Thursday, 18 February 2021

Cardinal Collins promotes abortion/gay/womynpriest tolerant "nun" Joan Chittister to support vocations!

How do you pronounce this? Is it a "ch" or does it have an "s" sound reminiscent of Bergoglio's fascination with coprophagia?

Really, Your Eminence. We can do better.

When you really promote coprophagian poppycock like this is it any wonder why there are few vocations?

What young man in their 20's has ever heard of Chittister, let alone agree with her? Anyone who researches here will flee.

TORONTO CATHOLIC WITNESS: Archdiocese of Toronto promoting pro-abortion Joan Chittister


Phineas said...

Another Woodstock-era vocation that drank deep from the well of Modernism and corrupted herself. We must pray for her conversion, as difficult as that may be. Her day of judgment can happen any day now and it won't be pretty. As for Cardinal Collins, he continues with his one step forward, two steps back routine.

Tom A. said...

Thats the problem with modernism, everyone can look into the documents and justify whatever they want. Trads see all in light of Traditon and claim they hold the true faith and the liberals look at Vatican 2 and claim the Council demands they reform the Church top to bottom. Who is correct? How about we ask the Pope? It is his job to answer these questions and resolve the doubt. I am being sarcastic of course since modernism has also infected most Trads who now think they can question their Pope on matters of faith and morals.

M. Prodigal said...

A vocation to what exactly?

Vox Cantoris said...

Tom, I can question any pope or cleric who strays from the truth. They are not beyond criticism. Frankly, the Vatican I decrees have been terribly misunderstood by protestants and sedevacantists. Same thing? You who think it means the pope farts frankincense are quite wrong. He is only beyond criticism or challenge on matters of faith and morals and when done so definitvely. Bergoglio is too smart to do that, he knows what the Council and tradition mean.

Peter, you're last comment will not be posted because I find it as a direct personal attack on me.

If you go beyond the reasonable and insult me, or my beliefs, then that is where I draw the line.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Vox, My admiration for you and our friendship would preclude me from ever attacking you personally. You must have got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning to even imagine that! No, I Simply was stating that you are dealing with the vagaries of novus ordo prelate and nun, who per definition are not Catholics and that the novus ordo church is not the Catholic Church - it is the ape of the Catholic Church and the judeo-masonic church of satan !!! This I defend with my life. I decry them as heretics. There is nothing new in this. These things I have stated here many times. You have known that I am a sedevacantist ever since we met. I truly hope this is not the end of our friendship. :)

Vox Cantoris said...

Peter, thank you, perhaps I misunderstood.

I do not fail to see the Satanic in all of this or that there is an "ape of the Catholic Church." Is Bergoglio a pernicious and filthy heretic? Yes, of this I have no doubt. Does this mean he is still Pope? Well, my Catholic heart says no, but my mind, given the legalistic monolith the Church has become is, yes, because he holds on to it.

Let me put it this way. Jorge Bergoglio is pope the same way that Joseph Biden is President of the United States.

Both are suspect, both are, in my view, illegitimate. The theft of Office!

So, am I a sedevacantist? No. Because I don't deny that all before Bergoglio were legitimate Popes. I also believe that every one of them is open to criticism and rebuke when necessary.

And is it ever necessary!

Brian said...

After decades this Catholic bashing harpy is still on tour. Can the vocations people not find a fresh Modernist face. Collins is all part of the episcopal gang that went AWOL 60 years ago. You may recall how long it took Archbishop Pocock to finally take a stand against Gregory Baum (10-12 years). Far little too late. Chittister?, something out of Macbeth Act 1, Scene 1.

Tom A. said...

Vox, all the Popes since V2 have given us a new faith. Yet we traddies refuse to accept it. Either they are right or we are right to refuse. If we are right then their so callled magisterium was never protected by the Holy Ghost and therefore we are all de facto protestants since we have to figure it ourselves. I truly believe that those trads who still believe Frankie is pope have gone way past respectful criticism of those they believe Christ appointed over them and have fallen into derision, insults, hatred, and disobedience. If not those, they have at least fallen in to ignoring, dismissing, and deeming the Papacy as totally irrelevant. The Church cannot have heretics for its hierarchy, yet that is the position most trads seem to accept.

Peter Lamb said...

One only has to ask one question: Has, or does this man expound public heresy? Yes, or no? Now before somebody pops up to say it is not our place to judge, let me say we can and must judge if he sprouts heresy. We are taught the faith so that we can know and distinguish between what the Church teaches and what the Church does not teach. St. Paul teaches us: "If somebody teaches you a different Gospel to what I have taught you, even be it an Angel, let him be anathema!" He tells us to judge what somebody is teaching. He instructs us to judge and to react accordingly. When the Clergy goes astray the Laity must defend the Faith.
I can point out at least one major glaring indisputable public heresy propounded by each of the cursed conciliar "popes." Many times have I quoted the long list of Saints, Popes, Council, Doctors of the Church and Theologians who have stated plainly, clearly, unambiguously, that a public heretic cannot become, or remain as Pope. To recognize an heretic as true Pope is to refute and fly in the face of all of these authorities and to refute direct instruction of the Catholic Magisterium. Although crucially important I am a bit off topic, so I'll keep my head down and say no more. :)

Vox Cantoris said...

Peter, it is a trial for all of us, no doubt about that.

Eyes on Christ!

Johnno said...

To be fair, these social media accounts are usually run by some yahoo on the staff. That said, everything that occurs under it is still Collin's responsibility. These bloodsuckers are everywhere in the Church and feed of her organs while defecating their filth through her official channels. They'll only be bled out after a proper scourging.

Frank said...

This tired old thing resurrects again?
She is as tedious as Richard Rohr.