Monday, 4 November 2019

Archbishop Viganó: Apostasy Under Francis "Unprecedented"


Aqua said...

I took great interest in the faces of these faithful Catholics as these statements of apostate reality are read to them by one of the few shepherds left in the world. These are serious people. Faithful people. Sorrowful people. These are the seed of the renewed Church after this time of burning. Catholics in full. Catholics, true Catholics are the same, essentially the same everywhere in the world. I have great affinity for serious faithful Catholics like these.

Tom A. said...

Unfortunately it is only the blatant apostasies that gets everyones attention. Vatican 2 and the NO are loaded with heresies. So are the teachings of JP and B16. Why doesn’t Burke and Vigano denounce those heresies?

Aqua said...

Tom A: It’s a valid point you make.

Perhaps one day we will see that we’ve been drinking out of a punch bowl with hidden fecal matter for years; didn’t taste so good, but the color looked like punch, our parents told us it was punch, we just assumed the recipe was deficient - we were polite to our parents. Then we took a sip and realized there was more in this punch than just punch - and it looked very much like a floater. “What else is in this drink mom and dad have been feeding us?!”

Perhaps this is the moment we realize the punch we’ve been drinking for 50 years toilet water based and that’s why we’re all getting sick, dying. Perhaps this apostate floater in our drink is the moment when the scales fall from our collective eyes; flush this vile liquid down the toilet and demand the banquet we were promised.

Some may prefer the extra ingredients. Others may not. No question any more, however, the punch is not what they said it was.