Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Christian Genocide in Africa - Where is Bergoglio? May? Trudeau? Macron? Where is Trump?



Dan said...

I'm sure it's just because Trump has not been welcoming at the border. If everyone would just be more friendly and affirming, there would be less slaughter and beheadings and such.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Where are WE? I just opened the comment box yesterday and tried to say something, but erased it.
I keep using the word "surreal", when faced with such evil, and such double standards from all our so called elected leaders. One claims to speak for the Holy Spirit.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Dorota, We are in the "Operation of Error."

Anonymous said...

Trump? Right now he is dealing with COMMUNIST China.
You know, the quagmire of unbalanced trade that has put millions of Americans out of work ,caused the cessation of any REAL Manufacturing here and upped the number of suicides and depression linked to job loss and opioid addictions thanks to the illegal narcotics manufactured in China and slipped through the Border with Mexico.
ALL brought to you by the illustrious Bush 41 now enjoying the Beatific Vision by all accounts ! Gerald Ford Ambassador to China under said enlightened Bush soul........made all the arrangements for the industrial parks in China to house OUR manufacturing plants staffed by Communist dissident prisoners including real Catholics who work 17 hours a day.
It's called COMMUNISM , for all the fashionistas and techie snowflakes.

At least Trump is trying to crack the nuts that were brought to us by all those lunatics sitting up front at Bush daddy's tribute.
Speaking of Saint Bush........

Anonymous said...

Bush Sr who now enjoys the Beatific Vision according to what we all saw on
television memorializing him.Senator John deCamp investigated all of it and brought it to light. Read the "Franklin CoverUp"