Saturday, 30 November 2019

No Blessing For You!

Gosh, just when I thought I could just post some nice Advent music, Bergoglio goes and does it again!

The first time was the day after his election when he refused to bless the assembled media Now, it is twice in two days.

When Catholics visit the Pope, they have a right to his Apostolic Blessing.

When non-Catholics visit, they don't demand that he does not bless and in fact, should be insulted that he denied them the grace which could lead to conversion.

Gosh, can't we go just one day without this monster doing something wretchedly evil and un-Catholic?

On the other hand, maybe he does not give the Apostolic Blessing because he's not the ...!


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the all new one world religion blessing, one size fits all.

Kathleen1031 said...

His blessing hand and mouth worked when Pachamama was being adored. In fact he blessed twice during that pagan worship, once the pagan and once the demon idol. So it's not that he can't, is old, his arm hurts, his mouth doesn't work, he forgot the words, he's overweight, he was distracted, or ill.
No excuses please.

I do think one of his driving motivations, perhaps matched by his hatred for God and Catholicism, is his narcissism. He desires to be talked about and noticed every day. He likes being the center of attention, of buzz. I've noticed in the past he sets up situations where HE is going to decide something, in order for all eyes to be him, powerful him. It's a disease with him, his soul is indeed sick. Why he is so important and so powerful, he can simply give his blessing without invoking God. Why does he need God when HE is blessing someone? It's his blessing that matters, so he thinks.
Lord please, send the remedy, amen.

Michael said...

That's a shame, but I wouldn't want a blessing from this pope anyway. If Francis came to my front door, I would sneak out the back so as to appear to be away from home.

Anonymous said...

It's as though even he knows he's not the pope, as when he told Obama that the gift he was giving to him was from "Jorge Bergoglio" while another gift was from "the Pope," or when he kisses Benedict's ring. His behavior all amounts to yet another reason I cannot seriously consider him legitimate. The warning signs are everywhere.

Anonymous said...

When I was in college Seminary we had a couple of Priests
who did the same thing after Mass...they would not bless us.
They were modernist heretics of course...that being said seeing bergolio do the same thing is no surprise to me at all.
I have seen this monstrous behavior before. Bergoglio speaks with the voice of the dragon. He is the foretold destroyer
of St Francis. Not canonically elected and trying to lead millions into Hell.


peasant said...

My Italian is a no so good, neither is my Spanish, nor my French. What exactly did he say when he "blessed" translated into English ?

TLM said...

God forgive me, at this point, I would want NO PART of a Blessing from that man.