Sunday, 21 February 2021

First Sunday of Lent and it's all the way back to before Christ the King and yes, it has been that long since in Toronto, there has been


As of Tuesday, February 16, General Secretary Ford of the Ontario Politburo reduced some of the draconian suspension of civil rights in Ontario. In most of the Archdiocese, geographically speaking, Mass today is back at thirty percent capacity. In the population centre, however, of Toronto and Peel (Mississauga and Brampton), the limit is still ten. Collins refused to allow Mass for so few persons so has rather substituted a contrived service of Holy Communion. Toronto and Peel will have no public Mass for at least the Third Sunday in Lent thanks to the fearful Dr. Eileen "Cruella" de Villa's whipping of Collins and General Secretary Ford of the Ontario politburo. 

Your Divine Office for today. Divinum Officium


peasant said...

"contrived service of Holy Communion"
Lets call things what they really are. You are referring to a sacrilegious Holy Communion received in the unconsecrated hands of the laity and is a means by which Our Blessed Lord may drop to the floor in small particles and be trampled underfoot. This was a great cause of sorrow for Jesus before the covid plandemic, owing to the great disrespect and disregard for His True Presence. Regardless of what church authority gave permission to do so, or recommended, or directed that that Holy Communion be distributed in the hand it is still a sacrilege. Regardless of what supposedly good priest is distributing in this manner or advising you that it is OK to receive in this manner due to the the supposed temporary condition it is still a sacrilege and both the priest and whatever authority he is following are in grave danger of losing their immortal soul to eternal damnation in the lake of fire and brimstone and their foolishly trusting laity may be following. the Truth does not change and has not changed for the sake of a cough.

Keano said...

I believe that leaving Toronto (one of the most sinful cities I’ve seen in my life) without the public sacrifice of the Mass is making the devil’s work so much easier. A communion service is great..., for protestants. They don’t deem to believe that JesusChrist is present in the Holy Eucharist and for them taking communion is just a moment of remembrance and community gatherings. The desacration that these Bishops are doing after years and years of theology and philosophy in seminaries backing them to believe and defend our theology of the Eucharist suddenly goes down the toilet. Also, biblically, if a person dared to touch the Arch of the covenants with their hands, it will cause them immediate dead. So if we have biblical references to disrespecting the holiest of holiest, why are we not having Mass AND eating JesusChrist like a Dorito???? But I do believe in the true presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, I wont take my Lord with my hands because I am a sinner and my hands are not consecrated.

We will see the consequences of these actions: a very small church in Toronto.

Tom A. said...

Vox, are there other non-diocesan latin mass chapels in your area? If so, has the local government shut them down too? Last spring in my area, the diocesan churches shut down even though the local government said they could open with restrictions. All the non-diocesan latin mass chapels remained open the whole time.