Tuesday, 16 February 2021

From Barona: "How Toronto's Archbishop has been checkmated and turned into a Pawn"

 From Toronto Catholic Witness.

TORONTO CATHOLIC WITNESS: Cardinal Collins: How Toronto's Archbishop has been checkmated and turned into a Pawn


Anonymous said...

Nothing surprising in any of this. Is it lack of political savoir faire or complicity. Over the decades our bishops have been known to be in collusion with the political class all the while throwing the odd bone to outraged Catholics. The number of those outraged has grown much smaller and thanks to a collapse of catechesis middle aged and even senior Catholics are in perfect agreement with government diktats, certainly as it concerns the virus and all its empty works. Deliverance may come frim the despised yet faithful remnant, but not without much suffering to atone for all the sacriliges that have taken place and continue to take place with the nihil obstat of the hierarchy. Best to make one's peace with reality as it is than to long for and call on what given the landscape, may never come. If Rome is in collusion with the tyranny of covid, what can one expect from our now papolotry practising hierarchies? A generation ago, the mark of a "good" bishop was his opposition to all things Roman. It must mean that now everyone is singing the same song and it certainly isn't the Attende Domine! An aging hippy occupies the papal see and it has nothing to do with length of hair though in these covid times a shaggy look is a sure sign of solidarity. Those who fought the establishment are now the establishment and their tyranny knows no bounds. Learn to think outside the box, live beyond their control and pray for the restoration of the Church. The antichurch has to collapse. Attende, Domine et miserere, quia peccavimus tibi.

Vox Cantoris said...

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Did you hear about American Bishops taking 3 millions $$$ for closing churches? What if in Toronto we have similar case? Do we really know?

From Vox.

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