Friday, 5 February 2021

St. Margaret of Scotland Parish and St. Timothy's in Toronto - a small profile of a collapsing parish and one that is not!

A tale of two parishes.

St. Margaret of Scotland parish in Toronto is in an upscale neighbourhood. It's pastor, Andy MacBeth, has completely shuttered the church. No Mass, as per the Cardinal's order due to the provincial diktat of ten persons and no Sunday Holy Communion Service to the ten, (yes, I know, why can't we have Mass.) MacBeth has even shuttered the doors of the church in contravention to the Cardinal's request to keep the doors open for private prayer to a maximum of ten.

Whilst MacBeth does this, take a look at St. Timothy's Catholic Church administered by the Companions of the Cross where there is adoration every day for no less than seven  hours continuous, confessions three times per week and my appointment. There are livestream and archived Masses and enthusiastic which you can watch at the 9:00 mark.

Let us take a look at MacBeth's bulletin. A whole page begging for money.

Did you notice the top left? Does anyone at the chancery notice? 

$400.00 plus PAG for a total of $1,200. In a neighbourhood where two blocks away a house is selling for $4,995,000.

Twelve. Hundred. Dollars.

It is good to see that the people of St. Margaret's Parish are smarter than MacBeth. Perhaps, just perhaps, they drove twenty minutes northeast to St. Timothy's where, as a comparison, a typical home is $1,299,000.

There are other priests in the Archdiocese of Toronto doing the work of God. I know them. I won't embarrass them here. They know who they are and so do their parishioners. So does God.

If you cannot find a priest at this time you may write me at

Pray for Father Andy MacBeth and his conversion.


Anonymous said...

What do three clergy who don’t even do the “communion service” actually do all day? Let’s hear from one.

Phineas said...

Keep calling them out, Vox. OLPH on Clifton Rd. still remains shuttered as well. I don't think they've updated their website since Nov. 23rd.

Anonymous said...

Vox I am just afraid that by highlighting the good work of the orthodox priests of the CC, the church of nice hierarchy will come down on them for being too zealous or should I just say Catholic. No faithful Catholic clerical or lay is safe anymore as we are being led by traitors starting with Jorge Bergoglio.
God how long?

Anonymous said...

Dear Vox, you ask whether anyone in the chancery is taking notice. It really doesn't matter in the long run if the government continues its subsidy. Financial stability did not safeguard a parish at the edge of the diocese known for its orthodoxy and excellent liturgy and preaching. It is all ideological. St. Margaret of Scotland parish is liberal. That's what matters. The orthodox parishes will be liquidated or have their pastors moved or removed or retired if there is any hint of infidelity or questioning of the official narrative or policy. The Cardinal and his coterie of clerics and advisors are all wedded to a narrative. Ideology trumps everything. Toronto has lots of money and soon the parishes here will be clustered as they were in the Archdiocese of Quebec City. The best is yet to come. Prepare to support the underground Church!

Tom A. said...

Shuttering Novus Ordo parishes is a good thing. Seek the true Mass said by priests not in communion with heretics and apostates.