins then indicates that if there is no move on this matter he will be releasing a public statement next week.

Too little, too late, Your Eminence, as my next post on Andy MacBeth and the collapse of a once bustling parish will reveal.

Nice legacy.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be so quick to judge the cardinal's legacy. Only God knows that. It does no good to sit there and brood even when someone chooses to do something good. Was St. Dismas too late in recognizing Jesus? Is his legacy one of failure? Only God will judge +Collins, and only God can judge you. All you can do is help others become saints. This may mean criticizing when wrong is done, and encouragement in what is right. Don't stoop to this level.

Anonymous said...

A public statement from the Cardinal denouncing government overreach would be a welcome development but because it will be crafted by lawyers in politically correct language it will have little to no impact. It appears that national hierarchies almost everywhere have followed the Vatican's lead both in acquiescence to and eager compliance with the covid dictates issued by the who. The reluctance to question government policies that have severely impinged upon civil liberties is itself very questionable and suspect. Indeed, it would seem that the Church has cooperated with world governments and is now perversely cooperating in its own destruction. The liturgy is the source and summit of the Church's life. What has been done to the Church's liturgical life in order to comply with the diktats of secular authorities has all but destroyed any sense of the sacred and the spiritual or supernatural.

If the cardinal were to issue a statement that speaks the truth with clarity, the cardinal would effectively place himself in the same position as St. Ambrose, St. John Chrysostom and St. Cyril of Alexandria, to name just a few of the bishops who have had the fortitude to denounce heresy and state overreach. A statement that denounces the tyranny of the state would enable the cardinal to atone and make reparation for his reluctance to denounce what has all but destroyed our school system. A strong statement would result in a sort of self-immolation that might cause Vatican censure and perhaps condemnation from the pope himself but he would go down in history as a fidei defensor. We can only hope. The level of cooperation over time has been such that at this time only an heroic act can remedy the situation and shake the vast majority of Catholics from the false sense of security which is the result of compromise and complicity with destructive policies masked as altruistic love of neighbour. The mass apostasy has made us for the most part incapable of discerning what is actually transpiring. It is for this reason that the prophets are stoned. Pray for Archbishop Vigano. May bishops everywhere follow his example.

Vox Cantoris said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I wouldn't be so quick to judge the cardinal's legacy.

Vox responds:

I have every right to judge his legacy, his temporal and liturgical actions and his decisions. His legacy is based on his judgements as an administrator.

If this were the private sector and there were a board of directors, he'd be fired!

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous:
I wouldn't be so quick to judge the cardinal's legacy. One should also remember that St. Dismas was not a Prince of the Church!