Sunday, 10 November 2019

POPE SACHS CHURCH: Vatican Embraces United Nations Goals

Bergoglio hugs Bono.

La cage aux folles.


Dan said...

I am sure every reader has seen the articles showing how the UN has been pushing 'pachamama' for kids for years. What we have now is Bergoglio trying to position the Church as under, and less important, than the UN. You know, destroy the kingship of Christ so nobody is offended..

How anybody can still believe he is pope is beyond me. I do not have that capability of twisting logic.

Dan said...

Basically Bergoglio and his so called 'papacy' has turned me into what I can only call some type of sedevacantist.

My only satisfaction is knowing that the millstone tied to Francis will be HUGE.

Peter Lamb said...

Good for you Dan! Welcome to the fold. We are just unchanged traditional Catholics who hold the unadulterated Faith of all ages. In Christ and His Church, nothing has changed. All is as it was and always will be. Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...


It would be better if Bergoglio was never born.