Friday, 8 November 2019

Scalfari declares that Bergoglio denied Jesus' bodily resurrection!

Eugenio Scalfari 2016.jpeg
“He was a man until he was placed in the tomb by the women who recomposed his body. That night, in the tomb, the man disappeared and came forth from the grotto in the semblance of a spirit that met the women and the Apostles while still preserving the shadow of the person, and then he definitely disappeared.”

The usual suspects will tell you again today, "Oh, Scalfari is old" thus implying he has dementia which is ageism. The man is clearly not suffering senility.

They will tell you "He takes no notes, or recordings." What did reporters do before the tape recorder or an iPhone? Doesn't take notes? So what. Prove he didn't. Maybe he did not but wrote everything down immediately afterwards. 

They will tell you that Bergoglio did not say this.

Based upon the horror of what we have seen for over six years now including the refusal to genuflect before the LORD in the Blessed Sacrament and the exaltation of a pagan earth mother idol, what else can we believe.

For this writer, I believe Scalfari.

Imagine that. Believing an atheist secular humanist over a Pope.

Yes, it is really that bad.


TLM said...

God will not be mocked forever. I do believe he is getting ready to 'act'. Rome just had a 4.5 earthquake. There is a new message from Akita..very ominous. Pray reparation rosaries and sacrifice. Fr. Pacwa S.J. of EWTN on his last program (I believe it was Tues?) excoriated they Synod Fathers for pagan worship and desecrating the Holy Place. One of the very few good Jesuits we have. He's risking his position to warn the flock. Pray for him.

Ana Milan said...

The Catholic world has been crying out for leadership from the See of Peter for almost seven years now. The Hierarchy has given us a pachamama-loving ‘pope’ who has been photographed blessing & revering Amazonian idols & placing a pot of earth on the altar prior to the celebration of Holy Mass. This is idolatry & cannot be explained any other way.

After being forced to endure his endless heresies, blasphemies, denials of Catholic Doctrine & Scripture - no Hell, all religions desired by God (Abu Dhabi document etc.), attempting to change the Lord’s Prayer, handing over 7M Chinese Catholics to Communist China, possible connivance in having Cardinal Pell incarcerated, we now have him denying that Jesus was God while on earth.

PF is an Apostate & Idolater & surrounds himself with like men. To date, our Hierarchy are viewed as complicit in their apostasy – sneering at God’s Word & those who uphold it, telling us to be obedient to the UN, supporting LGBTQ activists, invasion of radical Islamists into Europe & beyond, telling us not to breed like rabbits, quiet on abortion & blessing ssm (Austria & probably elsewhere too). The list is now so long you could write a book on this PF ‘papacy’. The few Christ-loving prelates, bishops & clergy must activate themselves or face losing their own salvation on account of this man & his followers who should be removed immediately from their positions (Robert Bellarmine) & the Vatican & precincts exorcised & re-consecrated.

Michael Dowd said...

Scalfari is a stalking horse for Bergoglio heresies while protecting his deniability. Always good to have advance though.

Anonymous said...

I consider the old man Pope Scalfari and unlike Bergoglio, I believe every word he says.

When Francis flips the Scalfari finger at Truth, I presume his insides are on fire with rage. Scalfari is Bergoglio spitting in face of Jesus, striking him with his fist, and slapping him.

Matthew 26:67

Anonymous said...

Problem is, with people like Bishop Barron and the general feeling in society that everyone eventually goes to Heaven, people don't think any anti-Catholic position is a big deal. Universalism is killing Catholicism.

Anonymous said...

1)The Pope should know better than repeatedly talk to this jackass.
2)Why hasn't he come out and clearly denied this idiot's comments. It's the same with vigano and the dubia. What kind of a leader of any organization ignores direct commendations.
This pope prefers talking gibberish, in fact, he doesn't shut up about most things, except what matters, including answering for the above issues.

Tom A. said...

There are no more Christ loving hierarchy in the Novus Ordo Church. They all seallowed the Vatican 2 kool aid and now worship the Cult of Man instead of the Christ. It really is easy to see. If the priest or bishop says the Novus Ordo mass, have nothing to do with them. They are heretics or apostates.

John F. Kennedy said...

"placing a pot of earth on the altar"

Not really. The bowl with plants, planted at the beginning of the synod, is actually considered a physical manifestation of the goddess. "..the bowl used Sunday at St. Peter’s to contain the plant offering and soil representing the Pachamama dragon demon in lieu of the wooden idols."

Anonymous said...

An honest Atheist would be appalled, that the man leading the Catholic Church does not actually believe in the Divinity and Resurrection of Christ, who he claims to represent. Don't shoot the messenger, because you don't like the message. God works in mysterious ways.

Kathleen1031 said...

Without a doubt we believe Scalfari. We have no reason not to, historically he has served as advance notice of Bergolio's own atheism. What he is saying here and when he said Bergolio does not believe Christ was divine is 100% consistent with Bergolio's actions and words, so it's not a stretch. Bergolio has no apparent fear of God at all, in fact, he acts with malice aforethought about him, he hates Him, I would venture, more even than he hates faithful Catholics, which is quite a bit.
God will provide a faithful man or men who will call out the heretic Bergolio and his minions, as apostates, and state the case. He cannot be pope and an apostate, he has excommunicated himself according to Bellarmine, I believe. He must be considered anathema so as to warn the faithful, then whatever happens only God can know.
Lord, send the remedy, amen.