Monday, 15 February 2021

Our Lady of the Assumption Toronto and its pastor Sherwin Hernandez - what's going on?

Here is a little oddity in the "Arch" of Toronto.

The pastor of Our Lady of the Assumption parish on Bathurst Street in the west end of Toronto has been suddenly removed and sent to live "in residence" at St. Boniface. 

He has been replaced by the pastor of Prince of Peace parish in Scarborough who will continue on as pastor of both. Odd, no?

Surely the pastor of much closer neighbouring parishes could administer in the interim.

The bigger question is, what is going on at the Church of Our Lady? What do the people know? 

Did someone get a fancy new Architectural Digest kitchen as at Our Lady of the Rosary under the Boys of St. Basil?

And even at these two Toronto parishes there is still 


Evangeline said...

I live in the states, so I have zero idea of what is going on, but where there's smoke...
Keep asking the questions Vox. Someone has to ask them. Make the careerists pony up some answers.

Anonymous said...

Kitchens are nothing. There are incumbents elsewhere who have renovated perfectly functional suites with marble countertops, kitchen facilities, wine coolers and of course, a gas fireplace for those romantic moments... and all of it hidden under office renovations. The chancery knows... but some get away with it and lots more...and others don't. Strange,dystopian world the Arch supports and tolerates. And then there are those condemned to mold infested shacks. There's a saying, "Nothing is too good for father". It applies to some. As for others, they get nothing. And then of course, there's the Ordinary. He has a choice of four different residences... All animals are equal but some are more equal than others...