Monday, 25 November 2019

Fifty years of Novus Ordo garbage

Two week ago, I attended my first Novus Ordo Mass in over two years. A friend was being ordained to the transitional diaconate. I could have done without the serviettes in the sanctuary and the Cardinal's jokes, but other than that, it was tolerable.

When I think back to my childhood and my memories of Mass, I can recall in my mind's eye, six candles lit on the altar at the principal Mass which we always attended (there were maybe five in total) and maybe the Kyrie and Sanctus were sung, but that was it. It was a essentially a Read, or Low Mass with some music sprinkled here and there. Everyone knelt all the time and some had hand missals, my parents certainly did. One Sunday, there was a plywood table covered in one cloth and two stubby candles in the sanctuary and poor Father Michael Carroll, a good and saintly man, looked totally flummoxed. I can remember my mother saying, "Well, this is Vatican II." She didn't like it. That was 1965 and I was nine years old. Two years later, at the first class for the new crop of Altar Boys, we were told, "Congratulations Boys, you're the first class that does not need to learn Latin!"


This was the interim 1965 Missal which was the already slimmed down 1962 but in the vernacular up to the Offertory from then on, it was still Latin. The Prayers at the Foot of the Altar were shortened as in the Requiem, without the Judica Me and could be eliminated if one did the Asperges. The Epistle could be read by a layman (man!), there were fewer genuflections and crosses by the priest, the priest now said, "The Body of Christ" and we responded, "Amen" and the Last Gospel was gone. From there it was downhill. By 1967, Latin was gone, the music was atrocious and every week there was something new. We were told this was the New Mass. We did not know we were yet to get a New, New Mass.

By the time November 30, 1969 came, nobody really noticed. There were so many innovations from 1967 on that it was brought in my stealth. The only difference were the readings and some new "Eucharistic Prayers." The chaos blinded us all.

Nobody asked for this - the laity did not demand it.

If there was a problem, it was the ever-present Sunday and Feast Day Read or Low Mass, but that is for a different post and maybe a series.

The Novus Ordo liturgy of Montini has been a disaster for the faith. There is not one thing good which can be said about it but if you can try, please do, in the combox. 

Please dear reader, abandon it, if you can. Find the traditional Mass, diocesan, FSSP. ICRSS, SSPX, drive as far as you must.

And read this and note the quotes from the alleged Saint, Montini, and tell me you don't here Bergoglio!


Brian said...

I share your sentiments. I have on my book shelf my St. Joseph Sunday missal for the 1965 pared back Mass. Of course as it turns out it was just an interim missal soon, like the 1962 missal, to be useless. And yes there was a blithering array of novelties culminating in the Novus disOrdo, a truly dumbed down, cut and paste protestantized communion service with father flapdoodle quasi Bob Hope in the sanctuary. Cardinal telling jokes...??? Why this contagion of the entertainer priest?

Dan said...

My utter contempt and skepticism predicts that if Benedict dies before Francis, then the Latin Mass will be condemned. If any groups refuse to obey - they will face excommunication.

Brian said...

Another point to back up what you are saying. As I remember it, the transition from the 1965 missal to the Novus Ordo was seamless, because that 65 missal, again as I remember it in my parish, was barely recognizable by the time the Novus Ordo was promulgated.

Anonymous said...

I like both the N.O. and The TLM. I became an Altar Boy in 1962 when Mass was still in Latin and I learned it that way, although, of course, much has been forgotten. Perhaps my most beautiful memory of those days is hearing the Kyrie Sung like this:

I have lost much of my hearing so almost all music is a minor cross for me, so I prefer no music at Mass. But, when I could hear. I loved all types of music that had memorable, simple or not, music. So, I am at odds, and I could care less, with the different points of view in these arguments. I also much prefer Mass facing the Crucified Christ, not the congregation. I also am not pleased with Eucharistic ministers, unless there is a true necessity. I try to receive from a Priest or a Deacon. I prefer no sign of peace, I am not upset on the rare occasion, at least in our parish, when it is done.

I would prefer the Form of the TLM, but a Low Mass, in exactly translated English.

Our parish is now a majority of Spanish language immigrants and most things are no, at least in writing, presented in both languages, which makes me unhappy. I think it is only wise to learn more than one language, but I feel we are being invaded and I am being pushed aside. This was not done when it was a primarily an Italian parish and I think it is biased, intentionally, against those of us born and raised here. I live in New York. I am grateful for our 24 hr adoration chapel. I am neither Italian, nor Hispanic, although I know more Spanish, than Italian.

I see an increasingly divided Catholic Church and an increasingly divided America. I see no good coming in my lifetime. However, I will die, God willing and He grants me the grace to persevere, a Catholic.

My two cents. I m not going to respond. Just wanted to say my piece and to thank Vox for still allowing anonymous comments. Take care.

mike said...

did not paul vth around the timme he wrote the smoke of satan dirge also issue jubilate deo in which he wrote no more changes the children are confused. I would be very surprised if you can find the original jublitae deo.

Vox Cantoris said...

Montini was a contradiction. In a history, the French liturgist wrote that he would say one thing to him and another to Bugnini. Bugnini would trick him saying the concilium wants this or that and when the others came to complain, he would say, "you wanted this." As for Humanae Vitae, it was most likely written by Cardinal Siri and Woytyla.

As for Jubilate Deo, I have an original copy. A simple little booklet with basic chants that went nowhere. He bemoaned the loss of chant but this contrasts with what he said in these last Sundays of 1969.

Saint my foot.

Peter Lamb said...

Father Cekada's "Work of Human Hands" exposes the NO "mass" step by detailed step for the protestant mockery of Christ that it is. Invalid masonic abomination!

Brian said...

To Peter Lamb
Father Cekada's book is on my wish list. I watched a video series where Cekada summarizes his work. The book has received some good reviews and not just from Sedevacantist reviewers.

Anonymous said...

Montini was a disaster as Pope. The NO is a miserable mashup of a modernist Protestant communion service. Montini died despised by almost everybody both Trad Catholics and abortion loving feminists loathed him. Then hocus hocus the V2 church made him a saint. Disgusting.

Kathleen1031 said...

I agree with your commentary Vox. We have attended the TLM for about 5 years and can't go back. I dislike telling others what to do but the TLM right now is a haven of Catholicism. Everyone really ought to find it and if not the TLM, the SSPX or ICK or FSSP.
I'm with Dan, and totally expect Bergolio to put a hurting on Summorum Pontificum as soon as he can, because he hates Christ and Catholicism with a perfect hatred. No pope was ever so malevolent towards either. He is not just another pope he's a demonic figure. He broke the First Commandment on sacred ground on the Feast of Christ the King. May he slink back into hell. Of course I hope for his conversion.
I also appreciate the comments of all and in particular the gentleman who wrote about his particular experience and preferences.
God bless all here, all Catholics everywhere, and thanks Vox for an open combox. People should be free to say what they think.

Trg said...

What you said.