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A corporal work of mercy.
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Monday 4 April 2016

The "real" Catholics of China - about to be handed over by the Vatican?

On two previous occasions, here and here, I've written about China and certain overtures seemingly being made by the Vatican. There are two Catholic Churches in communist China and there is the Church in Taiwan. In China, there is the "real" Catholic Church, it is underground, loyal to Christ and the Pope and persecuted. Then there is the false, schismatic Church which is stacked with bishops appointed by the communist government without papal sanction, known as the Catholic Patriotic Association. 

I wrote over a year ago on a tip from a contact that the Vatican was about to enter a new era of the disgraced ostpolitik which persecuted great Cardinals such as Mindzenty and Slipyj in a softened stance towards Soviet communism which even resulted in the wretched Fathers of Vatican II refusal to condemn communism. John XXIII and Paul VI sold out the Church in Ukraine, Hungary, and throughout Eastern Europe and some rightly believe that the Church was infiltrated by communists who engineered this.

In the second article linked above, the great Emeritus of Hong Kong, Cardinal Zen rails against the Vatican for its actions. Now, the secular press is picking up on it which probably means, it is coming soon.

What price will the Catholics of Taiwan pay for this overture? What price will the persecuted faithful and their priests and bishops pay for another misguided attempt to flirt with satanic communists? The Church does not need the Patriotic Association, the communists of China need the Church to give them legitimacy. Only a madman would give this to them.

When one looks at these recent pictures, below; we are moved by the faith, dignity and devotion of the real Catholics of China even if their worship is within meters of a latrine.

China's Catholics:

'Rome may betray us,
but I won’t join a Church
which is controlled by the
Communist Party’ 
By Neil Connor, Shijiazhuang                                                                      4 APRIL 2016 • 6:00AM

Villagers attend an underground Palm Sunday service in Youtong village, Shijiazhuang

In the backyard of a rundown house, a Chinese priest stood before his congregation and conducted an unofficial Catholic Mass.
Father Dong Baolu’s flock were gathered outdoors beside a row of foul-smelling lavatories. They had no choice but to worship in this furtive way, as China does not recognise these so-called “house churches”.
Even so, the congregation stayed for two hours, singing hymns and clasping their hands in prayer.

The service is run by Dong Baolu

China and the Vatican may now be edging towards a thaw that could see Beijing recognising the illegal church, but only on terms that many local Catholics would condemn as a betrayal.
“It’s possible that Rome may betray us,” said Fr Dong, before he said Mass in the city of Shijiazhuang in Hebei province. “If this happens, I will resign. I won’t join a Church which is controlled by the Communist Party.

“We are suffering like Jesus on the cross. We fight for religious freedom and follow the Gospel – but we are not supported by either Rome or China.”
Villagers pray at the service 

In the past, agreement between the Vatican and China has always been prevented by the question of who would ordain the clergy.
Beijing  insists on controlling any recognised church, mainly by appointing its hierarchy.
Some official Catholic bishops have been appointed by Beijing – only to be excommunicated by the Vatican.
Meanwhile, the authorities have locked up priests who were ordained by the Vatican before the break in relations in the Fifties.
But there are signs that Rome may be willing to compromise. Pope Francis has publicly praised China and voiced the hope that he will visit the country.

Across China, Catholics are choosing to worship in house churches

This warming in relations resulted last summer in the consecration of Joseph Zhang Yinlin as the Roman Catholic Bishop of Anyang. He had been nominated for this role by Beijing – and accepted by the Vatican.
Cardinal Joseph Zen, who formerly led Hong Kong’s Catholics, is concerned about the possibility of a deal where bishops will be formally agreed by both sides, but the Vatican will be able to veto candidates proposed by Beijing.
“It is unthinkable to leave the initial proposal in the hands of an atheist government who cannot possibly judge the suitability of a candidate to be a bishop,” Cardinal Zen wrote.
Catholics fear that any agreement along these lines wouldcompromise the independence of the Church.
Bob Fu, the director of the US-based campaign group ChinaAid, said that any retreat by Rome would “constitute a betrayal of the Chinese Catholic Church, especially those who have suffered even martyrdom”.
Mr Fu added: “It will be like a father’s betrayal of his own children, a saddest day for the independent Catholic Churches in China because the move will legitimise the Communist Party’s persecution, past, present and perhaps future.”

China does not recognise the so-called 'house churches'

Across China, about six million Catholics have refused to join churches sanctioned by the Communist Party and chosen instead to worship in house churches, where they remain loyal to the Vatican.
In Shijiazhuang, a Catholic bishop who is unrecognised by the authorities, Jia Zhiguo, lives under strict surveillance.
The regime has escalated its suppression of house churches, toppling crosses from places of worship and forcing followers deeper underground.
Meanwhile, another six million people are members of the Catholic Patriotic Association, a Communist Party-controlled body which does not display images of Pope Francis.
The Vatican is pursuing friendly relations with Beijing as it believes it can do more to protect Chinese Catholics if it increases its involvement in the country via a unified Church.
An agreement between the two sides could also see diplomatic relations re-established between the Holy See and Beijing, which would be considered a breakthrough in Rome.
Fr Dong has been detained “many times” by authorities, and the open air Mass that was visited by The Telegraph was moved into his home the following week, amid fear that it would be shut down by authorities.
Standing next to the outside lavatories, with rubble and litter at his feet, a migrant worker who gave his surname as Pei said it was vital for the Vatican to stand up to Beijing’s demands.

“If the independent church is no longer allowed, I will just go home and pray,” he said. “There is only one road for us Catholics.”

Additional reporting by Ailin Tang


Anonymous said...

Hey, those people are kneeling and receiving on the tongue! Get the commies in there and put a stop to all this devotion! Bring these old-fashioned religious fanatics into the modern world of the Americans & Europeans!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for mentioning the Church in Ukraine and Cardinal Slipyj in particular. When he was released in the early 60s, he came to the Vatican. When he found out about the conditions under which be was released, he wanted to go back to the Gulag. At Vatican II, he signed the petition along with Archbishop Lefebvre and others calling for the condemnation of Communism (which "disappeared" according to The Rhine Flows Into the Tiber).

To the end of his days he was a thorn in the side of the liberals and made Pope Paul VI very uncomfortable with his public statements against Communism.

He passed away in early September 1984.

Christ is Risen!


Anonymous said...

Don't give them any ideas!

Anonymous said...

There are 2 Catholic Churches in the west,the Catholic Church in China taken over by communists. The Catholic Church in the west taken over by freemasons and modernists.How long before the Catholics of the west have to pray at home,like the Chinese Catholics.

TLM said...

"How long before the Catholics of the west have to pray at home, like Chinese Catholics." .............This is an absolutely TERRIFYING thought that, I must admit, has crossed my mind many times. Jesus HAVE MERCY ON US!!

Ana Milan said...

Jesus said He wouldn't abandon His Church & that the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against it. Yet when we look around us all we can see is chaos caused by our Spirit of Vatican II Popes & Hierarchies abandoning Him. We, the laity, have also been abandoned by these sharks - to Islam in the West & Communism (again) in the East. Modernism has no time for the CC and this state of affairs surely demonstrates the infiltration of the CC by Communist elements in the '30s & 40's which were never dealt with.

At this stage we can only keep praying the Rosary for all our Catholic brothers & sisters worldwide. We are all in this together and must show unity of our trust in Our Lord & His Blessed Mother to finally end the careers of these vile people who contemptuously keep God out of our spiritual lives by whatever means they can rake up, bringing ordination & marriage to ground level, sodomy & cohabitation to acceptability, our Liturgy of Ages thrown in the garbage along with most of our Sacraments & Devotions. Lazy priests who do not believe in transubstantiation and therefore have no regard for the Eucharist being the actual Body & Blood of Christ, who have been Protestantised into rejecting Confession, Holy Communion on the tongue, the existence of Hell & rarely (if ever) preach about SIN. Add to all this the outrageous scandals in Assisi & even the Vatican itself with pagans praying with the Pope in the Vatican & the Light Show to demonstrate their accord with saving the environment. Instead of speaking about the Word of Christ & the necessity of people to turn back to Him at the EU &N UN he spoke of climate change & what should be done to save the planet - nothing about saving souls. Already the Vatican has embraced the Protestant Revolt by the Pope going to Lund to commemorate this event & even agreeing a prayer with Lutherans in its honour. This was well before any indication they had remembered Our Lady's 100th anniversary of Fatima. Their disobedience to Our Blessed Lady's wishes to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart & not releasing the Third Secret when told to do so is astonishing & perverse.

How much longer can we endure? That all depends on God's wish for us. There must be a reason that we are not privy to, but no-one can prevent us from prayer and this must be intensified. Our rejection of the present NO Church system & support for Tradition must gain ground within society in order to put real pressure on those who would tell us that things need to change. The change they forced upon us has not worked but has brought us to ground level (which was what they wanted). We must rise again with God's help and can only do this by prayer, fasting and receiving the Bread of Life.

Be not afraid for I am with you!