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The Novus Ordo Mass becomes a cult of toxic Marxism - Zita Tradlinger Fletcher reports

Zika Tradlinger Fletcher has reported extensively on Germany's heretical Catholic Church for Catholic Fake News Service. She is a regular reader of Vox Cantoris blog and we have received this report from her while on special assignment.

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Zika Tradlinger Fletcher
The Novus Ordo Mass becomes a cult of toxic Marxism 

By Zika Tradlinger Fletcher.

The Novus Ordo Mass becomes a cult of toxic Marxism

One culture within the Catholic Church needing major reform is that surrounding the practice of the New Mass, a.k.a. Novus Ordo Mass.

In this new era, the New Mass is merely a disjointed and substandard way of celebrating the liturgy in the United States. In the wake of the not needed reforms instituted by the Second Vatican Council, the New Mass has become a rallying point for change-obsessed radical sects within the church. The ultra-liberalism practiced by these Novus Ordo Mass groups is radical and empty-headed. They utilize the Novus Ordo Mass structure to wield control over believers — particularly men, who are reduced to a state of discriminatory subjugation in Novus Ordo rites. The stubbornly resistant, anti-Traditional practices of these Novus Ordo Mass adherents border on cultism.

The Novus Ordo Mass fosters heretical structures in the church. The liturgy — spoken in a vernacular, colloquial language no longer the traditional, sacred language usage — places all power in the hands of the people and Susan from the Parish Council. The priest keeps his back turned to the Tabernacle, where the Most Blessed Sacrament is reserved, for most of the ceremony. Aside from making occasional responses, the priest  plays no active part in worship. All people inside the church are not expected to kneel on cue at various points. The priest is at the center of the spectacle. His ministry is not longer differentiated from the people he is supposed to worship with, and the altar rail is the structure that marks the sacred space and reserved for his ministry, and where to receive the Body of Christ Novus Ordo people refuse to kneel at His feet.

Meanwhile, the new modernist innovations oppress men. Men are expected — indeed, in some cases almost commanded — to wear T-shirts, cargo pants, and flip flops, instead of collar shirts, trousers and shoes, and women uncover themselves with revealing clothing, mini skirts and tight yoga pants. No such rules exist for the seniors. It is discrimination, and therefore the New Mass actively endorses agism and attacks decorum. Instead of a unifying form of worship, the New Mass has become an instrument of oppression and a gathering point for Catholic fundamentalists.

In most cases, it is useless to politely disagree with people in the Novus Ordo Mass sect. Their attitude creates blindness — not only to true faith, but to their own behavior. They treat others with pride and animosity, but their conscience fails to kick in because they are convinced their way is holy and other ways are not.

Anyone who may accuse me of not knowing what I'm talking about — a favorite indictment of the Novus Ordo Mass ideologues — would be wrong. My opinion is based on facts and personal experiences.

I grew up in a household of steady and solid faith, which grew stronger over time. My parents stayed married until death. My mother was Catholic who had been to church all her life. In the branches of my family tree were relatives who might best be described as Catholics, and others as Christian. My mother decided to be faithful to the Catholic Church when she was young. From an early age, I believed in Christ because I was Catholic — others tried in vain to convert me to atheism and modernism while I was still in elementary school.

Maybe this sounds like the beginning of a happy story of faith and discovery. It was. My family's journey into the Catholic Church was a long, steady and pleasant road marked by a series of a wonderful treatment by Catholic clergy, religious, schools and parishioners. (It's a miracle that I'm Catholic and became a Catholic journalist.)

The Novus Ordo Mass rears its unveiled head in the unholy, modernist rebellious history at several points. The last Latin Mass my mother remembered attending took place just after the Second Vatican Council, so unwillingly she started going to New Masses when she stayed in the church because they were imposed. The church was going to welcome us Traditional Catholics, she thought. The treatment we got was slightly shy of the Communist gulags.
Needless to say, anything in the church looking remotely Traditional was completely veiled. The people had the humor of a second-rate comedy club crowd and the pastor, arrayed in modern vestments, was more like a prima dona. After over an hour spent every Sunday drowning in pablum, I was incensed, and getting sneered at, we did not feel any closer to God.

Rules, also, were a strange issue. For example, the chapel veil was forbidden to be worn in the church. A confessor there hit one of my family members with a "permanent daily practice"— a positive thought every day, forever, to atone for an alleged life of iniquity. After some while of this torture, my mother spoke with a different priest about the unbearable situation. He advised her that genuine Catholic faith did forbid wearing immodest clothes or allow priests to inflict a "penance" for sins. Immediately we stopped going to Novus Ordo Mass at that parish.

But it wasn't the last time I would run into New Masses — or the Novus Ordo Mass sectarians, present today in many Catholic organizations.

After staying in the church as a teenager, I chose to be a more faithful Catholic by learning and practicing the true Faith and devotions — following the perennial Magisterium of the Church and Tradition, and attending the very few churches where the Latin Mass was celebrated. On one instance, a Novus Ordo priest noticed I was showing up regularly and approached me with a persuasive speech to convert me to the Novus Ordo Mass faction — disguising discrimination as encouragement. "You should come to the Paul VI Mass instead and not wear a veil. Women look the most beautiful in church when they are not veiled," he tried to persuade. "The long hair types are the best kind — the really long ones, past the shoulders. I recommend it to you — you have such pretty red hair, but it would even look nicer if you didn’t wear a veil over it. I think it would be best for you."

Most disturbing about this conversation was his effort to make impiety sound positive. Of course it made no sense that my hair would somehow look better if people could see it. Indignant, I asked him to explain why he thought I should consider not covering my head. “Because it's disrespectful," he replied solemnly.

When asked why it wasn’t respectful to veil the hair that God had glorified in women — and why men in church did have to uncover their heads — he was not able to answer. He reacted badly because I challenged his authority. Anyway, I had no intention of listening. I knew I was called to keep my belief in God in a Traditional church. I never returned to that modernist church afterwards. 

The priest's attitude towards veiling women is typical of Novus Ordo Mass cultists. They seem to believe that women look better in church when people can see them. They try to sell immodesty to girls as a symbol of feminine freedom. They hold that not covering up and not hiding yourself is beautiful although such a practice is the very opposite of natural beauty.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter how pretty, sexy or raunchy clothes may seem to potential wearers — cloths are meant to conceal female beauty and prevent people from ogling women. By not promoting the chapel veil, Novus Ordo Mass fundamentalists rob women of freedom, while trying to make it seem like a liberating choice. Their attitude is not much different from extremists under Communism.

Given such practices, it should come as no surprise that a contingent of women active within the sectarian Novus Ordo Mass environment have sexist and misandrist worldviews. These types believe they are superior to men simply because they are female.

I cite two examples to support my view. One occasion that remains burned into my memory was when I attended a Novus Ordo Mass at a Catholic university. It was a busy Sunday and the Sunday obligation demanded I attend Mass. I did not know it was a Novus Ordo Mass until I stumbled over the doorstep. The atmosphere was typically liberal. I was surprised to recognize some people there. One of them was a professor who was known to be a namby-pamby person. When I saw his wife, I was shocked — and suddenly realized the ugly extent of his weaknesses. His wife was a mere ghost of a woman. She was almost naked from head to toe. Her dress was so short that you could see her underwear. Even her entire legs and her arms were “weapons of mass distraction.” She kept her head high and always walked in front of everybody. She carried a cell phone and looked physically slinky — almost sexy.
The professor, by contrast, looked deprecated and unhealthy. He ambled around and didn’t chat with others in church as she strutted around and in front of him like a peacock. Seeing this, I believed I had witnessed a very dark side to the professor's wife spirituality. Her religion was a mechanism of abusive control.

My second example concerns a younger Catholic age group — many of whom are apparently falling victim to the ultra-liberal Latin Mass ideology promoted in Catholic activity groups and on college campuses. A female acquaintance of mine, about my age, decided to brave the Catholic dating scene — a recipe for disaster, in my personal opinion. Among the stories I heard from her were of liberal Catholic males shopping for dates, asking her and other girls, "Are you willing to get laid?" before marrying them. These men did not want to associate with women whom they couldn't sexually dominate.

Men she met in this liberal Catholic peer group would interview girls about sexuality before deciding to spend time with them — they were arrogant and believed they were somehow morally superior to the women. Instead of standing up for her own dignity, she decided to cave into the pressure — go to liberal services and start wearing shorts. I still don't understand why she wanted to associate with that group, or why she decided to give in to oppression.

It is very unfortunate that younger generations of Catholics seeking to deepen their faith are getting sucked into this vortex of toxic, liberal radicalism. I saw few young families at a Novus Ordo Mass recently when I was invited to attend a speaking engagement at a liberal church. I happened to arrive before the Protestantized Mass was quite over — having nowhere else to go before the event, and wishing to receive Holy Communion, I decided to kneel during the Mass. Unsurprisingly I found myself surrounded by almost naked women who entertained themselves in between chatting bouts by casting disapproving glances at my chapel veil and rosary.

Looking around, I was astonished to see few college-aged men and women among the crowd. The priests seemed to be in their 70s. Clearly these people were too old to celebrate the times before Vatican II. Yet something had drawn them here. Parental influence? Doubtful. It seemed to be a shared spirit of ultra-liberalism. I found it frightening to reflect on how the closed, Novus Ordo Mass mindset had managed to replicate itself over time and spread like a virus.
Unsurprisingly, while there I had another memorably bad experience. I went to receive Holy Communion kneeling and on the tongue. Most liberal-type priests I'd encountered in my lifetime would give me the Eucharist only in the hands. This pastor too. He literally made a scene at the altar and jerked the Eucharist away from me when I put out my tongue to receive it — as if my tongue would contaminate the very Jesus who, according to the Catholic faith, seeks Communion with my soul. I seriously considered walking out of the church at that point, but decided not to receive the Eucharist and make a Spiritual Communion instead, since I wanted to pray. After Mass I gave the priests a piece of my mind.

Liberal clericalism defined the response I received. When I informed an assisting priest that the pastor had been very rude to me at the altar and asked that my views be relayed, he replied: "I won't throw our pastor under the bus. He's the pastor. I refuse to tell him to correct his behavior," the priest said. I reminded him that, as a priest, he was supposed to worship God and value my feedback as a believer. The priest took a step back and looked at me in astonishment, as if the notion of worship to God had never occurred to him. "Very well. I'll tell the pastor what you said," he said condescendingly. "But I don't think he did anything wrong." His attitude was a trademark example of the culture within the Catholic Church that encourages abuse. His first reaction was to default to absolute loyalty to his pastor, then dismiss my views. When pressed further, he flat-out denied all wrongdoing. To liberal modernists, Traditionalists are always the problem — not those who belong to the herd, and certainly not modernist clergy.

With liberal rigidity, the modernist priest argued in defense of his liberal pastor against the traditions of the "Old Mass"—a derogatory term used by Novus Ordo cultists to denote regular Latin-language Masses. He said the Latin Masses I regularly attended were abandoned “over 40 years ago" — as if that devalued them somehow —and insisted they were only "allowed to exist, but not standardly recommended." He claimed the church only allowed Communion on the tongue “in extreme cases." Of course, I know this is not true. He capped his radical fundamentalist arguments by saying the Novus Ordo Mass is a solemn rite equal to Byzantine and Coptic rites and that rules cannot be changed for anyone. He accused me of being "rude" by not expecting them "to change their rites."

I feel it necessary to point out — lest readers be confused by his illogicality — that the Byzantine and Coptic rites originate in the traditions of distinct Catholic churches in foreign countries. The Latin Mass, by contrast, is merely the perennial model of tradition practiced in the United States and all countries since the early Church, and was never abrogated by the Church nor adopted in almost every single country. Therefore the Latin Mass can be compared to Coptic and Byzantine churches as Eternal Rome can be compared to the New Jerusalem. Saints, martyrs and our forefathers will be disenfranchised by changes made to the Latin Mass — just faithful Catholics unable to let go of the sacredness and beauty of the Traditional Latin Mass.

What I gained from this experience was a deeper recognition of how the Latin Mass foments a reverential, beautiful and rich culture within the Catholic Church that Pope Francis is actively working to change.

In his homily earlier last month, Pope Francis warned Catholics against hypocrisy. He described liberal hypocrisy as "appearing one way, but acting in another," and said that a hypocritical attitude "always kills." Jesus did not tolerate hypocrisy, according to Pope Francis, but enjoyed unmasking it. "A Christian who does not know how to accuse himself is not a good Christian," the pope said.

The intolerant atmosphere against the Latin Mass stands in clearly follows Pope Francis's description of what the new Church is being forced to be.

“The post II Vatican Council Church is a fortress, a tent incapable of expanding and offering access to people the richness, spiritual depth and beauty of the Traditional Latin Mass, the Mass of the Angels”, a Traditional Pope would have said. "The church is 'following Tradition’ or it is not the Catholic Church, either it is worshipping, always widening its Traditional room so that all may enter or else it is not the Catholic Church."

Tradition defines true Catholicism. Radical liberal modernists who cling to the guitars, felt banners and empty-headed, mindless hippie rituals of the outdated 60s practices would do well to follow the advice of St. Paul to the Galatians, Chapter 1: “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach a gospel to you besides that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema.”


Kathleen1031 said...

That last part is the thing. We should make Galatians 1:8 the Gospel we share often, with our Catholic brothers and sisters if we can. It is disturbing and hard to come to terms with the pope as destroyer and the church as on the rocks. How to have that conversation with our brothers and sisters in Christ so they know what the reality is. This is one way. Galatians 1:8 makes it much easier. Once you have a bit of understanding about what is happening in Rome, with Francis et al, you can apply simple reasoning using Galatians 1:8, simply by asking oneself "Is this a different Gospel? If it is, God gave me instructions on what to do, consider the source anathema (accursed)" It breaks Bergolio's spell. Of course it's a different religion, a completely different religion. We've just been boiling frogs and the water has recently hit the boil, so many jumped out. But there are frogs still in the water, and we should care about them. The more frogs who jump out, the fewer the satanic Church of Bergolio-UN have to work with.

Aqua said...

Novus Ordo Catholicism leeches off the lifeblood of the True Faith for its life. Like all leftist programs, which are godless and in essence unable to create anything, it must suck, like a leech, the power and life from another simply to survive. Novus Ordo was created in the power and might of Catholicism in full flower, having reached every corner of the globe and all nations, just as Christ commanded - and it attached itself to this mighty Body and began to suck the life out of it. For 50+ years it has been leeching. The Body has been sapped. The Church Body is now aware of what is being done to Her. The Church Body is responding, erecting defense against this pathogen, taking corrective action against this existential threat which has grown fat on Her blood.

Ultimately, the leech survives by stealth. It has no natural defense except to remain hidden. Once found, a leech is easily removed and crushed. But it must be found. And then it must be painfully removed. Then crushed.

I will never go back. There are very good people there, at my old Novus Ordo Parish. My Priest was unusually good. But the Tridentine Rite is what leads us to God. The Rite, and its sacrifice is from God and takes us up to God. The Novus Ordo rite is a human invention. It is not Divine. It is oriented inward, not upward, as you would expect from something invented and approved by Jews, Protestants and Freemasons.

The Amazon Synod and it’s blatant and celebrated idolatry was the point at which my wife and I jointly saw and then decided: “No more; this far but no farther; we are returning to unchanging Sacred Tradition and the Mass Of Ages.”

Peter Lamb said...

Eyes are rapidly opening in these days. No! An heretic cannot be Pope. Yes! the NO mass is evil and invalid. Those who want to know why and how it is evil need only to read "Work of Human Hands." These facts of our Faith are becoming daily more recognized. Now let's get rid of the heresy and crime of "pope sifting" as practiced by the SSPX. We are on our way to the true, unadulterated, real traditional Catholicism of all time.

What the Pope teaches we accept and submit to! Why? Because he speaks under guidance of the Holy Spirit with the authority of Christ:

To the shepherds alone was given all power to teach, to judge, to direct; on the faithful was imposed the duty of following their teaching, of submitting with docility to their judgment, and of allowing themselves to be governed, corrected, and guided by them in the way of salvation. Thus, it is an absolute necessity for the simple faithful to submit in mind and heart to their own pastors, and for the latter to submit with them to the Head and Supreme Pastor.
(Apostolic Letter Epistola Tua)

As regards opinion, whatever the Roman Pontiffs have hitherto taught, or shall hereafter teach, must be held with a firm grasp of mind, and, so often as occasion requires, must be openly professed.
(Encyclical Immortale Dei, n. 41)

In defining the limits of the obedience owed to the pastors of souls, but most of all to the authority of the Roman Pontiff, it must not be supposed that it is only to be yielded in relation to dogmas of which the obstinate denial cannot be disjoined from the crime of heresy. Nay, further, it is not enough sincerely and firmly to assent to doctrines which, though not defined by any solemn pronouncement of the Church, are by her proposed to belief, as divinely revealed, in her common and universal teaching, and which the [First] Vatican Council declared are to be believed “with Catholic and divine faith.” But this likewise must be reckoned amongst the duties of Christians, that they allow themselves to be ruled and directed by the authority and leadership of bishops, and, above all, of the Apostolic See.

Peter Lamb said...

Wherefore it belongs to the Pope to judge authoritatively what things the sacred oracles contain, as well as what doctrines are in harmony, and what in disagreement, with them; and also, for the same reason, to show forth what things are to be accepted as right, and what to be rejected as worthless; what it is necessary to do and what to avoid doing, in order to attain eternal salvation. For, otherwise, there would be no sure interpreter of the commands of God, nor would there be any safe guide showing man the way he should live.
(Encyclical Sapientiae Christianae, n. 24)

Wherefore, as appears from what has been said, Christ instituted in the Church a living, authoritative and permanent Magisterium, which by His own power He strengthened, by the Spirit of truth He taught, and by miracles confirmed. He willed and ordered, under the gravest penalties, that its teachings should be received as if they were His own.
(Encyclical Satis Cognitum, n. 9)

For the teaching authority of the Church, which in the divine wisdom was constituted on earth in order that revealed doctrines might remain intact for ever, and that they might be brought with ease and security to the knowledge of men, and which is daily exercised through the Roman Pontiff and the Bishops who are in communion with him, has also the office of defining, when it sees fit, any truth with solemn rites and decrees, whenever this is necessary either to oppose the errors or the attacks of heretics, or more clearly and in greater detail to stamp the minds of the faithful with the articles of sacred doctrine which have been explained.
(Pope Pius XI, Encyclical Mortalium Animos, n. 9)

Mother Church, Catholic, Roman, which has remained faithful to the constitution received from her Divine Founder, which still stands firm today on the solidity of the rock on which his will erected her, possesses in the primacy of Peter and of his legitimate successors the assurance, guaranteed by the divine promises, of keeping and transmitting inviolate and in all its integrity through centuries and millennia to the very end of time, the entire sum of truth and grace contained in the redemptive mission of Christ.
(Pope Pius XII Allocution to the Consistory, June 2, 1944)  
bergoglio is not a Pope.
NO is a false judeo-masonic church.
"Pope-sifting is a non-Catholic abomination.

                               sede vacante!!!

Tom A. said...

No other conclusion is possible.