Tuesday, 2 February 2021

It is Candlemas. The Feast of the Purification of Mary and Presentation of the Lord and let's say it altogether with Cardinal Thomas Collins!

 There is

But every morning you can watch him on your computer and hear him pontificate about scripture and St. John Fisher. The fact is, this man has abandoned me and he has abandoned you. He failed to stand up to the diktats of government overreach and he has failed to even give us the few bread crumbs that the government has permitted.

We have been abandoned by our cardinal, our bishops and most of our priests with very few exceptions. 

His entire tenure as Archbishop of Toronto will be noted by his last year of 2021. A Shakespearean tragedy. A farce. A legacy of cowardice and failure.

We have only to weep and mourn and find refuge in Our Lord. 

These men are not  your friends. May God deliver us from them, grant us His mercy and judge them according to their works.

Candlemas reading:

TRADITIONAL LATIN MASS PROPERS IN ENGLISH: Feb, 2nd The Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary; Presentation of the Lord; Candlemas Day (tridentine-mass.blogspot.com)

New Liturgical Movement: A Comparison of the Old and New Blessing of Candles on Candlemas

The old man carried the child,
but the child ruled the old man;
him whom the Virgin brought forth,
and after childbirth remained a virgin
him whom she bore, she adored.


Irenaeus said...

Regardless, Blessed Feast Day to you and the Fox, Vox.

Anonymous said...

An excellent interview all should see.