Friday, 29 November 2019

When those who should know better spread the lie of genderism, this is what they don't discuss!

Those in leadership in all walks of life in government, academia, business and even the Church tell you that gender is fluid and that a boy born a boy can really be a girl or whatever, this is what they leave out.

Transgender boy Damian of New York takes part in the NYC Pride March as part of World Pride commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising on June 30, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Angela Weiss / AFP) (Photo credit should read ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)

They are evil. 

What parent permitted this?

What authority figure affirmed it?

What doctor performed it?

There was a time when we took mental illness seriously. Now, we simply affirm delusion and if you don't agree with it, you're a hater. There was a time when we would have taken the doctor that butchered this poor girl and removed his license and then put him on trial and the parent would have been arrested for child endangerment and the child taken into protection by the State. Now the State endorses it and demands you accept it as right and just.

Yes, this IS a girl. This poor girl needed help. She needed love, she needed therapy, psychological and spiritual. She deserved care and protection to work through whatever delusions she had that caused her to think herself as a boy. Instead, she was used by an anti-Christ fascist mob for their political ends and will endure suffering the rest of her life that she cannot yet comprehend.

Lest you think this is not occurring on a large scale, dozens are raising money for what they now call, "top surgery."

Walt Heyer found out the truth.

Thanks to a reader for this. Notice, the first person interviewed, "Billy," was "fondled" as a confused boy. Perpetrating perverts can sense who is the weak one, who is the target, then the go after their prey. They take a confused child and groom him or her to be one like them. Note that the second one, "Rene" had an absent and alcoholic father. Walt Heyer is also interviewed, he had a crazy grandmother who cross-dressed him and later was sexually abused. Is there a theme here?

And this is what our leaders in government, academia, industry, church and state think is good and fair and just.

God will deal with them friend. In every way.


Anonymous said...

Tragic, many young people go through identity crisis, they should not be allowed surgery till their at least 21, they are now giving puberty blockers to children, in some cases its one or both parents pushing children as young as six to change sex. They also want to introduce young children to pornography called sex education in schools, this is in preparation for legalising paedaphila, their argument will be if the child has the knowledge, they are capable of consent. I feel sorry for people trying to raise children in this times, the forces of Hell are unleashed, and out to destroy the only innocence left, children.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen1031 said...

Satan is out for children and getting them. The gender madness is promoted in schools with GSA clubs, and there are always insidious minor school movements such as just "be kind", which sounds nice but really means don't say anything negative about boys acting like girls or girls "falling in love" with other girls. It's about negating their right to judge bad behavior as such. They must approve ALL.

Watch out for all the "special days" schools have now. They have Pajama Day or Spirit Week or Wear Red Day or Day of Silence day, or Weird Hair day. Sounds harmless right? But what they are doing is getting your child to wear goofy things and lower their resistance to the bizarre. They have twin days where two will wear the same thing. All of it with a hidden plan, because Satan never rests now, and schools help.
Gender dysphoria is hitting kids in Special Education hard. Without parents actively protecting them and avoiding confusing topics these kids are easily dragged into confusion.
That we allow anyone to give a child puberty stopping drugs or other drugs tells us that it is Satanic. There are actually parents who see having a gender confused child as a feather in their cap, because they get to be "hip" and look! Look how accepting I am, sooo acccceptiiiiinnnng. Satanic.
Most children grow out of any confusion by the time they are about 20, if they had any real confusion at all. But the devils today are surgically altering young people, and giving children medications that may wreck their bodies. Our culture, ours, has gone insane. Children can be bought, or if not wanted, killed. God help poor children and young people, without good parents they are easy victims.

Nandarani said...
Vox.... thank you. For me the honesty in the above video from all three people is so beautiful. It reminds me to be increasingly honest and to trust God. I didn't watch the video clips you included and came by this one with three case histories each from a different angle including Walt's. It is all so honest and no one is hiding any more so everyone is relieved and actually dearer to God as a result of owning how stupid they have been. This kind of change other more normal people never get to experience in that extreme strength.

If even Bergoglio had the guts to be totally honest about his lifelong mental anguish for which there is proof online (see Call Me Jorge blog) he could change his fate even as public as his situation is. Nothing is impossible - if only he had some doubts about himself - . But he does believe he is right. That is insurmountable until he acknowledges he is miserable. He is not able to let go of his desire for power in this miserable world he thinks he understands so well.

Kathleen1031 said...

That video is uplifting! How touching, how wonderful, to see what God can do, and that people can find their way back to a life that makes sense and that works for THEM. If people had more understanding about how to give in to gender dysphoria is not an answer for a person, but a trap, they would not be so willing to put children on this track. In 20 years people will be horrified we let anyone put a child on puberty blockers, and refused to let people merely be counseled about unwanted sexual confusion and attraction. How can we stop a legitimate therapy? How is it we have lost our First Amendment rights in order to appease a minority group with a radical agenda.
These people in the video are heroic, and we need to know more about the painful situation in which they find themselves, and to remember that most of these people were molested as children, which sets up great confusion in their minds and souls. Thank you Jesus, for bringing them out, and please God, help more people and protect CHILDREN.