Monday, 25 November 2019

The Pervert Protecting Pontiff



Kathleen1031 said...

Here's hoping it gets picked up, but the media won't tangle with LGBT, they cover for them. This would be no surprise whatsoever, Bergolio has made it clear he's a homosexualist, and he's done everything possible to elevate them to the highest ranks. Want to see yourself, the old saying goes, look at your friends. One glance at the man he selected to be his personal whatever, Ricca, is enough to tell you, and there is tons of evidence. Ricca is the homosexual caught with a boy in the stuck elevator.
Let the photos come out! Out like trout, as they say, yes let them all come prancing out. We BEG the people of Argentina to please dig up any evidence they have of Bergolio being an active homosexual and share it with Ann Barnhardt. She's the only one with print it.
Lord, show these imposter posers for what they are, vermin, so the cleanout of your church can begin.

Michael Dowd said...

There appears to be a new policy in place among Conservative and Traditional Catholic. That new policy is that no one can question the legitimacy of Pope Francis or say anything disparaging about him. I was banned from commenting on Crisis Magazine blog last week for questioning the legitimacy of "Pope" Francis. My guess is this new policy is being orchestrated by the USCCB and the Vatican. Evidently Vox Cantoris didn't get the memo.

. said...

These are all the spiritual children of Pope Paul the VI who dragged his boyfriend all over the world with him in plain sight. He is boiling in a pot of semen for all eternity if their is any justice.

Peter Lamb said...

It took five minutes for Louis Verrechio and various other R&R blogs - especially "The Remnant"- to ban me for promoting sedevacantism. Vox Cantoris is the only blog I know of that doesn't have an agenda and which allows free discussion within reasonable limits. Vox is a courageous miles Christi who will receive a great reward for his unflinching defense of the Faith. I am very proud to call him my friend.

Vox Cantoris said...

Peter, your prayerful support of Francoise and me during the Rosica lawsuit will not be forgotten.

I've written before, that I have more in common with a Sedevacantist in South Africa than the Catholics in my territorial parish where the "pastor" would not permit my mother's funeral in Latin (The Oratory took over that problem), even though she was one of the builders.

You are always welcome here. Debate is always welcomed here. There are nowhere near the comments here as at 1P5 or AKA but that is of no consequence.

Faithful Catholics have so few places to vent and this is one of them.

God bless you.

Michael Dowd said...

Peter Lamb--

The sedevacantists have the best analysis of what's happening in the Catholic Church. I check Novis Ordo Watch every day and contribute to Most Holy Trinity Seminary monthly. Bishop Sanborn's monthly letter is a must read and so is his blog.

Keep up your good work. By the way I was banned from Crisis Magazine blog last week for questioning "Pope" Francis legitimacy.

Keep up your good work.

Peter Lamb said...

Thanks Mike and you keep up yours too. :)