A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Bishop Bernard Fellay: It makes us cry!

The most Catholic of Bishops speaks!

 … An Apostolic Exhortation which bears the title “The joy of love,” but that makes us cry. This exhortation is a summary of the two synods on marriage. It is very long and contains many things that are right, that they are beautiful, and after building a beautiful building, a beautiful boat, the Supreme Pontiff has made a hole in the keel of the boat, along the waterline. You all know what is happening. Needless to say, the hole was made by taking all possible precautions, thus it is needless to say that the hole is small: the boat sinks! Our Lord himself said that even an iota, not a single iota will be taken away by the law of God. When God speaks, his words do not admit exceptions, when God commands, he is of infinite wisdom that has provided for all possible cases. There is no exception to the law of God. And now, suddenly, it is claimed that this law of marriage, which keeps saying that “marriage is indissoluble” (the repeats this sentence, it must be said), then it says you can, despite everything, have exceptions in the sense that these so-called divorced and remarried in this state of mortal sin may be in a state of grace, and therefore could receive communion. It is very serious! Very serious! I think they do not sufficiently measure the seriousness of what has been said. Needless to say, are small exceptions put there in the corner; that’s how it went to Communion in the hand and as I explained with the little hole in the vessel is appropriate, the boat sinks! “


Anonymous said...


Ana Milan said...

This is the first sensible comment on Amoris Laetitia I have read so far. This whole diabolical situation goes back to Vatican II and the ideas that sprung from it: new Liturgy of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, communion rails & confessionals thrown on the garbage heap, tabernacles placed to the side of the main altar without light leading to non-recognition & non-genuflection, communion in hands that are not spotless, lack of reverence in church particularly at the sign-of-peace, lack of holy water in most church entrances, most churches closed during the day so no visitation possible for prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. Our devotions scrapped, no catechesis & confirmation of the young. Blessing of the Sick (Last Rites) given once a year to general congregation which has to come to our aid in case of sudden death. Priests usually not prepared to answer night calls to dying person. Confession very hard to procure and then heard in open with people milling around - not in private where one could seek advice if necessary. One could go on but we are all familiar with the downfall and it all goes back to Vatican II and those who usurped that Council.

This is going to make it extremely difficult for the SSPX to engage in further talks with the Vatican. They will always be subject to Rome and while that was OK when Rome was not in apostasy, it wouldn't be now. It means further heartache for those of us who have no Traditional Orders because NO Bishops won't supply them with faculties but I guess that is a sacrifice we have to continue to make. It's hard though!

Brian said...


Yes, a bishop who actually has a place, in his Catholicism, for yesterday and tomorrow. He has not thrown in the towel to a time bound modernity. I do hope that bishop Fellay exercises utmost caution when dealing with Francis and any regulation of the SSPX. Bergoglio is a smiling crocodile, big time.

GMUA said...

News. Today. The letter from the SSPX administration has been drafted (by Fr. Schmidberger) and has been sent out to its priests formalizing the assimilation, err, unilateral recognition.
The accord will happen. More on this later.