Sunday, 10 November 2019

Fascists/Communists/Socialists attack Church in Chile

Other than Breitbart and Fox News where is this in the media?

Interesting coincidence? The same date as the November Pogroms against our Jewish brothers and sisters in Germany - Kristallnacht.

Has Bergoglio made comment?

Chilean student march ends with confrontation, church ...





Anonymous said...

Oh, they are not fascists. They are communists. Which is other horn of Satan. And yes, of course no comment from the mouth of bergoglio. Because, he is one of them! He is their vicar.
Libera nos Domine!


Kathleen1031 said...

So we see these fascists for what they really are, Christ haters, God haters, haters of good, haters of peace, haters of love.
Good Jesus, have mercy on us for these crimes against you, deliver us from evil people. Remember that we love you, however poorly, amen.

Barona said...

Actually they are the servants of Lucifer. As an aside, communism is only a variant of fascism, which itself is a modern variant of totalitarianism which began when men first began forming societies and States. It comes with fallen human nature.

Fascinating is the near universal silence from the "free media". had it been a synagogue, mosque of Hindu temple it would have been headline news worldwide. This tells us that the media are in the hands of those who hate Jesus Christ and His Church.

Praypraypray said...

I don’t know what they are officially called, but I agree with Kathleen that they’re haters of God.
I read about Bella Dodd who was converted by Archbishop Sheen. She said that the Communists would scare people about the terrible Fascists, so that people would sign up to be Communists. Then, the Fascists would scare people about the horrible Communists, so that people would sign up to be Fascists. When Bella Dodd rose through the ranks of the Communist party, she said that at the highest level meetings there were both Communists and Fascists leaders together at the meetings. They had used the struggle against the other to get people to join them.

Dan said...

But, but.. God wills the diversity of reactions to Catholic and Christian Churches. Why would he bother to speak?

Anonymous said...

My soul is horrified and saddened.
Believe me, they'll be attempting to initiate this kind of activity in North America soon.
The body of Christ must rise up with their voices and above all in prayer against this trashing of holy things and of peace in the Christian community. Otherwise it will grow and spring up very close to home.
"For we war not against flesh and blood, but against wickedness in high places ... so put on the armor of God." (Eph 6,12-13)
I'll be praying against these forces. Who will join me?
Brother Anthony

Anonymous said...

"Our Jewish brothers and sisters"
Do they not deny Christ?

Vox Cantoris said...

Get off my blog you anti-Semite!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the reaction of v2 catholics when a pastor dares to offer the TLM.

Anonymous said...

Worst things been done in a Catholic seminary in Germany, the Stations of the Cross depicting Christ been sodomised by a demon,and this in a seminary.

Tom A. said...

What is anti semitic about acknowledging the fact that Jews deny the Divinity of Christ?

Soldieron said...

Vox, I don’t understand calling anonymous an anti-semite for stating a fact. Have you ever read what the Talmud says about Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother? If Jews are our brothers and sisters, then so are Muslims. If Jews are our brothers and sisters than so are the atheists who did this destruction. The Talmud actually demands such destruction. Obviously, not everyone is our brother and sister, and I think anonymous was drawing attention to the fact that we are brothers and sisters in Christ which Jews, Muslims, Hindus, et al are clearly not. Of course, we would like them to be, but Vatican II no longer considers it important. If they want to be part of our family, then they must be baptized. Otherwise, it is inaccurate to call them brothers and sisters. How is this anti-Semitic when it applies to all outside the Church?

Anonymous said...

Again, do they not deny Christ? Stating the truth does not make one an anti-Semite.

Vox Cantoris said...

Do you people think I’m stupid or a modernist?

I suppose because I believe the Constitution of the United States is the greatest document written by man oxutside if the Church it makes me a Freemason too.

And I do not believe in the Divine Right if Kings either.

Get off my combox and don’t ever judge or question what I believe.

After all these years it should be pretty obvious.

Two words.

Now do it.

Vox Cantoris said...

What is this post about?

Are you more shocked at my quote than the images?

Do you not see the nexus with the November pogroms?

Now, I am far too busy to deal with anymore if this bike.

Comments off and you can flick off!

mazara said...

Same thing is happening in America, Thrump supporters been attacked and Churches, in the same way the Nazis brown shirts attacked the Germans who protested their policies, you can see history repeating itself. It's an orchestrated plan, and it's happening everywhere in various degrees. Even in the Church, the Faith is been attacked by infiltrators.