Sunday, 10 November 2019

Cardinal Burke, the Pope cannot do "whatever he wants"



Kathleen1031 said...

Every word of it true, yet the next logical step is to defend the church's teaching by identifying publicly an apostate pope who has excommunicated himself and cannot any longer hold the Chair of Peter. The laity see this, but they also see they have no leaders who will defend Christ nor the faith nor the church, nor the flock, to the necessary level. We know God will raise up that man who will. Please Lord, embolden and guide that man, amen.

Dan said...

Cardinal has it occured to you that SAYING Francis cannot do something, and failing to follow up when Francis DOES do that something, isn't very effective?

Tom A. said...

Burke will never be able to square this circle until he admits that Bergoglio is not Pope. But this will inevitably lead to the conclusion that Vatican 2 is not Catholic, so I do not expect Burke to connect the dots.

Alexis Bugnolo said...

Vox, you are normally one who uses a lot of adjectives and adverbs, but on this post you are dead silent. Is it shock?

Vox Cantoris said...

Wow, two posts and suddenly I’m questioned?

I can say anything about Bergoglio and it’s all fine.

State that Jews are not Christ killers or I have a Muslim friend who acts more Christian than many Catholics or give an honest hearing to a good Cardinal and suddenly I’m the problem.

The Cardinal is a humble man. There are things I am privileged to know and cannot repeat. Things are happening. Prudence is necessary.

Irenaeus said...

To the ones complaining about the lack of "inaction" from Cardinal Burke,

The Cardinal has done more than any of us have - or ever will - do. Lay off. Being a Cardinal is not easy and we have to give the good ones a lot of credit. Things in the Church happen slowly, and have been so for centuries.

Aqua said...

In reference to your combos dispute on the Jews, I agree with you. Christ came as a Jew in fulfillment of Jewish prophecy. He was of the royal line of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David. Jesus was a Rabbi who taught in the Temple. Jesus was baptized a Jew and was presented as an infant in Jewish cultic liturgical dedication. Our Christian Faith has its roots in the Jewish religion, our primal Apostolic Fathers we’re Jews whose Jewish Liturgy was brought to fulfillment in the Messiah. Our Bible primarily consists of their “Tanakh”. Our Liturgy has its primeval roots in the ancient Jewish Temple Liturgy. The Apocalypse references the 144,000 Jews who convert in the last days, fundamental to the culmination of all things. I do not doubt our connection to the Jews. Yes, they killed Christ. Yes, they reject Christ and missed the long promised Messiah. So does the vast majority of pagan humanity. So, even, do many Catholics fallen away, heretical, apostate.

We have no connection to the Muslims who are as different from us as any people on earth. We have deep intrinsic connections to the Abrahamic Jews, and will until the end of Time.

As to your other point about Cardinal Burke: “things happening, prudence necessary, some know of it but most don’t” - I have long suspected that is true. *I hope it is true*. In my own humble (as in lowly) position I can only say: they do what they must .... and so do I. Based on what I know, I must profess and comply with the Faith amidst attacks and promotion of heresy. I must defend the Seat Of Peter since that is the Cornerstone and cannot change. And somehow, I and my family with me must keep the Faith - and that is not easy these days.

Good writing, Vox. Always enjoy your topics and your wisdom in discussing them.

Alexis Bugnolo said...

Vox, thank you for an explanation. As I have left mail in person for the Cardinal at his personal residence in Rome (I do not live but 5 minutes away from him) I hope and pray you are correct. But the way Burke dismissed a good part of the Church and implicitly insulted Bishop Gracida who publicly doubts Bergoglio's claim to the papacy, does not encourage my hope.

Johnno said...

"The Cardinal has done more than any of us have - or ever will - do. Lay off."

- No. Absolutely not. Laying off is precisely the opposite of what you want to do because laying off is precisely what Burke is doing, and what these guys have been getting away with that constitutes CRIMINAL NEGLECT. If he is somehow in secret doing something, well I don't know, and when/if it does emerge, I'll be first in line to kiss his feet. So if he's developing some kind of secret strategy, then all the better that we help him by continuing to state that he is doing absolutely nothing to better fool the enemy, if we're going by this logic.

"Being a Cardinal is not easy and we have to give the good ones a lot of credit.

- Well considering how cushy many Cardinals' and Bishops' lives have been for a good while you could've fooled me. The only ones I'm giving credit to are Cardinal Zen and Archbishop Vigano, and Gracida. Burke can rise to greatness too, and I'll always leave a chair warmed up for him at the table, but it looks like this one needs to be kicked there.

"Things in the Church happen slowly, and have been so for centuries."

- This is a pitiful attitude, and thanks to this we've been conditioned to sit back and do nothing except wave our arms in the air. Many things that occurred slowly in the Church were in large part due to the fact that they did not possess cell phones and internet technology, so suitably, FORMAL ERROR AND HERESY ALSO TAKE JUST AS LONG AS THEIR HISTORIC LIMITATIONS IMPOSED. The enemies of the Church are only as strong or as limited as we are. TO match the scale and speed at which heresy spread TODAY, you have to combat it by TODAY'S RULES!

Usually when people say that things i.e. fixes in the Church occur slowly... they usually really only mean God usually acts slowly, because God has merciful patience with us and allows us the opportunity to try and work with him ourselves. This is only good insofar as people are actually doing something. But with attitudes like ours it's no wonder why things take so long - because our enemies are more hardworking and dedicated than us.

Burke has only proven that he's a paper tiger. But if speculation that he's cooking something unknown to us behind the scenes waiting to spring it someday, then I'll retract my opinion of him publicly. But until then I'm not taking chances.

You're asking us what we ever will do? Well, you're looking at it. Loudly outraged protesting public opinion. That's what we do and have the right to do, meagre as it might be in your eyes, but by golly it's not been ineffectual.

So even if things will happen slowly, you don't get to step off the gas. You run the race until you've finished with your fastest time possible no matter what place you wind up in.