Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Bergoglio says that he is "incompetent" and goes right ahead and proves it!

"Oh no, what is he going to say this time?"
"The use of nuclear weapons is immoral; this must go in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. And not only the use, but also the possession because if there is an accident or a crazed government -- one's madness can destroy humanity."
Okay... so what about China or Russia with these weapons pointed at North America. Are we allowed to have any as a deterrent or to hit back if they hit us first?

What an idiot.

Well, at least, when asked about the Bolivian Butcher he responded that he could not comment because he was "incompetent."

Pope Francis in Bolivia reacting to Jesus Crucified on a ...


Michael Dowd said...

Nukes make for peace. Taking nukes away invites war. Doesn't everyone know this? Evidently not.

Barona said...

Evidently the Pope is unaware that the Russian Orthodox Church, e.g. Patriarch Cyril in 2010 has stated that nuclear weapons guarantee Russian sovereignity, and by extension, nuclear parity enables Russia to stay Orthodox. Orthodoxy sees the avoidance of war through nuclear parity, as also providing the protection that Orthodoxy needs to confront the rapidly growing paganization, moral relativism, and attacks on the family through western-State sanctioned law.

Orthodoxy sees itself as a Christian bulwark against the spread of immorality, especially from the European Union and the United States. Orthodox Prelates, from the Moscow to Belgrade have strongly and publicly denounced the legalization and spread of (e.g.) homosexual propaganda. The Patriarch of Moscow, has stated that such State-sanctioned immorality is a sure sign of debasement and evil. This is in sharp contrast to the virtual surrender of the various Hierarchies across the decadent West. In Russia, the State defends the Orthodox Church, churches are actually being built, religion is protected. In the degenerate West, the exact opposite is taking place.