Monday, 1 February 2021

"How does one sign (themselves with) the Sign of the Cross and then sign decrees that rage against what God has so clearly set forth?"

It takes Jewish convert who gets so much of it right to tell us and Catholic JoBama.

Where are our bishops?

Why do we need to depend on Jonathan Cahn to speak the truth?

Why would he even contemplate becoming a Catholic given the heretics, apostates, catamites and blackmailed cretins in control of the Church of Christ, corrupted by malfeasants and sodomites and atheists.

And there is still, NO MASS FOR YOU!

But there is the prophetic voice of this man.

(Hold the anti-Semitic diatribe please, they won't be published.)

No need to mock those that come to Him in spite of the Catholic Church. Mock rather those in the Church that have left our Jewish brothers and sister to find Him without us!


Anonymous said...

Sounds about right. Look at a road map of the capital and note all the streets form masonic symbolism !
We were never with God from the beginning.
So is anything surprising here?

Vox Cantoris said...

I think you meant this for the Bugnolo post two below, but your point is well-taken.

Anonymous said...

He is a good preacher. I take members of groups like this (sects as JPII uses to say) as the modern day equivalent of Samaritans. They maybe missing
"the fullness of the fait". But in my case, they picked me up from beaten down on the road of sin and kept me from destroying myself. They introduced me to our beloved Savior Jesus (Yeshua) Christ. So they are my beighbors.

If I had waited for the Catholics to show up.....


Evangeline said...

I don't know this gentleman's history, but let me just say this may be the video I saw come across my screen the other night. I remembered him as someone I felt it was worth listening to, and as he spoke, this Roman Catholic put her hand in the air and said "Amen!". Give me one man like this one, than 1000 bishops of the kind we have. This man speaks truth. You know, given where we are, my friend is the person who loves Jesus Christ and will not sell out to this evil culture we find ourselves in.

Carlos said...

If you were asked "Who has the biggest following in America today, God or the devil?" What would be your answer? Since the days when the Supreme Court forbid Christian prayer in school the devil has been in charge, perhaps earlier.

Jonathan Cahn reminds me of a Catholic prophecy of long ago (forgive me I do not remember who exactly said it: Canori Mora? Emmerick?) "In the last days Protestants will be Catholics and Catholics will be Protestant."

Anonymous said...

Lord Jesus I weep weep for our church abandoned by mostly apostate bishops who no longer speak like this true man of God. I am deeply deeply ashamed that a “Catholic” leader of the free world is supported and congratulated and blessed into office by traitorous “Catholic” bishops and priest and a false “vicar” of Christ.
Everyday I am left with the question Lord does YOUR church really subsist in “Holy” Roman church? This question comes from the depth of my being as I watch and listen and see only garbage coming from our useless bishops who have totally abandoned us and bowed to the dictates of perverted evil regimes throughout all the western world not just the USA.
Heavenly Father where are you? We are languishing and in the depths of misery!
Bless guide and protect this good man for speaking the truth our despicable church of nice bishops have so glaringly failed to do so.